A little bit of Hooplaa place for my random musings!

As the ideas for this blog came together, I considered a couple of names — one being “A little bit of Hoopla.” I ultimately went with PLANK, but still loved the idea of Hoopla — it’s a word I use often in life — and I just couldn’t let it go.

Like my life and interests, the things I want to include in this blog are varied (or all over the place, as some might say). Somewhere in the planning it hit me — how about a catch all section for all those random little musings.

So that’s what this Hoopla page will be … stay tuned.


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  1. Lorena Valenzuela

    Heys Mary Beth!! Love you and I do love me some Aretha. She’s amazing. Curious to know what music/ singers do you like if are you listening to at the moment ??

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