Going the Distance


My friends and getting ready for a 10K run
My friends and I getting ready for a 10K run

When my children were little, my friends and I would push our strollers around the Rose Bowl stadium. I’d see people jogging and think “I could never do that.” Then my mother-in-law came to visit us – she was well into her 60s and jogged the over three mile track. This made us think maybe we could do it too. We got baby jogger type strollers and slowly worked our way to making it around the track. I eventually made a tradition of doing a 10K every 4th of July.

Over the years I have switched up my exercise, but I know I look (and more importantly feel) better when I am consistent with some type of exercise. When I am not doing it regularly, I don’t want to; and when I am, I can’t wait to go. You just need to get started…