Recharged and Ready to Go

The hustle and bustle of work, marriage, children and just everyday life can be such a whirlwind … you look up sometimes and wonder where the time went. And with all of those things keeping us all so busy, it’s even more important to set aside time to take care of not only yourself, but also the friendships that mean so much.

As I sat down this week to recap my fabulous getaway weekend with some of my best girlfriends, I was reminded of a similar post I wrote for Hybrid Mom. I looked back and was shocked to discover that was four and a half years ago. How did that happen? Back then, we vowed to do a girls weekend every year. But I guess, as they say, and as I’m sure you know all too well – life gets in the way.

In the time since our last getaway we’ve had so many legitimate excuses — graduations, new jobs, kids moving away, family illnesses and the loss of precious ones. During that time, we’ve shared many “counseling” phone calls and have been to comfort one another. But there really is nothing like getting away. So thank goodness we put a date on our calendars and finally made it happen. Really, that’s all it takes – setting a date and committing to put all of life’s other adventures on hold for just a few days.