And the Emmys Go To …

This past weekend was the Daytime Emmys, one of my favorite weekends of the year.

I rarely have chances to get really dressed up, so finding just the right outfit is a fun little search. Over the years, I have gotten smarter and started looking for sale dresses in early winter. Even if they are one or two sizes too big, I know I can get them altered to fit. 

My Emmys H&M coat vs. what it looked like originally
The bottom was too much, but the end result (top), is exactly what I envisioned.

I look for “fit and flare,” which I know that is a good fit for me (plus it camouflages all that tummy). This year I bought a beautiful blue dress, and I thought a brocade coat would be fun too. So I googled that and it took me to eBay, where I found the perfect H&M coat and hit the buy now button.

The coast was one of the special lines made by designers for H&M, and when it arrived it was clearly designed for a taller person. Every thing about it was too much — too much collar, too much sleeve and too much length. My friend Cynthia (the stylist) has always said repurpose … so that’s what I did. I took it to my cleaners and she shortened it, eliminated the puffy sleeves, took off the front pockets and took it in a bunch. The end result is exactly what I had envisioned, and I love it!  

Friday was a fun night at the Creative Arts Emmys, where The Bay won five awards — Patrika Darbo won Outstanding Guest Performer, Eric Nelson won Outstanding Supporting Actor, Jade Harlow won Outstanding Supporting Actress, Kristos Andrews won Outstanding Lead Actor and Gregori J. Martin won Outstanding Directing. Sunday, the Bay’s good fortune continued as we took home Outstanding Digital Drama! 
It was a big night all around, as Days of Our Lives took home awards for writing, directing and best show! And, my friends Greg Vaughan and James Reynolds each took home an Emmy for their amazing performances this year. What a night! Seeing your pals win is the best, and we were all practically crying for James, who won his first Emmy in 37 years on the show. So long overdue!
And who can forget being there as Susan and Bill Hayes, who are the sweetest people, were recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award. All around it was a great weekend and I can’t wait for another great year ahead!
Congratulations to all my friends and daytime family members on another fantastic year. Here’s a little video from Friday night’s festivities.


  1. Heard Days is cutting out our Patch man. Guess you can now count me as a FORMER viewer. Its not days without the man! Sorry but Kayla without Steve is just not going to cut it

  2. Kayla Sheaffer

    Dear MB…I’m very late but I’m in a rehab for my foot so forgive me…TY for the synopsis of both Emmys and the video of The Bay winners…It’s a bummer we can’t see them on tv so it’s grand when you all can share with us…It must be very interesting to come from two different shows at award time and be in one door one day and the next somewhere else the next day but some how you make that dichotomy work and that’s inspiring! I sure wish that certain dude was on your arm that night at the Emmys…But I will say you looked effervescent both nights and chose beautifully on what to where. You shine where ever you go and we have missed you on IG lately…I support you and all you do! We are here for you guys forever!xo

  3. Stacey AKA BraveWidowMama

    You looked great! Thanks for the tips about having things altered. I’m your height and am often frustrated with the way things fit. Skirts are way too long and sleeves go to my fingertips. I forget how affordable alterations are. The results on that beautiful jacket were amazing! You looked great in that outfit.

  4. You looked so beautiful. I’m impressed with pulling the dress and coat together because it looked like it was made just for you and that outing. I’m still one who needs the outfit put together by someone else, but I can do my house decor. Thank you for your thoughts, comments, and videos. I’ve just informed hubby we’ll be adding The Bay to our lineup!

  5. Christine Laver

    You looked gorgeous Mary Beth. You could wear a paper bag and still look wonderful! Were you alone? I didn’t see any pictures of Stephen. I know in the past you usually go together.

  6. Congrats to #Days! They really dominated this year’s Daytime Emmys which was very well-deserving! Thanks for sharing some of the moments from Friday night….great video!

  7. Very cute outfit! Coat turned out great!! I love the two actors who won on Days so was happy for them as well! I’m actually really interested in your hair Mary Beth! I love your cut and color!! It’s so cute on you! Can you share sometime on your hair routine? Products used, how often you wash/color it etc? I would love to go as short as you but I’m afraid the rest of me can’t pull the look off! Thanks Dear! ❤️

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