Grateful for kind words!

As I’ve said before, I often think of my job like going to work at some warehouse with a bunch of friends. What I mean by that is that when we’re in it, memorizing the lines and doing the work, I don’t really consider the end result or consciously think about people actually watching the work we’re doing.

So to think that people not only watch the show, but also are moved or inspired by that work never enters my mind. Last week, however, I received the sweetest note from Alex, who shared the kindest comments about what the show and my character have meant to her.

I get letters from fans of the show sometimes, and I love hearing from all of you, but there was something a little different about this note. First, unlike so many of you who’ve been with us since the earliest days of Steve & Kayla, Alex only started watching in the last few years. It’s so nice to hear that this couple and these characters we’ve created still speak to people.

“I’ve turned to Days, and Kayla in particular, because of her warm and comforting personality. Whenever I find myself needing a little extra of those things, I turn on any episode with Kayla and whatever problems I have seem to fade away. Whenever I’m having a bad day, or if my anxiety is getting the better of me, all I need is a few minutes of one of your blogs or Days scenes to make me feel better,” she said.

Wow, to know that the character I’ve loved and took care in creating all of these years has this kind impact makes me so proud. Alex went on to share how she’s also been inspired as an actress and blogger because of me … it’s beyond anything I could have hoped for and really means so much to me!

“Every time I have a show or audition, I always think about giving a performance Mary Beth Evans would be proud of. I love Plank, especially when you take the time to answer questions from fans. Your fun, uplifting personality is such a joy to watch, and it’s so contagious! I recently started my own blog, and I love it. I’ve always thought about doing it, but you inspired me to give it a shot.”

I became an actress because it was all I ever wanted to do, and I started this blog as a creative outlet and a platform for inspiration. But, I never really imagined that my work or this blog could inspire someone in these ways.

So thank you, Alex! Your kind words touched me and made me so proud – if I can do or be all of that, then it’s all truly worth it.

And thanks to all of your who continue to watch, read and support me in all of these endeavors. I’m so lucky to have all of you in my corner.


  1. Therese H

    I love «Days » and your character so much! Would you ever say where your beautiful earings are from???

  2. Thank you Mary Beth. All your fans are very proud of you and love to watch you create your magic on Days and The Bay. You are an inspiration to myself and many others.

  3. Joanne Conte

    Thank you, Mary Beth, for acknowledging all your fans. You are truly an inspiration. God bless you and yours!

    Joanne Conte

    • nancy dillingham

      To know that someone is out there still unaffected by fame and still remembering her fans is so very heartwarming and reassuring. I feel that if I met you at the grocery store or in Home Goods I could say “Hey” and chat. That’s so unheard of today when I see the sea of mags and “entertainment” shows. You still remain a person striving to be good, to improve, and to keep firmly grounded in the things that are important in this word: goodness, friendship, humility, humanity, kindness, and love. You give me hope and leave a warm place in my heart. Thank you.

  4. And Alex, Mary Beth is exactly that fun and inspiring in real life! A great role model ❤️

  5. Kayla Sheaffer

    Dear Alex…

    I figure your heart and smile will open wide when your read how much your letter affected Mary Bath recently. I want to address to you because I know exactly how you feel…Never in my life have I had characters and actors affect me as much as Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols do. While I look at them equally in supporting them and in loving their characters, I connected as well to MB and how the way she infuses fleets of herself in Kayla and it just makes you feel better…I could say it’s as easy as pie with those ocean marble eyes and mega-watt smile but it’s a soulful sincerity that breaks the 4th wall and hits you in the heart…I will think about you Alex in your pursuit to follow your dreams and pray you beat that anxiety and fears by standing on your stage and gut punching the world with your talent as our very own Mary Beth did to us almost 32yrs ago next month! Remember to ALWAYS BeLiEvE in yourself!xo

    • Kayla Sheaffer

      Gotta love auto correct! Mary BATH??🤨 and “infuses flecks…flecks of herself”…not fleets😂🛳⛴🚢

  6. ILoveMySnK

    Mary Beth
    Thank you for another great post that speaks to so many of us. I love hearing about young people who weren’t even born for the first round of S&K who are discovering this amazing story for the first time. I love hearing their thoughts as they take that journey all these years later. And for me, reliving some of those moments bring the same pain (the breakup for Jack) or joy (kiss of life) as when I first saw them. (Quick thanks to Trish for these😘❤️)
    When I was young, I felt a connection to Kayla as well. Not so much today because Kayla’s just way too nice🙈 but I still adore the character. I’ve never enjoyed characters like I’ve enjoyed Steve & Kayla, and I truly believe it’s because of what you and Stephen put into them- a piece of yourselves. Because of S&K and you and Stephen, I’ve made the best friends I’ve ever had in my entire life. I Love them all.
    I agree with Alex. Watching Steve and Kayla or days with just one or the other is a wonderful escape. Watching you and Stephen together is pure joy. Your positivity radiates. Your love and friendship for each other oozes through the screen and I want to soak it all in. Lol. So thanks to you both for these wonderful years and I am hopeful we have many more.

  7. How sweet. Yes MB you make a difference to so many people. I used to think I was lucky that I fell in love with Steve and Kayla way back when. But the real luck is the people I have met, fun times shared and insights gained because I have continued to be an admirer of MBE and the principles you stand for. Thank you.

  8. What a great feeling that must be! ❤️

  9. Janet Firth

    Thank you for sharing that post. It made me remember the times with you. You always had a cup of tea for me. So, I know the love, caring, and fun we see from Kayla, is truly Mary Beth coming through, too. I have watched Days for 47 years. You all feel like family to me! Best wishes to you and your wonderful family! Janet Helmer Firth
    I have recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. I have always been a positive person, and will not give up now. Hugs, Janet

  10. Traci Whiting

    Forever in your corner MB! Alex couldn’t have said it better, because so many of us feel exactly the same way! We adore you and Kayla both! ❤️

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