What topics would you like to read about on PLANK?

ChatterWhat topics would you like to read about on PLANK?
Mary Beth Staff asked 7 years ago
Patricia K replied 7 years ago

With Stephen Nichols coming back to days. Would love a blog about your friendship or working relationship -experiences shared. Would be neat if you interviewed each other. Would Love to hear about your travels and more gardening. Just love your blog

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ClaudineB answered 7 years ago

Hey Mary Beth! This site is looking amazing! So, I would love to hear a little bit about travel – your favorite places to go…the places, restaurants, etc. in those places that should not be missed…do you enjoy travel…and what makes travel enjoyable for you, etc. 🙂 

EGC answered 6 years ago

Since your kids are now grown, looking back, would you have done anything differently in raising them? Or, what worked for you and what didn’t?  I have 2 small kids 7 and 3. Though several years apart, emotionally/mentally, they are about 2 years apart. I am having a difficult time determining the best discipline approach. Spanking doesn’t make sense to me, and we don’t do it; but I’m tired of them disobeying and tired of the yelling- and I’m just tired.

EGC replied 6 years ago

Let me add that although I was raised in a home where we were all spanked, for numerous reasons, I’m raising my kids in a no-spanking home. This leads me somewhat at a loss as to how to effectively discipline. In a southern home, I was raised with the fear of the belt etc. instilled in me as a way my parents “nipped that shit in the bud” but how do I do this w/o the spankings? We do time out… not overly effective. Loss of things we love…. again, a little more, but not overly effective. Don’t misunderstand, I have a great relationship with my kids. We love, hug, kiss big time. Mom is still #1 in their book. But, I want to make sure our journey leads us to adults who are respectful, reliable, hard working members of society and where they and Mom are still the best of friends.