My Sister’s Perfect Garden Party

My nephew recently got engaged, and last weekend, my sister threw him and his fiance an engagement party at her house. As I’ve shared here before, I love to host parties … and I especially love take advantage of the gorgeous Southern California weather by hosting outdoor parties. So, I was in absolute heaven at this party, which was an afternoon BBQ, hosted outside in my sister’s gorgeous yard. The whole thing was so lovely, and I got so many great party and entertaining ideas, that I thought I’d share with you all too!

Spring Gardening: My Quest for the Perfect Tomato

A couple weeks ago I posted a little tour of my backyard and garden, and shared with you all some of my plans for spring gardening. This week, I got busy cleaning up the mess left by winter, getting tips at my local nursery and planting all my spring garden vegetables. So, I thought I’d share the progress. Let me know what you think and if you’re planning any spring gardening of your own!

Compartmentalizing & Getting Back Into the Groove

One thing that becomes very apparent to me the older I get is what a good compartmentalizer I am. When I am working a lot, I get totally in that flow … thinking it’ll always be like that.  Then the show takes a month off, or maybe I’m not written in for a week, and it throws me.  I think “what will I do with all that free time?”

I’m initially anxious and discombobulated, but then I always have to have a conversation with myself. I start making a list in my head, start making plans. I plan to exercise everyday and get in shape with Cardio Barre class or a power walk with my friends. I often overbook myself, but having plans like that really changes my whole outlook on things because I know I will be up, out and productive. During those times, I often seek out and try new healthy recipes … hopefully ones that will be easy to replicate when I am busy again. Then, if you have followed me on Instagram, you know there is my garden. It is like a child or pet I “tend” to … it gives me purpose, creativity, wonder and so much happiness.

Garden Update: A Video Tour of My Blossoming Vegetable Garden

It seems like just yesterday I was sharing with you my excitement over my new organic vegetable garden; but now, with several weeks passed, you won’t believe how much it’s already grown! From talking with the Gardenerd and plotting out how I’d use my space, to shopping for the perfect fountain and building the raised beds, this garden was certainly a big undertaking. But, boy was it worth the effort! It’s growing like crazy and I’m already harvesting the freshest, most delicious veggies!

The “Fruits” of My Labor

ScarecrowI have built a vegetable garden, in some form, at nearly every home I’ve lived in as an adult. They have taken many forms – big and small, in raised beds and in rows – but no matter their size or shape, I’ve always loved starting with literally nothing, creating something and then watching it grow.

And I’ve had fun with the gardens in other ways too. I used to live in a corner house with a nice size front/side yard. There, in addition to building a vegetable garden, I created a new “lady” scarecrow every year. It became something of an urban garden for the neighborhood, with people stopping by on walks with their dogs or babies to see how the garden was growing. It was so sweet!

Always planting a seed

Of all the places in my life, one of my favorite places to be is in my garden. It’s a not so guilty pleasure that has flourished over the years, and each year I find new and interesting ways to get my hands dirty there. For me, there’s no better way to start the day than to head out back with coffee cup in hand to see how my latest crop is doing.

Over the years, I’ve drawn inspiration from many places … and that’s inspired me to try my hand at everything from organic vegetables to English roses.  Watching the transformation and growth of each has brought me tremendous joy.

How about you — what sort of seeds are you planting?