Working Hard to Make it Happen

It’s so hard to believe that it’s been six years! Six years since I got a call from my manager, Michael Bruno, asking if I’d be willing to take a meeting with a guy who was starting a web series. I wasn’t working much at the time, and while I didn’t know much about the web series world, I thought “what the heck,” and went. Little did I know what adventure was in store!

Gregori Martin, the man with a plan!

That meeting was with Gregori J. Martin, who had this idea … an idea for a show called THE BAY the Series, which he’d been brewing since he was a young kid watching soap operas with his sister. Over lunch, Gregori shared his story and his vision for “THE BAY,” and I was sold. I’m always up for a little adventure and I love to act, but I think the thing that really sold me was his absolute belief in his vision.

Before long we were off and running. It was bumpy at first, but it was fun to be a part of something like that from the ground up. Seeing the amazing team he assembled, learning more about these characters he’d been writing for years, and discovering what we could all do when we set our mind to it.

So many people stepped up to make it happen – fans who raised money, actors who agreed to join me and the countless production volunteers who worked LONG hours to turn out that first season. People cooked food, opened up their homes, donated their talents and loaned us whatever we needed. When I think back to how much we were able to do with so little budget, it’s amazing!

We've had so much fun along the way!
We’ve had so much fun along the way.

Before we knew it, one season turned into two … and people started to take notice. We got nominated for an Emmy, won some fans choice awards and caught the attention of people interested in helping distribute the show. All the while, Gregori was hard at work turning out bigger and bolder stories … and finding the people to bring them to life in better ways.

blog59_2Along the way, there were certainly setbacks. Actors got called away to other projects and roles had to be recast. Entire storylines had to be rewritten. And sponsorship and distribution deals fell through. But Gregori never lost site of his vision.

Then last year … it happened. THE BAY was once again nominated for a Daytime Emmy, and this time we won! I remember sitting there in total disbelief as they called our name. Not because I didn’t think the show deserved it … but because it was as if finally, all that work had paid off … and in a bigger way than I ever expected. I mean talk about the little engine that could!

As we prepare to head back into production on the second half of Season 4, I’ve been thinking about how far we’ve come … and what is now on the horizon. And it got me thinking …

Here was this guy who’d had an idea in his head for YEARS. Making something like that into a reality would have seemed out of reach for most people. But Gregori worked … he made connections, asked for favors and went out on more than a few limbs. And he MADE IT HAPPEN.

And that’s really the point … nothing that we want to do or achieve is out of our reach if we’re willing to WORK to make it happen. So stand up, reach out and get moving. The sooner you start, the sooner it’ll happen.


We shot this little video about THE BAY a couple years ago, but I thought I’d share it here. And if you haven’t seen THE BAY, you can find the current season and some of the past chapters online at



  1. The quality of the last series was really really good. To see the mix of soap vets all on one stage is such a buzz. I remember seeing Sara in prison and behind her was Patsy Pease in the background interacting with others. My little Days heart leaped at Kayla and Kim together again. It is little things like that, that make the show fun as well as entertaining.
    So happy for you when the Emmy came through MB, it sorta made up for the acting ones you SHOULD have been nominated for and won over the years.

  2. jennifer b

    Congratulations on all the hard work you guys put into making THE BAY a success, your Emmy award, and now for Season 4 to continue. It is a wonderful series with such a great group of actors. I started watching it this past year and it is an amazing show! The scenic shots are AMAZING!! It was so cool to see all the different actors from so many different shows coming together. Then when I heard about how this show came together and everyone would pitch in to make it happen, it made it that much more fun to watch.
    I think when you have something you believe in and see it build from the ground up, it means that much more to you. As well as with it being a collaborative effort. With everyone working together on a limited budget, it makes you get creative on how to pull it off. And you guys have done a wonderful job with it. Having a dream and working to make it happen definitely pays off. I wish you all continued success on THE BAY!

  3. Love The Bay! I have to admit, I had to catch up after it had already started. I had never even heard of it until after I joined Twitter, but I’m totally hooked. So glad you’re in it & there are a ton of familiar faces, which I love. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait for the next season!

  4. Patricia K

    I have watched the Bay since the beginning and it truly just keeps getting better and better – season after season. Every episode just flies by and you are left wanting more.

    I admire Gregori for his determination to keep The Bay going through the bumpy times. Others would have packed it up and said forget it -but not Gregori. He believed in the show and am grateful he never gave up. I am so thrilled that The Bay is being recognized for the fantastic show that it is.
    I know there will be more Daytime Emmys winnings coming this year.
    I congratulate You and Gregori and the whole cast and crew at The Bay for all nominations and us fans are rooting for you all.
    Thank you and The Bay for always sharing so much with us fans.

  5. All of everyone’s hard work has paid off. The Bay deserves all the praise it has received! It is an excellent series. I enjoy seeing talented actors in many different roles.
    You are an inspiration to us all and should be proud of all your achievments. Continued success to you!

  6. Great Share. I fell hard and quick with this little series. It was a lot of late night binge watching to catch up. It Had me at hello….You being in it, but what an amazing team. The fellow actors, some recognizable faces, some not, all the ROCKING extras, cool locations and the most intriguing, flawed characters. I was extremely impressed with Gregori and how much he reached out to fans. It was obvious that this was a HUGE labor of love for him. I think anything done from this place of love is ALWAYS an inspiring message. When you love something that much the awards and accolades are Icing on the Cake. Thanks Again for sharing, makes me want to go find a few more limbs to go out on.

  7. Krista (MsH12)

    Thank you so much for your blog! Lately, I feel like it is speaking directly to me. I currently teach 2nd grade for LAUSD but am quitting at the end of this year to start my own preschool with a colleague/friend. We have talked about it for years but the timing was never right. Now it feels as if all the planets are aligning and God is opening doors for us to take the plunge. Your blog is so encouraging! It’s a scary but exciting time. But I do believe, “nothing that we want to do or achieve is out of our reach if we’re willing to WORK to make it happen” Thank you!
    “She believed she could, so she did”

  8. I’m totally hooked on The Bay.

    I had never watched a web series before. Blew me away how amazing it is. Every story is compelling. The acting is fantastic. Wonderful ensemble of people.

    I was sad to see the season end. Can’t wait for the next one.

    I’m glad Gregori didn’t give up his dream. I love how everyone rallied around him & helped make his dream come true. To me, that’s the best part. I love that he’s so down to earth, just like you, MaryBeth. I’m sure that’s what makes The Bay family so special. The friendships & definitely the teamwork.

    Thanks, MaryBeth for another enjoyable blog!!

  9. Hi Mary Beth!
    So happy you did a blog about The Bay! It is so cool that Gregori kept his dream for the show alive, and with the help of all of the amazing people involved, everyone has made it so fantastic! When I joined in to watch the show, at the beginning of season 4, I really enjoyed seeing familiar faces. I think that along with the great twists in the storyline, the actors helped to get me hooked! Love Patsy as Lola, and her interaction with Sara, makes for fantastic yet slightly crazy scenes 🙂 Can’t wait for more to come!! 💕

  10. Susan Nolen (Suzzy1969)

    Mary Beth, I am so happy that you decided to be a part of this show with Gregori!…I’ve watched since the very beginning and am so very excited everytime new seasons are ready and we get to see just how much work everyone has done to make The Bay an Emmy winning show!….I’m so looking forward to more new episodes and am excited for the future of The Bay!

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