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Earlier this week, I reached out and asked you to send me some questions for today’s blog, and I was overwhelmed by the response! So many great questions, and I tackled as many as I could. In fact, there were too many for this week, so tune in next week for more where this came from!!


  1. Michelle Gray

    Thanks for doing that Mary Beth, always such an interesting blog.

  2. Mary Beth, thank you for sharing so many wonderful insights with us! This was a joy to watch! Loving your video blog! You really are the perfect model for kindness!
    Looking forward to next week.
    How many sleeps is that??😊
    From one MB to another, many thanks!💗

  3. Hey Mary Beth, I love these Q&A’s. So good of you to answer the questions fans sent in. Love your honesty too. Can’t wait for next weeks installment! Thank you!

  4. Marnessa

    Great Blog!! Think its great that your allowing us, your fans to get to know you better, aside from being an actress. While I’m thinking of it; you said you love to read. What kind of books do you like to read & what is your favorite book you would recommend for everyone to check out?
    I look forward to next week!!

  5. Connie D

    Thanks Mary Beth for doing these video blogs…love hearing your answers to the questions we all asked. I have been watching you and Stephen from the very beginning and feel like I know you all. Can’t wait till next week!

  6. Susan Nolen (Suzzy1969)

    Absolutely loved today’s video blog….I always love it when you answer fans questions!…thanks Mary Beth!…so looking forward to next weeks blog!…can’t wait!

  7. Loved the blog Mary Beth!! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to answer questions! It really means to much that you would do this. There were so many great questions!

    The holidays and traditions mean so much to our family as well. I love when we all get together! Passover is always a fun time when we get together with family & friends. (My grandma always tends to rush the service so we can skip ahead to the food.) I would love to see what you came up with for your Haggadah. I think that is so cool you did this!
    Thank you again for answering so many wonderful questions! Can’t wait until next week to see the rest!!

  8. What Kelly said! This whole thing is great, but I am sitting here laughing (at work) at you and Stephen.

  9. I just love how you are so transparent with us your fans, your friends! This was great, glad you liked my idea and went with it!! How cool to get so many questions!!! Over 200, Wow!! You are just our favorite person ever!! Thank you for doing this!! Cant wait for the rest next week!! And you even included your sidekick, double bonus!!
    Kelley in LA(lower Alabama)

  10. Kelly Getter

    Absolutely LOVED this! My favorite part is when you told Stephen “I don’t think you have had me over for that, but that okay!” Haha, too cute!
    Thank you giving us the opportunity to learn more about you and your life-you are so lovely!!
    And from us living in Nashville-we welcome you anytime, visit again soon!!

  11. I love that you requested our questions. I have wanted to ask so many things over the years but I wasn’t sure if I would get a response considering your busy life. Thank you so much for doing this and for your blog/vlog. I had to pause my life for about 30 minutes to watch this and I’m looking forward to seeing more in the future. I still would like to know whether you would ever take a roll again where you had to sing like you did in Lovelines… Maybe next time though.

  12. Loved this! The way you are so connected to your fans is amazing. You are definitely one of the reasons I’m still watching Days. Looking forward to more questions and answers.

  13. Loved this video blog so much, You had me smiling the whole way through, Mary Beth 🙂

    I think you and Michael are adorable, and I think its also super cute that he reads to you!

    Also, I’m glad you touched on the whole30 progress, and am happy it is going well for you!!
    I started eating clean last week, and have had good results with both weight and how i am feeling over all. Lol, I have had the “what the hell, and I’m just gonna eat everything because I’m fat anyway and I don’t care” thought many times, and I am really trying to get away from that.

    Thanks for answering, and I can’t wait for more next week!

  14. So great! Can’t wait for more! Probably should have been getting ready for work but…priorities!

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