Spring Gardening: My Quest for the Perfect Tomato

A couple weeks ago I posted a little tour of my backyard and garden, and shared with you all some of my plans for spring gardening. This week, I got busy cleaning up the mess left by winter, getting tips at my local nursery and planting all my spring garden vegetables. So, I thought I’d share the progress. Let me know what you think and if you’re planning any spring gardening of your own!


  1. Sharon Dodson

    I loved it…you give me the incentive, to get out and do some garden work….I want some pretty tomatoes, this summer…they taste better, the ones you grow yourself….thank you…I can’t wait for the next video of your garden.

  2. Marnessa

    Gorgeous Garden!!!!

  3. Brandi B.

    Love your video blogs, especially your garden ones. You have a beautiful garden. Do the Nasturtiums keep bugs away from your citrus trees and roses? Can’t wait to see your next one.

  4. My husband and I plant a small vegetable garden every year – squash, zucchini, carrots, jalapeños, banana peppers and tomatoes. Here in Southern Indiana some years are better than others. Last year we had so much zucchini that we made almost 25 loaves of bread! We usually have good luck with tomatoes – 2 years in a row making over 50 jars of salsa – but last year was horrible. Our newest endeavor for the garden is strawberries so fingers crossed.

  5. Kelley Garner

    You and I are so much alike! Two peas in a pod🤣! We could make a great team helping each other! I just cooked Kale this week. Worked out day last Thurs and Friday and oh boy.. my hips too! Ouch, it’s tough growing older!!😂😂 my husband says I’m just playing but to have a beautiful yard and garden takes WORK! Fun work, therapy for my soul!! I hope you grow a bunch of juicy red tomatoes 🍅🍅🍅 Kelley in LA😜

  6. Georgia L

    Ah the taste and smell of home grown tomatoes evoke such wonderful memories of long summer days.

    A few years ago my husband grew a tomato the size of my son’s head (Facebook evidence!). It made the sweetest, tastiest Greek salad that fed our big Greek family of 18 on Christmas Day.

    I hope this is your year of that perfect tomato. We just pulled out the last of our plants as Autumn descends here in Melbourne, Australia. Enjoy your harvest!

  7. Stacey AKA BraveWidowMama

    Great VLOG Mary Beth!

    Thanks for the tips on the tomatoes. I’m going to try and get the perfect cucumber this year. I’d heard about having them grow UP and this year will be my first attempt.

    I have a serious spine condition that has caused me to have to change the way I do things. Several years ago, I had a raised bed, about waist-high for me, installed on the perimeter of my back yard. I’m now able to work my beds while standing, or can sit on the edge (it’s made of concrete blocks) if the back says, “No standing today.” Some adjustments have allowed me to keep this serene hobby in my life. Please let us know how those cucumbers are doing!

  8. Susan Nolen (Suzzy1969)

    Loved this video blog!…thanks for sharing your gardening tips!….Me and my hubby have a vegetable garden every yr!….We actually had so many cucumbers last yr that we put up 23 jars of pickles and they were so yummy! Can’t wait till we start our garden this weekend!

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