My Sister’s Perfect Garden Party

My nephew recently got engaged, and last weekend, my sister threw him and his fiance an engagement party at her house. As I’ve shared here before, I love to host parties … and I especially love take advantage of the gorgeous Southern California weather by hosting outdoor parties. So, I was in absolute heaven at this party, which was an afternoon BBQ, hosted outside in my sister’s gorgeous yard. The whole thing was so lovely, and I got so many great party and entertaining ideas, that I thought I’d share with you all too!

As you may remember from a previous blog, my sister Debbie runs a cooking school out of her home. An avid cook and a skilled gardener, Debbie specializes in farm-to-table meals, and grows much of what she uses in class right in her own yard. Her beautiful raised vegetable beds, located on the grounds of her historic home and surrounding by her AMAZING rose garden, made for a perfect garden party.

From there she added a down home, BBQ theme, complete with checkered tablecloths, chalkboard signage and mason jar cocktails! Combine all of that with beautiful weather, family and friends, and what a sweet celebration it was!!


  1. Sharon Dodson

    Oh, Mary Beth….thank you so much for the video and pictures….I loved them all…your sisters gardens and home are just beautiful…and her chickens, well, from another chicken person…they were beautiful…..thank you.

  2. Debbie Parker

    Mary Beth, thanks for sharing your sister’s lovely garden party. Definitely my kind of party. Family, friends, good food and drinks are all you need for a celebration. Gorgeous roses. Love the Mason jar drinks. The Dixie chicks are my second favorite. You have a beautiful family.
    XOXO, Debbie from Georgia

  3. Joanne Conte

    You are blessed. What a great family!

  4. Barbara levy

    Thank you for sharing your sisters party for the newly engaged couple. Loved the mason jar idea.


  5. Jan Dillon

    Thanks for sharing Mary Beth, obviously you and your sister have “green thumbs” and have beautiful gardens, her roses are just magnificent and you both share your love of cooking. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  6. Janet Firth

    Beautiful gardens, lovely party setting, and family LOVE abounded! Hugs from me, aka Mrs. Helmer.💗😍👍

  7. Tamra P.

    Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse into this special family gathering. You and your sisters are incredible gardeners … Debbie’s roses OMGosh!! I just wanna rewind that and pause to look at each beautiful bloom! Love the “Dixie Chicks” and the colorful cocktails 🙂 Every Southern girl knows drinks always tastes better when served in a Mason jar – especially our ‘house wine’ Sweet Tea! And the wonderful pics of your Mom and you with your siblings were so nice to see. Congrats to your nephew and his bride to be!

  8. Connie D

    I really love this video blog. You and your sister have such beautiful gardens. Love the pink roses!

  9. This looks like y’all were down South in my neighborhood! Your sister has a beautiful place, beautiful flowers. I have 7 chickens and yes mine have names too!! haha Mason Jars are great for so many things, most especially an iced cold Dr. Pepepr!! Best wishes to the happy couple! Kelley in LA

  10. Deidre Livingston

    Adorable. Our home in Burleson, Texas is country and rustic themed with lots of mason jar-type items. We have just setbup two raised bed garden area. Can your sister gice gardening tips? LOL

  11. Connie D

    I loved this video blog. You and your sister have the most beautiful gardens. The pink roses are gorgeous!

  12. Michelle Gray

    What a lovely garden your sister has, the roses are beautiful, i have a rose garden, not as good as your sister’s. Love the cocktails, what a great idea having them already made up like that. Congratulations to your nephew and his fiancee.

  13. Nancy McCarthy

    How fun! I’m going to make those cocktails, for sure!

  14. Cindy Martinez

    Fun Blog. I’m so copying the mason jar drinks. Those would be great at the beach. Also would love to know the name of those pink roses.?Cheers to the lucky couple!!!

  15. Talent and taste clearly runs in the family!

  16. Susan Nolen (Suzzy1969)

    Mary Beth, enjoyed this video blog so much!…your sister Debbie’s yard and gardens are beautiful! And such great ideas for a “country” themed outdoor party!…really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!

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