Chef for a Day: Mary Beth is in the Kitchen

Many moons ago, maybe 15 or more years, my husband, our kids and I would go to our local steak house for special occasions.  The general manager, Patrick Kirchen, was always so kind and professional … and he always made us feel so welcome. Over the years, we became good friends with Patrick and his wife, Stephanie, and it was always a treat to see them around town.  

In 2013, Patrick and Stephanie opened a beautiful restuarant of their own in South Pasadena. They took all this incredible knowledge and brought in an amazing executive chef, Lalo Sanchez … and together they created Crossings. It quickly became one of my favorite restaurants, and with their ever changing, farm to table menu I have had the most amazing meals there. In fact, we had such faith in Patrick that we booked my husband’s work Christmas party there – before the restaurant even opened.

Body Image: Acting Like I Don’t Care

I have heard from so many of you, both here and on Instagram, about this topic of body image … and it’s clearly something that resonates with so many. Obviously we all face different challenges, but I find it so inspiring how open and honest you all are willing to be here; and it is so rewarding to see and read how our discussions here have helped or motivated you.

Following last week’s body image post, I received this very moving email from Hilary about her lifelong struggle with weight and body image. I thought some of you may relate to her story, so I wanted to share her very honest look into the body issues that have shaped her life. 

Kindness Is Loving Yourself

Here’s the deal. If we’re lucky, we’re going to grow to a nice, ripe, old age. Even though I imagine most of us are grateful for that, it seems we are also in a constant battle with the consequences. As a result, our body images can take a major hit. 

Most of us struggled with certain elements of our body, starting when we were young. And at that age we could be so insecure and wigged out over so many things. As I’ve aged, I’m happy to have found some level of acceptance with my body. Yes, I have Barney Rubble feet, and my never shapely arms have definitely become even less shapely over the years. But getting hung up on those things does nothing to change them. In fact it can turn into a hamster wheel of driving you crazy.

Happy Second Anniversary, PLANK!

In a couple days, we’ll mark the second anniversary of the launch of PLANK. If you would have asked me two years ago if we’d be able to publish a blog every week for two years, I’m pretty sure my answer would have been no.

But with your feedback and engagement, we’ve covered everything from acting and fitness, to skin care and closet maintenance. We’ve cooked, decorated, gardened and volunteered. We’ve laughed, cried, motivated and inspired each other. We’ve shared stories, ideas and pieces of our lives. 1699 comments, 105 weeks, 48 recipes, 30 videos and 21 guest blogs … and we’re still going strong!

You Asked: Mary Beth Takes Your Questions

In my first post of the year, I asked you what you’d like to see featured on Plank this year. You sent in so many great suggestions and we’re excited to tackle some of those topics! Overwhelmingly, you said that you wanted “more video blogs.” I love the idea of getting others to join me in future video blogs, but for this first one, I wanted to respond to some of your questions.

Once again I asked for input and the response was HUGE – so many questions that I don’t think I got to everyone. But I did my best to respond to as many as possible.

Thank you all for your questions … and as always,  your continued support/readership/engagement here!