Taking the Stage … and a Leap of Faith

Many times, as I am daydreaming out the passenger side window while someone else drives, I am captivated by the passersby. I often imagine the day of the other cars’ occupants … their lives, them getting ready and getting into their cars to start the day.

Like those people in cars, we all move around on this planet in our designated or chosen groups or families.  How do we create our little circles? And why are we so easily ruffled or annoyed when a stranger stands too close or otherwise infringes on our circle? Sometimes, I think we close those circles in so tight that we find ourselves stuck … maybe we want to branch out, but we no longer know how.

Rejection, Kissing & Taking Care of Your Feet

One of the best parts of starting PLANK has been the opportunity to hear from so many of you – your thoughts, feedback and kind words have been so great to read. And, while I haven’t responded to every comment, I do read and appreciate each one of them … and they’ve given me several ideas for future blogs.

Recently, I received an email from one of our PLANK readers, Lynne Hasselman, who shared not only kind words about the blog, but also a number of suggestions for future topics. I was so impressed with Lynne’s thoughtful email (she’s clearly a writer), that I thought I’d take on the whole thing as my first real video blog.