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  1. I would love to see The Thin Man series revived in a modern update with you and Stephen playing Nick and Nora. I think it might make a great Hallmark Mystery series. I like the idea of how much this couple loved and cared for each other as well as working together. There is also the Mr & Mrs North series. That couple worked together like Nick and Nora.

    Not a big fan of Hart to Hart. To much talk about there money. And I don’t like how they use the term darling when referring to each other. Kind of old even for that time frame.

    Seems like the other mystery stories that are on now have about 4 stories in there series. Could take the place of the Jewel singer series that is kind of wierd. She is not believable as a fixer upper flipper.

  2. SWEETNESS MARYBETH! MY name is Willa Sargent ,i am #50yrsDaysSuperFan!! i am still huge fan of yours & Stephen for these 30 yrs! i am enjoying reading your blog and inviting us as fans into your world..i so huge over Days,the cast is what makes it so special!! you & Stephen so very much precious to me as i know how nice, loving, kind you are off the set Stephen is both doing very best acting and you deserve to win a Emmy!!! i wish you win too!!! i sure love seeing all the instagrams, pics, etc.. much love, hugssss <3 i get my iphone May 1st so excited, first thing i do is follow you and Stephen on my instagram!!
    Willa <3

  3. Lovely blog you got here, you write very well and I love learning more about you and what you are passionate about 🙂
    I look forward to follow Your blog and you are a great actress as well! keep up the good work, and best wishes from me!
    I would love it if you came to Norway someday!

  4. So glad to see this. Used to love your other blog in some mother’s magazine (can’t remember the name of it) but always loved reading them and was disappointed when it seemed like they stopped.

    Always have been a big fan of yours….always admired your get up and go attitude and your spunk. I think we are the same age and I can’t figure out how you are able to do so much.

    I love your new hair cut. Always look to you and Meg Ryan for your new dos.

    It would be great if you could add some information on women aged 50 and over and how to look and feel good and what you do to stay so young looking and energetic.

    Finally, love you and Stephen Nichols together and enjoyed seeing your latest photo of you and him I think at your last lunch together.

    I look forward to reading this post going forward. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

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