Spurring Kindness

Three weeks ago, as I shared in recent blogs, I had the pleasure of visiting Nashville for a fan event with some of my Days of our Lives castmates. And this week, I was excited to find that my suitcase from the trip had finally arrived back at the studio. Not my actual suitcase, but one that was thoughtfully assembled by some amazing fans. Inside was literally a treasure of goodies that these wonderful ladies brought from all over the country – each one representing the area in which they live.

Meeting People, Making Friends & Dancing!

As this Summer unfolded, I was dismayed by my lack of plans. My family and friends had busy summer schedules, and even though I worked, I still had some free weeks. I am never one to sit still, so, as always when I have no plans, I got moving.

First, I re-committed to exercising more (I know I always say that, but it’s true!). Then I looked for “crafty projects” – did you see our blog on cupcakes? When the weekends rolled around, I grabbed them with gusto! My husband and I rented (junky) boats and challenged our seamanship, went paddle boarding and hiked … anything outdoors! We made the most of those two days, so by Monday we felt we’d really had a vacation, albeit a mini vacation. And that seemed to make all the difference in the world. Each week, we came back refreshed, rested and connected … which, I have to say, after being married almost 31 years, is invaluable.

Then, after not really leaving home all summer, I have spent the last three weekends traveling. Two of those trips were spent reconnecting with viewers of Days of Our Lives, first in Nashville and then in NYC. As I have mentioned before, for me and my fellow castmates, it often feels like we work in a warehouse with just our friends, and we rarely see anyone else at the studio. Plus, we are all working our hardest to keep up with the lightening speed of the production each day that we have very little time to even socialize with each other.

Fall Fashion Forward

Many moons ago, when I left Days of Our lives in 1992, they gave me Kayla’s wardrobe. In the next couple of months, I got pregnant and didn’t wear any of those clothes for the next year and a half … that then quickly turned into two years.

My dear friend, Cynthia, came to town and I told her how my closet was jammed, but I didn’t have anything to wear. She said the first thing we needed to do was edit my closet … scary! We took EVERYTHING out, examined each piece and made some brutal cuts.

On the Farm – Touring with Missy & Scott Reeves

I first met this beautiful gal in in 1986, when I joined the cast of Days of Our Lives, and she was (and still is) the doll baby of the universe. She was only 18, but had already been on the show for a year.

About 10 years ago, Missy and her adorable husband, Scott, decided to leave the rat race of Southern California and head to Nashville, Tenn.  Scott, who had been doing soaps for quite a while, is also an amazing singer/song writer … who had evidently always wanted to be a farmer. Nashville was a great fit.

Tomorrow is Dancing!

When I first met this week’s guest blogger, I was a 19-year-old girl from a Southern California beach town; while she was, as I perceived it, a sophisticated woman living in Manhattan. She could have easily been intimidating, especially because I was dating her first-born son. But, she was anything but.

From day one, Judy has welcomed me with open arms. Since then, she has always listened to me, and has given me sound, measured advice only when I ask for it.  She has set the most amazing example of how to be an incredible mother-in-law and grandmother; and she has shown by example how to grow older with grace and incredible stamina.  Judy once told me “the 50s are great!” And she was so right – they really are such a wonderful time in my life. Now she says, “oh no, the 80s are the best!”