I have always considered myself a hustler, and I’m always looking for the next project or an opportunity to learn about something new — whether that’s a new recipe, a home improvement project, an audition or this … my new blog!

The idea for this blog actually started more than five years ago when I was a blogger for an online publication called Hybrid Mom. Before that I’d certainly never considered myself a writer, but with my varied interests I found I had something to say. I had a blast with that blog and when it ended in 2011 I thought maybe one day I’d create my own.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself teasing the idea with family and friends. I tossed around some topics and names, and before I knew it, PLANK was born! I’ve always had my hands in all kinds of creative endeavors, and the idea for PLANK is that it serve as a forum for ideas and discussion about those things. From cooking and decorating, to new adventures with friends and family, I hope to discuss it here.

And, I hope you’ll join in! Pop in, take a look around, and share your comments and ideas with me.



Mary Beth Evans

Mary Beth Evans is known for her many roles on daytime’s continuing dramas, most notably as Kayla Brady on Days of Our Lives.  Besides performances in the theatre and guest appearances on primetime television, she has also worked as a reality television judge, columnist, blogger and entrepreneur. In 2005 she created Mary Beth’s Apple Pie Company and in 2010, she produced and helped launch a popular new web series, The Bay.

Throughout her career, Evans’ genuine spirit and vibrant energy have created a relatable connection to viewers and readers. A wife and mother of three, her unique approach to balancing the demands of work and family, along with her can do it all” approach, have made her an inspiration to many.



  1. Will you ever return to plank?

  2. Just wanted to say Hi Mary! Just landed on your website and looking forward to going through all of it. – McGuire

  3. Good Morning Hello Mary Beth Evans I Did see you great on Days of our lives on Soap Classic YouTube Steve and kayla Been years General Hospital Classic Stefan and Katherine too would Return From The Dead after Days of our lives Cancelled in 2018 Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans would Return General Hospital Future or Join back The Young and The Restless

  4. Stephanie Cantrell

    Mary Beth
    I have been a Days fan since I was 8 years old and I am now 47. I am also a die hard Patch & Kayla fan. At the age of 8 I started writing letters to you and Stephen and some of my other Days favorites and I till this day remember the day I received a birthday card from you that I still have and it says Happy Birthday to Us. I was overjoyed that we share the same birthday and cannot express to you how much that card meant to me at 8 years old & still today. I have followed your career all these years and love your work and love your character Kayla and what she has always stood for. I had the opportunity to meet Stephen a few years back and after waiting so many years and being such a big fan I was speechless when I finally got to actually talk to him. Days has very much been a big part of my life it was something I shared with my grandmother who has passed on and it will always be special to me . Thank you for bringing so many years of joy into my life with your great work and maybe one day I will have the honor of meeting you as well. Much Love Always
    Stephanie Cantrell

  5. As someone else already commented, I feel like I am entering the party late. Better late than never. It’s so fun to watch the real you and see that you are relatable and down-to-earth. Believe me, with the way people have adored you for decades (!), you certainly could have a large ego. I suppose Sweetness is a very appropriate nickname 😉

  6. Christie L.

    Hello Mary Beth! Love the blog and saw somewhere you worked with CASA! Do you still? My husband and I adopted three kids from foster care and were foster parents for others for about 4 years. It is an area that is near and dear to my heart. After three kids (as you well know) and opening my own medical practice, unfortunately, we didn’t have the time or energy to continue fostering.
    I’ll certainly keep checking back to see what you are up to!

  7. Best Wishes on your new endeavor.

  8. nancy dillingham

    Hey Mary Beth,
    I am a longtime fan–of the Patch and Kayla love story. I love seeing you and Stephen Nichols together again! Both of you look wonderful–haven’t changed a bit! I am enjoying Days immensely these days. I love it that the stories are done so well–the lighting, the suspense–even the serial killer story–the film noir look is wonderful. I feel like “my” soap has returned to “the good old days. Loved that kiss today between Patch and Kayla! I’m so glad that I can look forward to a reunion of the characters. So glad TPTB are paying homage to the longtime fans. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen on GH. So sad that Tony Geary (and I was a huge fan of Luke and Laura) and TPTB at GH messed up their anniversary and thumbed their noses at their loyal fans. Genie Francis was caught in an uncomfortable situation. Glad TPTB have not treated their actors the way Genie was treated. Such a disappointment and a heartbreak. But enough of that. I’m glad you and Stephen are great friends. It shows! And only enhances the story of Kayla and Patch. On a personal note, it’s so nice to follow all of your adventures–and to see all the lovely pictures of your family. Best of luck and good wishes to you and your family. And to the “family” at Days. I know TPTB are not going to disappoint the loyal fans–and your life is a testament and example of how to live the examined life–and to live well. Kudos and congrats. Brava! Onward!

  9. Christina Ivey

    Hi. Looks like I’m late for the party! Guess I didn’t get the memo…about your blog. Haha. I have to admit that I’m not much of a celebrity follower (of any kind), but the nostalgia of rediscovering Steve and Kayla’s love story sparked something in me. I was only 12 when I first started watching DOOL (which was really young for watching soap operas!), but my life seemed to be more complicated than most of the things I saw portrayed on tv anyway. Steve and Kayla were my escape. I wanted to be strong and assertive like Kayla and one day find a husband who would protect me like Steve did with her. Again these were some pretty grown up ideas for such a young girl. Which brings me to this blog. Like I said I’m not usually a follower, but I found myself getting immersed back into the story and I wanted to know more about the people who helped me, in an indirect way, (you and Stephen) to make it through some really bad years of my life. Maybe one day you’ll get to read my book about it and how I persevered through it all. But until then, I want to say thank you for sharing with all of us, through your character and most of all through your life.

  10. Terri Martin

    I am a DOOL “newbie”. I’ve only been watching for a couple years. I grew up on ABC soaps….(oops ). I somehow came across this blog just looking online trying to figure out who’s who in Salem so I am up to speed for the big 50!! It’s very inspirational and I’m enjoying all of the gardening tips. I live in Ohio so the climate is not as great as SoCal, but it is still providing me with great info and ideas. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your amazing creativity and talents!

  11. Hi Mary Beth! Loved you since the eighties and i love your blog and vlogs! You have fantastic ideas and a wonderful personality! I’ m really enjoying them! Love you girl and sending tons of hugs! Xo

  12. Hey, I’ve watch Days since it began in the 60’s and been a fan since. I love your role and wished you have more parts these days. In the 80’s I went to Canon City Royal Gorge to see you in person and had a wonderful experience asking you questions about Days. Maybe one day I will get to meet you again. You have a beautiful family. It seems you have a happy life with them. You are one of my favorites on Dys.

  13. I’ve been a long time Days fan and love you as Kayla. Found your blog from Soap Opera Digest and already love it. Thanks!

  14. Samantha Trissler

    I have been a huge fan for most of my life. In fact my grandmother was the one to get me addicted to watching Days and that’s when I was a fan for life. I have followed you to each soap and or show you have been on, but love you as Kayla the most. I just love Steve and Kayla! Anyway, I used to also read your blogs from before and I am looking forward to this new blog. YAY Mary Beth

    • Mary Beth

      Hi Samantha,
      I love to hear about “generational viewers”…Even with my mother, it gives us fun things to talk about, although she has barely recovered from EJ’s death!

  15. Wonderful and superlative! I look forward to reading more of your musings and inspirations. With affection and appreciation from down under, Sydney Australia.

  16. Andrew morton

    Hi mb congratulations On walking the plank.you will make quite a splash x

    • Mary Beth

      Hi Andrew…
      I may have to use that as a slogan… We have to do a story on your up and coming new book!!!!

      Love you!!!

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