A walk down memory lane to our Italian trip

I was recently looking for a video on Youtube and I came across these old videos from my 2009 trip to Italy with Katie and my friend, Carolyn, which were published on the old Hybrid Mom blog. 

What a trip this was! Carolyn invited me to join her for this cooking class in Tuscany, and I brought Katie along. Katie was in college and was taking Italian and art history, so she was able to help us communicate and understand so much of the amazing art we were seeing. 

It was absolutely a case of planes, trains and automobiles, but we saw so much in Rome and Florence and I’m so grateful we did it!

I showed Katie the videos I found and we agreed that this was a trip of a lifetime … one we’ll never forget. So, I thought I’d share these these “vintage” videos.

It was sort of a spontaneous trip … but it was amazing! So it reminds me how important it is to sometimes throw caution to the wind and just say YES! I’m so glad we did this trip!


  1. Thanks for posting this. Italy is one of my favourite places to visit, i was there in 2009, and i go back whenever i can. Once you have been to Italy, it stays in your heart forever.

  2. Sharon Decker

    Your comment about a spontaneous trip struck home. In 1999, my son’s then in-laws told us they were going to take our son to India to meet their families still there and asked if we wanted to come also. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to get 3 weeks off work but asked anyway. I was told “yes” and in December of 1999 we were on a plane heading to Delhi. We even spent New Year’s Eve at a party in Delhi. To say nothing of seeing and walking in the Taj Mahal. It was the most magnificent trip we have ever taken. Wonderful people in India and wonderful food. Wish we could go back but age says that will not happen. We still talk about this trip with smiles on our faces.

  3. Pamela Ebert

    Looks like a fantastic time. Maybe I need to follow your lead, want to visit Scotland, follow my roots.

  4. Hi Mary Beth. Thank you so much for sharing this video. My mom who passed away in 97 always wanted to go to Italy. I myself at the moment am not in any Financial way to be able to go there myself. So once again thank you so much for sharing your memory with me. Hope you have a good day.

    • Kayla Sheaffer

      Sorry about your mama..,If you ever do get to go to Italy I’m sure she would be walking right next to you…😉

  5. International travel is cheaper now than it has been in decades. It is a great way to broaden your soul and share in cultures that are unfamiliar to you. I have been lucky to have been to 5 continents so far- only 2 to go! Anyone afraid to travel take the leap. Memories to cherish forever. Thanks for sharing your mother daughter time MB. That is something I would like to do with my children a little more before they grow up too much.

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