How did you do it?

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natalie818 asked 4 years ago

Hi Mary Beth, 
A question in regards to something to which I think a lot of moms (especially here in L.A.) can relate:  How did you manage working full time and having 3 young children?  Did Days let you bring them to set?  Or did you have a kind mother / mother-in-law  / friend / nanny who took care of them at home while you were at work?  How did you handle school drop-offs / pick-up times?  Did you ever experience “mommy guilt” either way?  If so, how did you get through it?
And also a question relating to your beginnings as an actor.  Can you tell us a bit about your goals when you first started out?  Did you want to become a film star?  Was daytime on your radar at all?  What was your long-term goal after you got the part of Kayla?
Thank you!