My Summer Adventures

Well, here we are already … nearing the end of September. And with tomorrow being the first day of Fall, I think summer camp is coming to a close.  But what a summer it has been! Between trips to Salem, I’ve managed to have a summer filled with family, friends and fun on the water!

Enjoying a summer on the water! (l-r) Sailing with my husband. Sailing every chance we get. Having all the family and friends out for a day on the water.

I watched my daughter graduate from dental school. Reveled in having all three of my children home together. Traveled to Boston to see James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt in concert with my dear friend. Visited my oldest son in Mexico. Took an advanced sailing course with my husband. Spent Labor Day at the lake with our family. And spent lots of time on the water – my favorite place!

(t-b) My loves! Busy in Salem. Enjoying family time on the lake!

But I have missed PLANK – sharing with you all and hearing your stories in return. I will admit though, as I’ve contemplated my return to PLANK over the past few months, I have wrestled with thoughts of “what else can I say?”  And, after 125 posts, I have wondered if maybe we covered everything.  

But, so many of you have reached out … and have been so kind to share how PLANK has inspired you. Letting me know my words have helped, even in some small way, make a difference in your lives. So, with that tucked in my pocket, I’ll start this new season of PLANK … following my own advice and saying yes, knowing we’ll (say it with me) figure it out along the way!

I can’t promise to write every week, but with the help of Mandy and some fabulous guest bloggers, we can promise to keep entertaining, interesting and inspiring content coming your way. 

As I have in the past, I encourage you join in on the conversation! Comment on topics that inspire you, add your thoughts to things we share, and write in with your stories or recipes. After all, I’ve learned so much from all of you … and I want this to be a platform for all of us. Plus, you can help fill in when I’m out of ideas or drowning in learning my lines!
So be thinking of topics and sending them my way!  You can comment here or send me an email.
Until next time, here’s a quick look at my summer fun!


  1. So happy you’re doing Plankblog again. We missed you!!
    I loved hearing about your Summer adventures. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to Thursdays again & reading Plankblog. I always learn & get inspired by it.

  2. Joanne Conte

    Welcome back! Missed you. Looks like you had a great and restful summer. Good for you. I had a pretty good summer here in NY. Saw my 3 kids and grandkids a lot which just makes me smile just thinking about it!😀 I also spent a lot of time at the vet since my kitty was diagnosed with diabetes. He is 16, so every day we still have him is a blessing. James and Bonnie’s concert must have been fabulous. I love them. I got to see Paul McCartney at the Barclays Center in Brrooklyn. He was amazing. Performed for 3 hours straight!! The hurricanes in Texas and Florida and now PR are so frightening. It makes you appreciate all you have in life, and to truly seize the day. My idea for a blog is a book rant. Why not speak about what you are reading and have readers contribute as well. Just an idea, since everyone seems to have a book club or recommendation board these days. Glad you are back. Happy Fall.

  3. jennifer brock

    Yay!! I am so glad you all are back! You have been missed!! This summer has flown by, and I can’t believe we are into fall and almost October. So crazy!! I am glad you were able to enjoy time with your family, as well as time on the water this summer. There’s nothing like time spent on the water.

    I have a funny/sweet story to share with you. I have made your chocolate chip cookie recipe for a while now and my family loves them! So one day early this summer, I came home to find my 14 year old had made the cookies to sell at our garage sale. She even put her own twist on it. They were a hit! She made a few more batches before school started, so she could take them to school the 1st day and share with her friends. The funny part is she and her friends at school are sharing recipes during lunch, as well as bringing what they bake to school and having other friends see which one is the best. At least once a week I get pictures on my phone of cookies that one of her friends have made.

    So, thank you for taking the time to share stories, recipes, guest bloggers, answer questions, etc. Whether you are entertaining or inspiring us, you truly do make a difference in the lives of others.

  4. Connie Leinicke

    I’m so happy you and Mandy are again inspiring others via your Plank blog! You were certainly missed, but I’m glad your summer was both fun and positive. I learned to sail in my 20s and now enjoy watching my daughter’s delight in sailing – she already owns her own sailboat!

    Looking forward to your future “inspired living” blog posts! I know you and Mandy can/will find many more topics about living positively. No matter what you share, it’s ALL good!


  5. How wonderful to see you back here Mary Beth! Thank you, thank you for sharing so much of your ‘summer fun’ with us and for bringing so many smiles to so many faces! :))
    The three ‘F’s” are certainly what it is all about: Family, Friends and Fun!
    So looking forward to reading more here on Plank. You truly give alot of pleasure to so many people! Keep shining as you do. :))

    With love from another MB and another Aussie fan! xox

  6. Your summer looks like it was fantastic!! My daughter went to USC for medical school (and undergrad) and graduated last year. What great futures our girls have! The water when you were sailing looks so pretty and inviting!

  7. Yeh, Plank is back! Let’s be honest Mary Beth, I get inspired by just reading your list of what you did in your Summer break. Truthfully my favourite past time is veging and I get motivated by reading this blog to get up and actually do something. Anything. So thank you for my little conscience being back. (Or devil…??) x

  8. Oh, you were in my next of the woods in Boston! I even had friends who attended that outdoor concert!
    Thanks for sharing your personal videos of your vacation. One day I’m going to get that boat I’ve always wanted.

    Look forward to more plankblog

  9. Lorena Valenzuela

    Dear Mary Beth who epitomizes kind and sweetness ;)) ,

    So thrilled to have PLANKblog back ❤❤ Looks and sounds as if you had quite an amazing, eventful summer filled with love, fun, family, just… These are a few of my favorite things🎶 😊 and whilst happy made the most of your summer (spent it in fun) glad to have you back all the same from your Summer Vacay and so ready to reading what more you and others have to share: whether ideas, interests, journeys had, insights, words of wisdom etc… etc.. PLANKblog is a GREAT concept brought to life and has been missed. Generous, inspiring, fun, meaningful and always a treat. Many a happy, popular return 👏👏 ;))💖❣🎉

    Love Aussie, MELB fan always~ Lorena Valenzuela.

  10. So happy to have Plank back, Mary Beth and Mandy. And it feels so odd saying this, but I can’t believe you were in Boston and I missed you! Bonnie Raitt is a personal hero and I have seen her many times. Fenway Park is also a fun venue.

  11. Susan Nolen (suzzy1969)

    So happy that plankblog is back!….thanks for sharing your summer adventures with us! Looking forward to new blogs and some new recipes!

  12. Sharon Dodson

    Welcome back…It looks like you had a ..Wonderful Summer….I too, Love the Water…I wish, I lived closer to it..but it’s just the opposite…I live in a ..Log House, way out in the woods, with my…25 Chickens…3 Turkeys…and 4 Ducks…But, I did get to live a dream this summer…We went on Vacation to …Beautiful ….Key West Flordia…And had a Wonderful trip, that we will always have…From the …Ernest Hemmingway House, ( my favorite was the ..6 toe cats ), to my favorite place to eat….Blue Heaven…You have to go, just to get the…Grill Cheese Sandwhich with Avocado, ( made with 6 cheeses ), and served on homemade thick bread….and I’m still dreaming about the …Key Lime Pie, it had the highest topping that I have ever seen…So, good…and all the….Chickens and Iguanas, that just roam the streets everywhere there….I’m Praying for all the people and animals, that they all made it safety thur the storms… I know that all..54.. Cats, at the Hemmingway House…are safe… I’m so looking forward to more blogs, from you on …Recipes…Gardening…Decorating…Makeup and. hair, ( I love your hair )… You were my inspiration on cutting my long hair off, and I love it….Some Fall Decorating with Pumpkins..and some Fall recipes…I’m so happy that your back.

  13. Traci Whiting

    So happy you’re back! Thank you for sharing so much with us! It’s still so surreal to me to have met and feel like I know-like a good friend- my favorite actress since I was 14! 30 years!! You’re the greatest MB!

  14. Really happy to see this post Mary Beth! Looks like you had an awesome summer! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Cindi Freeburn

    Happy Fall Mary Beth ! Enjoyed watching your summer adventures with your family. Thanks for keeping in touch with us, many of whom have been fans since the 1980’s.

    I would love to see a video-blog about a “day in the life” when you are actively filming…. from the time you wake up until you fall in bed at night!

    Looking forward to more frequent posts from you…


  16. Cindy Nelson

    Looks like summer camp was a fabulous get away! Glad you are back, and sharing with us again. I am looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts and comments also. Not have anything else to say I doubt it! There have been so many topics discussed in the past that still have or need comments/suggestions; as well as, new topics, new pictures and lots of receipes. Love reading your take on the ins and outs of life. Welcome Back!!!

  17. Jennifer Robison

    So glad you are back!! I just found you at the beginning of summer and have been on pins and needles until your return lol. Thanks for letting us have a peak into your summer. <3

  18. Cari Brown

    Missed you so much!!! What a fabulous summer you had!! Love seeing all the pictures of your family!!! I remember watching you on Days when you were pregnant with your first son!!! Thank you for “coming back” to your blog!!!

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