Spring Gardening: My Quest for the Perfect Tomato

A couple weeks ago I posted a little tour of my backyard and garden, and shared with you all some of my plans for spring gardening. This week, I got busy cleaning up the mess left by winter, getting tips at my local nursery and planting all my spring garden vegetables. So, I thought I’d share the progress. Let me know what you think and if you’re planning any spring gardening of your own!

The Art of the Christmas Tree

Every year, as the the holidays roll around, I contemplate what kind of Christmas tree I want to get. And inevitably, they always turn into little art projects. 

vintage doll christmas tree ornamentWhen I was first starting out, my grandma gave me some little vintage dolls and I covered the Christmas tree with them. One year, I made my own ornaments by spraying lacquer on mini bagels and hot glueing a raffia bow and hook on it … they were very cute and lasted forever!

Now I like ornaments that reflect light and sparkle bright. I also like to add a ribbon to make it look like the old fashion ribbon candy I remember as a kid. 

Spurring Kindness

Three weeks ago, as I shared in recent blogs, I had the pleasure of visiting Nashville for a fan event with some of my Days of our Lives castmates. And this week, I was excited to find that my suitcase from the trip had finally arrived back at the studio. Not my actual suitcase, but one that was thoughtfully assembled by some amazing fans. Inside was literally a treasure of goodies that these wonderful ladies brought from all over the country – each one representing the area in which they live.

Working Hard to Make it Happen

It’s so hard to believe that it’s been six years! Six years since I got a call from my manager, Michael Bruno, asking if I’d be willing to take a meeting with a guy who was starting a web series. I wasn’t working much at the time, and while I didn’t know much about the web series world, I thought “what the heck,” and went. Little did I know what adventure was in store!

DIY: Stealing Beautiful Ideas

If you’ve read more than a few of my blogs, you have probably gathered that I like cooking, baking, decorating, gardening and crafts. Many times, as I’ve discovered an interest, I have taken classes to learn more. Or sometimes, like this past weekend, I’ve seen something I like and tried to copy it. Sometimes it works … and sometimes it doesn’t, but the journey is usually pretty fun!

My Eclectic Style

As I’ve shared before, I grew up without a ton of money. Even when my husband and I were first married, he was doing his residency, so we didn’t have extra money then either. I think the combination of that background and my creativity has been the foundation of my eclectic decorating style.

When I was a kid, I used to look around on trash day at all of the things people tossed out; and inevitably I’d end up hauling this or that home. To this day, I’m still that way. If a friend says they have something to give away, I jump on it – whether I need it or not (usually not).