Making it Happen: Kelly Wilkness’ Soulful Story of Reinvention

Last week, I introduced you to Kelly Wilkness, the lovely woman who had beautifully renovated a home near mine. When I first met Kelly, I was impressed with her style and her vision in taking on such big project. But, as I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with Kelly, there’s so much more to inspire!

A wife and mother of two girls, Kelly is a former trial attorney. After deciding to take some time off from that career, Kelly took a chance on her writing by starting a blog, My Soulful Home. Over the years, the blog grew from its crafty start to a wonderful spot full of home inspiration, including design ideas, gardening tips, recipes and more. Blogging soon led to a podcast, and before she knew it, Kelly was a published author with a beautiful book, My Soulful Home: A Year in Flowers

When we finished our tour of Kelly’s house, we sat down with her to learn a bit more about this dynamo and her journey.


  1. Great interview. Kelly is an awesome and inspiring lady. Thanks for sharing this inspiring video.

  2. Hi,

    What a nice video to look at. Loved it totally. Tips are so noteworthy.


  3. When she was a little girl, my daughter and I watched you on Days of Our Lives. Now she is grown up, and we have been writing a lifestyle blog together for over six years. It’s crazy that we ran into you through Kelly’s blog. Stop by and visit us at The 2 Seasons.

  4. Julie Briones

    Popped on over from Kelly’s post today! Love the video, and will finish it later tonight. You will LOVE Decorating Tips and Tricks. I didn’t listen to podcasts before they started theirs… but, they hooked me! (All three of the gals are wonderful!)

    Total aside: My mom got me hooked on DOOL (way too early in my life), and I remember when you joined the cast! Always thought you were just beautiful, and you still are! Looking forward to visiting you blog more often!

  5. Stella Boatman

    Drool worthy home. Loved the video.

  6. Kelly is a most amazing, thoughtful and inspiring lady! You were definitely in for a treat when you knocked on her door!

  7. Joanne Conte

    What a great blog. You are all an inspiration. Thanks!

  8. Mary Beth, I loved the interview! I’m Anita from Kelly’s podcast. So excited I got to see both of the interviews. Great job and love your fabulous blog!! Maybe we’ll get to meet some day.

  9. “Little snowballs turn into snow”. I think to me that sums up Kelly, Mary Beth and Mandy and why I enjoy Plank so much. You all have ideas that you follow through on. This to me is so inspiring. It is so so easy to sit back, veg and watch the world go by. Too easy in fact. Plank reminds me that I can contribute, give back and participate too. I admire you for your doing. Thanks again ladies. X

  10. Inspires multiple ideas. I’m totally blaming all three of you when my husband freaks when I start something new!! Medical practice, three kids (with one I homeschool), and now I’m contemplating something new…
    Great ideas. I can’t give enough praise to assertive and innovative women.

  11. Cindy Nelson

    Another great Plank! I loved hearing how determination and commitment can change lives for the better. Such talent and inspiration from all 3 of you ladies. Just another reason why I enjoy PLANK and glad it is back.

    Also I enjoyed hearing that Mary Beth likes the spurs and pendant and oh Piper and her collar. It is an honor to have been able to create those prices for such special people.

    Thanks again!!
    Cindy and Clementine Kind Twisted Works

  12. You 2 were meant to meet! So much creativity between you! Enjoyed both videos and took away a few tips!

  13. Mary Beth & Mandy what an absolute delight to spend the afternoon with you both! Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to chat so we could get to know each other. I am wow’ed by both of you and cannot wait until we meet again! Thank you!!! xx

  14. So cool! I will definitely visit Kelly’s blog and look out for her podcast. Downloading the app now.

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