Rejection, Kissing & Taking Care of Your Feet

One of the best parts of starting PLANK has been the opportunity to hear from so many of you – your thoughts, feedback and kind words have been so great to read. And, while I haven’t responded to every comment, I do read and appreciate each one of them … and they’ve given me several ideas for future blogs.

Recently, I received an email from one of our PLANK readers, Lynne Hasselman, who shared not only kind words about the blog, but also a number of suggestions for future topics. I was so impressed with Lynne’s thoughtful email (she’s clearly a writer), that I thought I’d take on the whole thing as my first real video blog. Thanks, Lynne! (And everyone, keep the questions coming … It’s so helpful to see what you’d like to read.)


  1. Kim Graham

    Hi Mary Beth! I love your blog! You seem so down to earth and such a wonderful, loving person with a big heart!! It would be awesome just to sit down and talk with you! I am looking forward to many more blogs and SO excited about #days50th! I have been watching for at least 40 years and I am excited to see you and Stephen working together again!! Thanks for being you!!! 🙂


  2. Great Blog!!!! I really loved the sound of water in the background. It was soooo relaxing:)

  3. Barbara levy

    Absolutely loved this video blog. Reminded me of the one you did on your trip to Italy with Katie and your friend Carolyn. My mom was always very successful in her career and at times it was difficult for me. I had friends become RN’s because they saw my mom as a role model. I even had ‘friends’ get close to me in order to spend time with my mom. It was tough to realize they weren’t really my friends (age 12-16 years old).

    was it difficult for your kids growing up in the Kayla &Steve years. You were on talk shows and on so many magazine covers. Were there times your kids just wanted you to be like other moms. I know your hubby and kids are very supportive but at some point did the kids have trouble with your fame? How did you help them adjust?
    You also have girlfriends since you were 14 years old. Did it take time for them to realize you were the same Mary Beth once the make-up was off?

    Everyone thought I would automatically become an RN since my mom was an RN. This was my one and only act of rebellion. once I started college I took classes in sociology and art history when I started college. I finally realized I always wanted to become an RN and I was doing it because it was my passion. i was lucky in that everyone was pushing me to be like my mom. The only one’s who were neutral were my parents. I have been an RN for over 40’s and love my career. Bj

  4. The thing I have always loved about you is that you are yourself. There’s no false impression and your honest about your life and work. Absolutely loving the video blogs! And its nice to know I’m not the only person (I’m 42) struggling with pimples, lol!!
    This has been amazing for all of us who have been watching you for years.

  5. Hi Mary Beth, Thank you for such a wonderful vlog!
    Thank you to Lynne for such amazing questions!
    Lots of love, from Australia xo

  6. Donna Mackie

    YOU ARE SUCH A CUTIE PIE….YOUR FAMILY & CASTMATES MUST LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH YOU Great blog..loved your answers to those great questions…Thank you..

  7. I was so excited to read & watch your blog today that I did it standing in line for a Rollercoaster at Universal Studios! Lynne had a lot of the same questions I’ve had through the years. When I was 16, 17, & 18 years old I wanted Steve & Kayla to be so real. And it just goes to show how much work you & Stephen put into those characters. I didn’t watch for years after Steve “died” & Kayla left. And now I cannot wait to see what’s coming! Thank you so much for being so commited to Kayla. I can appreciate your hard work as an actor now that I’m 40+ years old and still be in love with their story.

  8. Another fab blog. Loved some of those questions and answers. Love the variety of the blog too. Always something fun. Thanks!

  9. Andrea W

    Mary Beth…I loved the video blog. I’m so glad Lynne sent you the email. 🙂 She asked you some great question. I always look forward to your blogs. Can’t wait until the next one! Thank you!!

  10. Stephanie

    This was so much fun to watch today. I remember begging my parents to take me to Walgreens when I was fourteen to buy a clay facial mask because you mentioned something about using them in some magazine article in the late 80’s! I have also learned to keep it simple and Neutrogena is always a safe bet. It was fun hearing about your journey through the facial products over the years. While you always look good in pastels, I think you pull off red in a glamorous manner on screen. I remember last years Days Christmas episode and you were wearing red and you looked fantastic. It is pouring down rain here for the fifth day as I think of suggestions for further blogs, so what comes to mind at the moment is any topic related to Summer.

  11. I really enjoyed listening to your video and want to thank you for taking the time to do it. I have been a fan since the ’80’s and recently have been watching Steve and Kayla’s story on You tube. I’ve forgotten so much, it’s like watching them for the first time and believe me, the MAGIC was still there! Back in the day, I could not wait for the next episode of Days. I’m looking forward to your new storyline coming this fall.

  12. I loved your vlog Mary Beth. It was and you are insightful, entertaining and full of energy. Thanks for sharing.


  13. Thank you so much for the blog, Mary Beth!
    I never miss it. Which storyline have you found to be most challenging over the years? You’re known for so many good ones: the Stockholm storyline, (which included so much of the cast, with Drake, Deirdre, Peter, Kristian, you, and Stephen) or perhaps the Steve/Kayla/Jack triangle. The beats from that triangle played out for years. Maybe the deaf storyline, because you had to learn to sign, remember to keep your eyes on your partner, etc?

    Perhaps another one stands out for you?

  14. Mary Beth,
    I love your new blog and this week’s video.
    It’s so much fun to see you off camera! I’ve been a fan since your first appearance on Days.

    I love seeing inside other people’s homes. Would you consider showing us your home?


  15. susan cange

    mary beth,

    thank you so much for doing this for the fans. I really enjoyed listening to you talk . made me feel like you were a good friend of mine. thanks for all you do.

    I would like to know what it felt like to do the deaf storyline. I just loved watching you and Stephen Nicholas do that. I felt like I picked up a little bit of it along the way.


  16. Fabulous!! Loved it! Thanks so much!!

  17. Mary Beth,
    Thank you, I loved the video blog! I’ve enjoyed reading the blog posts since day 1, and this was like icing on the cake. We all know how busy you are, and it is greatly appreciated that you take the time to share your interests, ideas, and thoughts with us.

  18. Mary Beth, really loved this weeks video blog! You are such a sweet caring person to do this for your fans! I truly felt like I was sitting across from you listening to you answer all these wonderful questions!…you’re the Best MB! As always thank you for sharing these little snippets of your life us fans!

  19. Traci Whiting

    Absolutely LOVED the video blog!! You definitely ARE so cute Mary Beth, and funny!! Thank you so much for taking time like that for your fans. We appreciate it more than you know!

  20. staceyrae

    Mary Beth,
    I loved your video blog this week! It was fun to hear your opinions and that stuff on the kissing scenes was something I’d wondered about.

    You comment about the age cutoff on being called “cute” reminded me of a guy I dated recently who kept calling me “cute” (I’m 48) and I didn’t know how to feel about that. I was so uncomfortable with that description of myself…until now. I’ll share the same adjective with you anytime girlfriend!


    • staceyrae

      I forgot to add my two cents about skin care. Everything makes me break out….especially the expensive stuff. My best friend is an esthetician and she told me about Dial soap for acne. I buy tubs of coconut oil at Costco and use that to take off my makeup (just melts it off and removes ALL off it, including waterproof mascara) then wash with Dial when I’m breaking out or Oil of Olay when I’m not. It’s the cheapest and easiest routine I’ve come across for my sensitive skin.

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