Taking the Stage … and a Leap of Faith

Many times, as I am daydreaming out the passenger side window while someone else drives, I am captivated by the passersby. I often imagine the day of the other cars’ occupants … their lives, them getting ready and getting into their cars to start the day.

Like those people in cars, we all move around on this planet in our designated or chosen groups or families.  How do we create our little circles? And why are we so easily ruffled or annoyed when a stranger stands too close or otherwise infringes on our circle? Sometimes, I think we close those circles in so tight that we find ourselves stuck … maybe we want to branch out, but we no longer know how.

I bet you can’t figure out where I am going with this, right? Well, here it is …

This past weekend started with the annual Day of Days event at Universal Studios. I’ve participated in this event for several years, and I am still so struck by and pleased to find out how many people have met and become friends through the show. People who share a love of the show or a couple, and find each other online – either as members of groups on Twitter, parts of fan boards/clubs, or through discussions on Instagram and Facebook. Hearing about the S&K Twitter group, learning about these new groups of friends and seeing how my #kindnessis blog took off means the absolute world to me!


Like in years past, so many people told me this weekend how they’ve met new friends from all over the country and the world through these online platforms. And now, not only are they communicating online, but also they’re planning trips and meeting up for fun weekends together. New, fun and valued friendships that they never dreamed of having … friends who would have never been in their little circles. As I have often said, no one finds you at home. More importantly, and what I really mean by that is, if you put yourself out there in the world, you will reap the rewards!

After a long day of meeting fans and signing autographs, Sunday rolled around and it was finally time for our benefit performance for One World Stage & Screen. This show was a long-time coming! Stephen and I first mentioned maybe doing a play at our event last year, and committed to it about six months ago. We considered a couple of pieces, but nothing was really exciting us. Then Mandy found an amazing piece (Annapurna) for us to tackle. We read it and both thought it was perfect for us, and we were excited for the challange it posed.  Little did we know what a challange it would become!

From the beginning we had to admit we couldn’t put it up as a fully realized production. There was not enough rehearsal time for a play of this length, plus to build a full set for a one-night only play … it just didn’t make sense. And we didn’t have the budget to do it right, which this material deserved. So, we decided on a sort of hybrid version – a staged reading. Shockingly, even that took nearly 50 hours of rehearsal time to be “ready.” (Ready? I don’t know if, as actors, we ever really feel ready.)

Mandy, our narrator, met tirelessly with us as we tried to find our way.  With so many levels of emotion and history, this piece could have probably had another 40-50 hours to really be ready. With this sort of thing, you rehearse and rehearse and worry about being ready. But when it comes down to it, you just have to give it up, relax, BE PRESENT and listen to one another. And I think we achieved that. We gave it all we had and went for it … and from what I can tell, people really enjoyed it. Stephen and I both feel really great about the work we did. It was an exhilarating night … one we will never forget!


Trying something new can sometimes be too scary … trust me, I know. Because live theatre is SCARY! I mean, holy yikes, anything can happen. But I’m a firm believer in pushing myself … taking those leaps. So to all of you who’ve been wanting to do something, but letting fear stop you – JUST DO IT!! Do something so crazy and far out of that comfortable little circle that it terrifies you. Because let me tell you, there’s almost nothing that’ll make you feel as alive as when you do!

After the production, my husband gave me a hard time because I had down played it throughout the rehearsals. Until the night before the show I had been telling him and my kids to not even bother coming. But then I opened the door to the possibility they could come.  And you know what – they were blown away! And boy, am I glad they were there! Later, as my husband and I talked further, I realized that I’ve always done this … with every theatre piece I have ever done. I always think I’m bad in it and that I’ll get tossed out for bad acting. My self doubt is ridiculous, but I somehow always manage to keep plowing forward. I think for me, my fear of failing to try is greater than my fear of being bad, so I keep going. And in all the years, those fears have never seemed to stop me from throwing myself out there taking or taking the huge risk.

Maybe I’m growing up a little (mid 50s seems like a good time to start!…HA), but after this experience, I am making a commitment to knock that shit off! I mean I might suck or fall flat on my face PUBLICLY, but what do I have to lose, right?

I know I’ve said this many times before, but I’m going to say it AGAIN and AGAIN! Get up, get out and get going … in whatever it is that you’ve dreamed of doing. Yes, I can almost promise that your heart will be pounding (just like mine does), but I also promise that rewards will be so very sweet!

Thank you to all who were able to come out this past weekend, as well as those of you who cheered us on from home! Thanks for making me a part of your circle – your continued support means the world  to me!


  1. Tanya in AZ

    Dear Mary Beth,
    I know this reply to your blog is a bit late, but I was so grateful to read this tonight! I was fortunate to rediscover Days about a year ago and went down the rabbit hole on YouTube. One thing led to another and I made my first trip to meet the SandK Twitter Group this year at Day of Days. It was an amazing weekend! I can’t put it all into words, but it was exciting, nerve wracking, exhilarating, and exhausting (the good kind). I felt so much kindness and love from everyone I met, including yourself and Stephen. I still have some barriers and fears. The hardest thing for me is to be kind to myself. I’m not sure what the secret is for me, but I will try to find the courage to keep putting myself out there. Thank you for being so honest and inspiring! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  2. Andrea Welmaker

    I know I’m late on this but it’s been a whirlwind since I’ve been home. I first want to say, it was a true privilege to meet you and Stephen. A dream come true for me. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you but I was in line with my precious new friends to meet you and Stephen. I was so excited and was shaking. I got so overwhelmed I just started crying. I had no idea where the tears came from. All I could think was I’ve got to get this under control, I can’t let this happen in front of Mary Beth and Stephen. My sweet friend Ashley kept saying, you don’t want your eye makeup to mess up. 🙂 I got it under control but could barely speak when I got you. And I never shut up. Ha! Go figure!! Next I got to meet you again at the play, backstage. You are truly a dream. So, beautiful! You and Stephen are so good to your fans. I know you had to be exhausted but you both were so gracious to spend the time you did with us. I don’t feel I got the chance to really tell you how much I loved Annapurna. I laugh and I cried. You, Stephen and Mandy put a lot of time and work into it. Thank you! I now want to thank you and Stephen for your role as Steve and Kayla. Because of who you are as people and for who you play on Days brought seven friends together. We new each other only through twitter. We now know each other personally. We feel as if we’ve known each other for a lifetime. We were already included in the “SandKTwittergroup” but while we were in LA we noticed there were other groups so we decided we were going to be the “Magnificent 7” ☺️ I just want to name the group that have become best friends because of you and Stephen. (Me)Andrea, Ashley Teel, Jennifer Brock, Cindy Nelson, Christy Pitner,Cheryl Chadwick, Nikki Stauffer. Thank you for this wonderful blog. You have always encouraged to take a leap of faith, to try new things. It’s exactly what I did when I went to LA. I hope to do it again by going to Charlotte in April. xoxo

  3. All of my life I have found myself outside of circles. For the longest time, I tried so hard to become part of circles but people didn’t want me in & so after many failed attempts I quit trying. I am so thankful that a group finally let me into their circle. And what a wonderful circle it is! My life has changed so much in six months. I now have true, lifelong friends. People that I can’t imagine my life without. I just hate the miles that separate us all! Good thing I am crazy though & have hopped planes & flown across the country (two different trips in the same week even!) to spend as little as six hours with them! haha

    Thanks for taking the leap & doing the play. The whole performance was amazing! You, Stephen & Mandy all did an amazing job! It’s a night I will never forget & am so grateful I was able to witness it! I really can’t thank you all enough, what a special night!

    I learned many years ago that if I wanted to do everything I wanted to do, I would have to be brave & do a lot things solo. That’s when I started going to shows/concerts solo. This year I found something else I had to do solo if I really wanted to do it. Trips. I went on four solo trips this year, including a camping trip in the mountains! At times I was terrified, other times I was lonely but mostly I was happy & felt so alive. I am so grateful I went on every one of those trips. On those trips I learned what I am made of. Like you said, get going & the rewards are amazing. I will say that is definitely true!!

    Lastly, people have a lot to say about my crazy colored hair. There’s one comment that breaks my heart every time I hear it. “I would never dare to do that/I’d be too afraid to do that.” I tell them to go for it & be daring! There’s nothing to be afraid of. Don’t worry about what other people think. Be YOU! There is no greater reward in life than putting yourself out there & having people accept you for you.

    Thanks again for everything Mary Beth! You are amazing!

  4. Thank Yuuu For Sharing For Those That Couldn’t Go We Love You & Will Always Support You With What Ever You One Day I’m Hoping Me My Mom & Brother Will Meet You & Stephen & The Whole Cast Of DAYS . One Day Thanks Again MB

  5. Stacey AKA BraveWidowMama

    Reinventing, evolving, one day at a time, sometimes one breath at a time. I know a little something about that.

    I’ve figured out along the way that looking in the rear view mirror does not serve me. I have my dark, angry “sledgehammer to the cemetery” moments. But, time has made it easier to shake it off. Anger and regret can consume you if you let it.

    I concentrate on the good stuff. My kids are the greatest source of joy. They are my future and my inspiration to do better, to be better.

    Kindness matters. But, we often forget to be kind to ourselves.

    Sorry to have missed you Mary Beth. It would have been a blast meeting you and some of my online pals. It was a kids-first decision. But, maybe next year. Please do another play!

  6. Cindy Nelson

    WOW what a weekend it was! And once again ur blog is speaking right to me
    MaryBeth. What a phonemimial job you, SN and Mandy did. It was great meeting you all. And how better to top the night off then having the winning ticket for ur script! It was a pleasure to meet Mandy after all the conversations we had for PLANK previously and her assuring me that MY STORY was worthy of PLANK time. Self doubt is my best friend I did it with the spurs being a gift and then again with the buckle something for me to work on for sure! The pendant I knew once I put the red polka dotted boots on it was YOU. I so have enjoyed the fast friendships made with the Magnificent 7 of LA and the Nashville peeps and all the others I had an opportunity to meet and the impacted on my life one way or another. And all that is thanks to you and your kindness!! And what an impact you have been on my Classroom; I can never say thank you enough. Meeting you, reading PLANK and all the friends has made me realize you have to step out of your inner circle and put yourself out there to move forward. And that is my path now, changes have begun and oh the happiness in my heart for doing the two step from TX to all the places I’ve gone in the last yr. Thanks again for the push to make changes and learning to appreciate and enjoy life again. Until we all meet again, many blessing to all

  7. ILoveMySnK

    I’ve been so painfully shy most of my life. Being a twin, I always had someone to turn to, someone who was always with me (whether I wanted her there or not). But, to venture out on my own, w/o her for the first time while we were still undergrads, was the biggest scariest transition of my life. I finished out undergrad and post-grad/doc degrees in a city where I had no family, but I survived and had fun. My “sis” and I now live 100s of miles apart and I haven’t seen her in over 4 yrs. But, we’re as close as we ever were b/c of technology. I texted her a few weeks ago b/c @ 40, I finally set at a table, alone, in public, to have lunch- all-by-myself. Pathetic, right?? First time ever, but it was a huge deal for me. I also took a leap to sign up on Twitter b/c of S&K and that’s the only reason I’m on… so glad I did as it’s so much fun connecting w/others with same interests. I know b/c of personal circumstances I will most likely never get to meet you or SN, but I get to meet you through them and through your blog/video blogs… so thank you for opening yourself up to your fans. Although I wasn’t able to make it to DoD, I did send gifts for you & SN that arrived on your last day b/f your break, so hope you got them b/f you left, but if not, they should still be there in Jan. I was even embarrassed doing that, but wanting to send you a gesture of my gratitude overcame my shyness and I hit “submit order” haha 😉 Hope you have a wonderful break and safe travels for the holidays.

  8. Natalie818

    This is one of your best posts yet!

    When I was younger, it was so much easier to step out of my comfort zone and take on risks. I don’t know why, but for some reason as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more shy, and more unwilling to take those leaps. A little over a year ago I made the conscious decision to step out of my comfort zone in several areas of my life, damn the consequences. Around that same time, I found out about your brunch in North Hollywood and came to that… Something I NEVER would have done as an adult. LOL. I’ve also said yes to things and taken on things that I never would have dreamed about doing in my profession… And yes my heart pounds out of my chest everytime, I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into, and I might lose sleep the night before….but each and every time it has paid off and I’ve been GLAD I took those chances. So yes, people, get out there, say yes, and figure out the details later — it’s worth it!

  9. Dear Mary Beth,
    What an inspiring post and good words. There is always room to broaden our circles. 🙂
    My second career (after being a wife and mom) was teacher. I taught Spanish and Fine Arts in a private school where you wear many hats :). One of the great things about Fine Arts was to do a school play. The kids (high school) loved it and I loved directing. I’ve always been fascinated with theatre and drama.
    I started watching Days sitting on my Mamaw’s lap when I was 3 or 4. The only thing I remember about Days from the early 70s was the ticking and the “like sands through the hour glass…” I started being aware and being a fan around age 13 in 1979. I remember when Stephen started and when you came on. I immediately identified with you and loved the name Kayla–mine is just plain Kay. I always loved it when your on-screen sibs called you “Kay’–I felt bonded. What a joy it has been to read your blog and IG posts and “get to know you” as best you can through media.
    All of that to say, as a big Days fan and a big theatre fan, I am sure that “Day of Days” and your staged reading of “Annapurna” were amazing! I hate that I was unable to be there but I am hoping next year to make the trip. I hope you and Stephen will make the benefit stage production an annual tradition! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family and the rest of your circle!

  10. As I write this, my heart is beating wildly and there are tears burning the back of my eyes. I have been a fan of yours Mary Beth for more years than I care to admit. I started watching you on Days in the beginning of my high school education and somehow scraped up enough money to become a member of your fan club. I am almost 30 years older now and have just returned to watching Days after something resparked my interest. (I did ‘cut the cord’ for 3 years and didn’t have a way to watch any network television.) So now I am back in full Days frenzy mode and cannot get enough of you or Stephen. I was unable to make it to this years Day of Days or the play that I hear was so wonderful, but in the spirit of trying something new, getting out of my comfort zone and meeting those who I have just begun to know on a social media platform, I plan to make it to the next Day of Days. My goal is to save up the funds to make the trip out, lose at least 30 pounds and leave my family (my safety zone) at home to venture into ‘the wild blue yonder’. I have a whole year to achieve this goal and reading your blog and reconnecting with the love I had for you all those years ago, I feel I now really have the drive and desire to get it done. Thank you Mary Beth for your inspiration, and your openness and I pray that my plans for next year will come to fruition. To meet you and maybe even express to you in person (if I can get the words past my throat) how much you mean to me, will be one of the best days of my life. Thank you again.

  11. Donna Mackie

    Mary Beth and Stephen are simply amazing!! I was so moved by your performances…I told myself “how glorious the feeling must be to accomplish with your talent and interpretive artisty the uninterrupted laser focus of every member of that audience”…. You really could “have heard a pin drop”

  12. Mary Beth, I love this post so much!! Thank you, Stephen, and Mandy for all of your hard work over these past few months. It was an incredible show and event!
    So many things stood out to me:from the friendships made, to putting yourself out there, to having self doubt but pushing forward anyway.
    Last year at this time, I was over the moon at having the opportunity to attend so many events that I had only read about when I was a kid. I was able to meet you and Stephen, attend the brunch, and have a picture to remember it by. There was no need to come back, as I wasn’t sure how that weekend could be topped. Then, when you announced you were doing a play, I rethought that decision. That would be another dream come true to watch you both perform live. I called up my best friend and asked her if she would like to join me again in CA for another girls weekend. Thank goodness she said yes! In the meantime, I had also began making friends on social media and our circle of two began to grow! We ended up having 7-9 in our circle of friends throughout this amazing, whirlwind of a weekend. It amazes me what brings people together as friends. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that a show I grew up watching as a teenager would create such incredible friendships, but it have. If none of us had put ourselves out there on social media, we never would have met, or realized what we were missing out on.
    This past year I have left my comfort zone so many times. It was totally scary and nerve wracking each time, but so worth it! It has also changed me for the better. Even though self doubt looms, you never know until you try. If you fail, you can only learn and grow from your mistakes. It reminds me of the saying “Oh but what if I fall; But Oh what if you fly.”
    Thank you for putting yourself out there all those years ago, and continuing to put yourself out there, and fighting through that self-doubt. You have changed many lives because of that!

  13. Cindy Martinez

    Inspired and grateful for the friendships that all THIS has created. What a smart, creative,fun and inspiring group we all are. Thanks for leading us onward and upward.

  14. Hi Mary Beth,
    I have been a huge fan of you and Stephen from the beginning. Wasn’t able to come see the performance but have loved hearing what everyone said about it. I love your blogs and the social media you do, makes me feel like I know you!
    I loved, loved, the interview you and Stephen did with Michael Fairman on Saturday. You guys are so cute and funny together!

    I am going to, as you put it “get up, get out, and get going”. I used to challenge myself a lot when I was younger, but since retiring in 2011, have I not done much. Thanks for you inspiration!

  15. Mary Beth

    Wow! In reading all of your comments this morning, I am blown away. Thank you for sharing with me. As many of you shared your thoughts and stories…I am endlessly reminded (and I hope you are too) how ALL OF US have our difficult times. How we all have to keep pushing forward. Ultimately we have to go through the fire to get to the other side, as much as we ENDLESSLY try to avoid the pain. Wounds heal … is long….we must continue to reinvent and rewrite our story. And why not?? For all we know, we have ONE SHOT on this earth and I, for one, want to get the most I possibly can out of it! Think about it and commit to change what is not working!

  16. Ashley Teel

    Mary Beth,
    This weekend was my first time to meet you. I never in a million years thought I would ever get the opportunity. With the help of a few friends and an incredibly supportive husband, that dream came true. I never imagined how attached I would be to the friends I made. I grew to love them and share in their excitement this weekend also. Whether it was the excitement of Jennifer getting the kindness book to you, Andrea’s tears of shock before she reached you and Stephen in line, or Cindy winning your script from the play.. We all shared in joy,happy tears, and constant laughter!! I gained some incredible mamas on this trip! ☺️ Leaving them at the airport broke my heart,but thank God due to technology, we have remained constantly group messaging.😂Without you, I would not have the friendships I do now, and I thank you so much for that!! Meeting you waa everything I hoped it would be. You radiate joy and kindness everywhere you go, and I realized right then why I have always admired you. I thank you, Stephen, and Mandy for an incredible weekend. As I told you, it was incredible to see you both in a different light. I didn’t think I could adore or respect you all more, but I promise you after witnessing your performance I do. What a talent all 3 of you are! I wish you an incredible holiday season with your beautiful family. And I hope you get a little break from having to memorize so much dialogue!!! 😉👍 Love sent your way!

  17. Patricia Kominowski

    What an amazing weekend with Day of Days, the play and then lunch with you and Stephen for the wonderful charity OWSS.
    Watching you and Stephen perform live blew me away. The range of emotions I felt from laughing to crying. I was lost for words and still am. I am blown away that you both had so much memorized. Just an outstanding performance.
    You both are such beautiful kid souls.

    Because of you and Stephen, I have met so many wonderful people through the sandk twitter group and they truly are family to me. We do exactly as you said… we meet and go on trips together.
    Thank you for the kindness and love you give to us fans. We all truly adore you both.

  18. Your dedication to your fans is always inspiring! 50+ hours…Wow! Getting out of my comfort zone continues to be a struggle no matter how old I get! Thanks for the motivation to just keep trying and never be afraid to fail!

  19. Michelle Conner

    It was an incredible weekend filled with great memories. I would not normally do it. My desire to meet you and Stephen coupled with meeting my friends from S&K Twitter Group propelled me forward and I have no regrets. Best decision I ever made. The play was this giant bonus and I was blown away by how great you both were.

    I have been through a lot of crap in my life where hiding from the world felt better than possibly getting hurt. My little circle was safe. It’s you that taught me taking risks didn’t always have to be bad or painful. People constantly tell me I have a huge heart and I’ve learned that I need to show it even if it sometimes gets broken. It’ll still be worth it. I came out of the weekend with these great friendships. Now I just need to be braver the next time I have an opportunity to speak with you. Hard to shake the nerves sometimes.

    Thank you for a great weekend!!!

  20. Jennifer

    Marybeth,you are such a inspiration to me! It was a pleasure to meet you at A Day of Days Event, it was my first year and i absolutely loved it and cant wait til next year!!! I was extremely excited to meet the cast of Days and especially you and Stephen! You two are amazing I have watched since I was 11 and have been a loyal Days fan since! You and Stephen are my favorites❤ I enjoy and look forward to your blogs this one has really inspired me to go big! Thanks Marybeth you ROCK ❤
    Jennifer Melo
    Oakdale California

  21. Traci Whiting

    Thank you for an amazing weekend and putting yourself “out there” for your fans. That play and meeting you was everything!! You have been a part of my circle since I was 13 and to be able to hug you and tell you how amazing I think you are was unbelievable. I also LOVED talking with your family, and I am glad they went as well. Here’s to a weekend I will NEVER forget! Thank you so much Mary Beth! 😘

  22. Because there aren’t enough characters on twitter lol… I was not able to come to LA this weekend, but Wow! I enjoyed everyones photos and video clips of being with you & Stephen at DoD, and a few from after the play, but this weekend really meant a lot to me. I have made so many incredible friends from being a part of the S&K Twitter Group, but also other sweet incredible people from instagram as well. By this time, everyone in my family and all of my friends know that you have changed my life for the better, and continue to inspire me every day. This weekend, just how much you inspire others really shown through by those who got to meet you for the first time and those who see you every year. I had cried happy tears this weekend seeing my one friend get her photo with you and Stephen because it meant the world to her that she got to go see you, because you guys mean so much to her. Your positivity and determination to not give up or miss out on great chances inspires me everyday, as well as always reminding me that #Kindnessis the the greatest thing. Thank you for all you do for us MB!

  23. Stephanie

    It was absolutely thrilling and a dream come true to see you and Stephen perform live! Meeting you again in person was such a treat. I’ve definitely left my comfort zone being a part of the SnK twitter circle! Your blog continues to amaze me! Keep on inspiring!

  24. Nancy McCarthy

    Mary Beth, I am one of the people you speak of in this S&K Twitter Group, and I was able to make the trip out to LA for what was a life changing experience. I truly had the time of my life! From Saturday’s Days of Days, to the amazing performance you & Stephen put on for OWSS, to the lunch you both so graciously agreed to do with Tamra because of her donation. The bonus was finally getting to meet my group of Twitter girls that I’ve been friend with for two years, but have never laid eyes on (unti last weekend). I’m so thankful for it all. I agree with you about putting yourself out there. I don’t have the kind of job where I really need to do that, but just in life. I was painfully shy as a kid. Maybe it has to do with being a mom, or maybe you just get to a point in life where you realize you have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. But I’ve done it and its been well worth it (although now I think I talk too much). I would have never traveled across the country before social media to meet what really are virtual strangers, but I did it last weekend, and I’m so thankful! I love my Twitter girls! I don’t know if you remember, but at Tuesday’s lunch I mentioned that I had emailed you. I know you’re extremely busy, but if you can find a moment, I would love for you to read it. It just has to do with kindness, and how I have been personally affected this year by some amazing people. You included. Thank you so much for being a huge part of the wonderful time I spent in LA.

  25. Christie

    MB, you were amazing in Annapurna! We were all captivated. It would have been much easier to just do a brunch or another Q&A…but thanks for putting yourself out there! I, too, was amazed by the friendships that have developed. Not that you and SN are not enough of a draw, but I find myself considering the next event also because I want to see my S&K Twitter group friends again!
    It was an amazing weekend! Thanks for all of your time and effort and for reminding us that #kindnessmatters

  26. Michelle Gray

    Thank you Mary Beth for a very inspiring blog. I would have loved to have been at Day of Days and your play. I have made some new friends on line and have met some of them in person and consider you part of my circle.

  27. Terri Martin

    Awesome blog, awesome words to live by! Thanks for always keeping it real….and positive! Very inspiring!

  28. Kecia Appleby

    I was honored to be in the audience for your performance this past weekend. I laughed, I cried….I was in awe. Beautifully done and a dream come true for the fans to see you both live! Thank you so much for your hours of rehearsal and devotion to this play. Thank you also for those circle of friends you talked about as well. I am blessed beyond belief for those I have met through this crazy fan adventure!! We truly love you!!

  29. This blog has come into my life at the right time.
    In a few weeks my soon to be son moves in with us full time. My family is adopting through the foster system. I’m excited and scared at the same time, and can only hope that our love and support for this little boy allows this transition to go smoothly. It’s a huge leap of faith into the unknown with him, but a dream come true to be adding to our family.

    Thank you for writing your blog , and being so kind to your fans.

  30. Julie Patten

    Such great timing ..I am currently in Boston hospital and have been fighting auto immune blood disease since June 2015. This has left me in out if hospital and house bound. The longer this has gone in the easier it has been to just stay inside..say no to friends and family for outings, events.dinner. you have encouraged me to get back out there when I get back hone. I need to get out of this rut I’m in . I have a wonderful husband of 27 years and 3 children who deserve more. I will fight to get stronger in rehabilitation when I amover and reread this when physical therapy gets to painful
    Thank you
    Julie ♡

  31. Thank you for sharing a part of your weekend with us fans who couldn’t be there but were cheering you and Stephen on from home. Sometimes time, family, health and finances can prevent you from taking the challenges in life but if you have the opportunity one should take the risk to achieve the satisfaction of an accomplished goal! Congratulations on a successful weekend!

  32. It was through my love of your work on DAYS that I met one of my dearest friends nearly 15 years ago. She lives in LA and I live in New Zealand and we have been fortunate enough to travel to some amazing places around the world together. We never would have met if it wasn’t for you and Stephen and I am very thankful for that!

  33. Barb levy

    I will be retiring in the next year and it is so important to find something I enjoy. I know without a plan I will do nothing and that scares me to death. Your mantra, “you will never find anything sitting at home” replays in my head often. My two besties was horrifically changed last weekend. My dear friend , who was going retire with me, died suddenly in a head on crash. My other friend is much too young to retire. Reality is she will be still working and studying for her Masters. If I do not plan on something nothing interesting will come my way. I have sent out requests for volunteer opportunities and pending more info.

    The first time I saw you on screen was when Stephen was hiding in your apartment closet. I am a big fan Of plank blog and your previous blog. I have been an RN for forty years and was always confident in my career. Ready or not the next chapter is about to open. Thank you for speaking about self doubt, fear of doing something new, and most importantly reminding me that opportunities will not knock on my door! Thank-you!


  34. Hey Mary Beth,
    Having chatted to Mandy a few weeks ago, she expressed such appreciation of the hard work you two were committing to this production. Very in awe how you always ‘put yourself out there’. At times I wish I could be so brave. Congrats and I will try to remember that message as I start to try new things too.
    Well done x

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