1. Stacey AKA BraveWidowMama

    Mary Beth,
    I love, love, love your garden! I must admit that I’m very jealous of the citrus you can grow in California. I’m in a high desert area in Nevada with very cold winters. So, citrus is out. I have always loved working in my garden. My mother taught me everything I know and the mulching and Fall clean-up are so important! I use the leaves from my shrubs and trees as my Fall mulch and put manure over that. It allows me to have some herbs that actually winter over, which never happens here. Even with the epic winter we had this year, my rosemary and thyme are green and beautiful!

    Gardening has always been one of my Zen activities. I’ve had 2 spine surgeries and can still manage to maintain a garden about the size of yours. It can be done if you enjoy having your hands in the dirt.

    I think that it would be kind of fun if some of the readers from around the country could send in photos of their gardens this spring and summer so that we could share tips and show off a little bit. Maybe Mandy could use her mad computer skills to create a section in the page for doing that??

    Thank you for showing off your beautiful garden!

  2. Jennifer

    I love your garden! It’s the type of greenscape I have always dreamed of having at my home, unfortunately I have lots of grass and perimeter landscape. I just have no idea where to begin to develop a garden like that.
    Did the property look like that prior to you owning it or did you design it yourself? Either way I love it!

  3. Marnessa

    Gorgeous garden, Mary Beth! I have tried planting a few things here & there but I don’t have a green thumb or the patience, lol! Can’t wait to see the results!

  4. I love your garden Mary Beth. It’s so beautiful!

  5. my house Gardner outside different color Flowers backyard after water flooded last Summer clearn up that all

  6. Mary Sivak

    Thank you! I have just learned how I killed my Hydrangea plant. If at first I don’t succeed…. I guess I will be buying a new plant and start over.. it is too bad because they were the gorgeous white cone shaped ones.. My purple thumb needs a lesson in gardening. I have learned nothing from my Sicilian ancestors apparently. 🙁

  7. Thank you for sharing your garden with us. Its inspiring. Not my specialty, I am a work in progress and it becomes meditation for me. Please follow up when clean up is done and blooming occurs.

  8. Oh so gorgeous!!! It’s really making me miss my California! My family all still lives there though so I’ll be visiting my mom and celebrating her 80th birthday in June so not too far away! I am amazed how green you have kept everything with the past awful drought! Just lovely and very peaceful! Love that Jasmine too for the scent and the beautiful pop of white!

  9. I love your garden, MB.

    I wonder if you still live in that beautiful home I saw featured on A&E. I remember the beautiful balconies.

  10. Connie D

    You have a beautiful garden!

  11. Cindy Martinez

    Super tips. Tending gardens can be so therapeutic. I’m off to find a Grafting Tree. Happy Blooming

  12. Please let us see the results when everything is ready . ❤️❤️

  13. I am most impressed wirh your great attention to detail Mary Beth. Let me ask-how many hours per week do you devote to your garden?

    • Mary Beth

      You don’t need to spend that much time if you get everything established and take care of it and do the fertilizing in the mulching like I suggested. Then it kind of takes care of itself for the most part. You just have to cut the dead roses off and keep the weeds out. But the mulch really helps to keep moisture in and weeds out.

  14. Vicki Hodges

    Mary Beth,

    I love your garden! What do you fertilize with? I may have missed that. Thanks so much for sharing! Love you on Days of Our Lives! I’ve been watching you since you started on there!


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