Q&A with Mary Beth & Stephen

I am so lucky to have a friend and acting partner like Stephen Nichols … and we’re both so lucky to have the most amazing fanbase! We love to sit down together and answer questions, but we’re so bad at coming up with them. So this past weekend, we asked you all to submit questions to us … and you did not disappoint! There were so many great questions, and of course we couldn’t get to them all, but we tackled as many as we could. In fact, so many that we had to divide this up into two videos. 

Here’s this first part … and be sure to tune in next week for part 2. And don’t worry … we’re saving the questions we didn’t get to and we’ll come back to those sometime too!!


  1. First, congrats to becoming a almost grandmothers. Next, I love the show. Was so happy when you and, your show biz hubby got back together in spite of all the roadblocks. You two fit perfectly together on the show. Looking forward to this week show.

  2. Anne L Vicory

    FINALLY, I’m so happy I had the pleasure of watching you interact informally, and hear you discuss your experiences on the show as acting partners, and on and off the show as friends! That’s an uncommon pleasure; to share professional and personal lives that intersect so beautifully!
    I began watching Days when I started law school in 1986. I watched throughout those years, but lapsed sometime closely after you left the show the first time. But I’ve found my way back, and now enjoy seeing you both all over again!
    Thank you for taking the time to share your stories, and I look forward to part two!
    Fond regards,
    Anne Vicory.

  3. Jean Kulakowski

    Jean K.
    Thank you. I finally found this page and love seeing you both. I sent you an e-mail Mary Beth, just to let you know that I too grew up in Huntington Beach and went to Huntington Beach High, years before you did. I love the area down there. Also, love you and Stephen. You both are so natural together and I always look forward to you and Stephen on “Days”. I have been a fan for over 50 years. Are you going to be a grandma? That is great. I remember back in 1987, my daughter and I sent you a baby blanket for one of your children. You were so kind to send us a thank you note. I still have the VH tape where you and Steve got married on the boat and you finally talked. Loved it. Thank you
    Jean K.

    • Cristi Ann Soiya

      Thank you for sharing!
      It is very wonderful to see
      both of you. My grandmothers watched
      Days. My early childhood memories are filled with
      many treasures of watching. Now to see you
      -close up and personal-
      there’s a special connectedness! Warmest wishes to you!
      Cristi Soiya

  4. Thank you so much for filming this! I love your chemistry as Friends and the whole chill vibe of this Video. It genuinely made me smile. =) Can’t wait to watch the next Q&A Episode!

  5. Love these videos, so interesting to find out all the little things about you and Stephen. Congratulations on the news that you are about to become a grandmother, i can tell you it is a wonderful time in life when your first grandchild is born. Looking forward to next week’s video.

  6. Iris Cohen

    Thank you both for taking your time to answer all the great questions from your devoted fans. I especially loved Kate’s question.
    She is a fan herself. 🙂 She knows how special you both are. We, fans, have the utmost respect for you both as actors and as people. You make us so happy. This video blog was so fun to listen to and watch. I very much enjoyed the parts where you talk about your mother’s and their pride in your professions. I am so glad there will be a part 2. Thanks again for doing this.

  7. I’ve been watching since 1971, when Don and Marlena were together, the police captain was not cris cosecheck, who came back as Roman Brady. The first few times I saw Patch, as always, I wanted the dark guy. Bo, too! Abhh! Patch was being held in the basement of some random basement, by Bo and Hope, handcuffed to a futon. Hope was eating, and had a fork full of peas, and, Patch, so sweetly, said, ‘Feed me baby.’ Knocked me off on my couch! And, whenever Patch and Kayla would try to hide they had been necking, and Kayla was so flushed, her lips swollen and red. Patch, all flushed, with that ‘I want you now!’, if I was the guy, I would have called Kayla. You both still got it. I’m selective about the episodes I watch, but if my Patch, and Kayla in the episode, don’t talk to me till it’s over!

  8. What a great and tboughtful question from Kate Mansi! Love this vid and how even after all these years I can learn something new about you guys and continue to be inspired. Adore u guys.

  9. kerri anne macfarlane

    thank you for sharing some of your personal experiences with us. Most of us have watched both of you since day 1. Its nice to see a sneak peek of your lives and not only as actors on DOOL. you are both down to earth awesome people, and always put a smile on my face on Instagram. i look forward to the next videos/ love to both of you and your familes <3

  10. Laura Smith

    You guys are awesome! I love getting to know you both as Stephen and Mary Beth! I love Days and have watched it since I was a little girl (over 40 years!) Congrats on your grandbabies and welcome to the Grandparent Club! Life is great at this age!

  11. Love love LOVE❣️
    Thank you both can’t wait for part 2. Xoxo

  12. Oh forgot to congratulate you Mary Beth on becoming a first time grandma. Congratulations and I’d say that is one lucky grandbaby!

  13. Thank you both for doing this for us. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Look forward to part 2!

  14. Barbara levy

    Great vlog and great questions! There is nothing better then seeing your kids pick wonderful spouses and become a grandma. I am a happy grandma if 5! I am also looking forward to my 70th birthday in September. The older you get the more I enjoy my grandkids and life in general.
    Thanks to you, Stephen, and Mandy for this vlog.

  15. Lorena Valenzuela

    Well worth the wait!!! Loved this PLANKblog vidblog. Too cute & genuine! Mary Beth b/w you in your scrubs and Stephen in his leather jacket! ;))❤❤❤ You two truly do share in the most precious, heartfelt friendship. True treasure and how blessed are you and we?!?? Honestly love how you have been & are still right there for each-other and have rubbed off on one another in some way~ 1 way or another! Also how you both have such giving, loving personas and hearts 🙏💖💖 Enjoyed every minute of this #Blog and can’t thank-you enough for putting together! Day made!
    Looking forward to Round 2!! ;)) And “just added bonus took into account” fact ended on 1 of my questions and able to get sweetest story, interaction, laughs out of you both!! 😄😌🙏🙏Pleasant surprised.🙆‍♀️💖💞 How you’ve made this fan just light/ beam up, brought on biggest smile!! So fangirling, thrilled right now!! Further day made! Your mums seem like the sweetest ladies~ seeing part of where you two get YOU from.❤ My kind of ladies: ladies after my own heart. You two already have it!! 🙆‍♀️❣🎉💖💞 Have a great day, from 🇦🇺🐨 in (too much awesome in a week)
    Days turns 54 celebs!!! Love you so muchly, make it easy. Thanks for being YOU. “Hugs and kisses”!

    PS: Here’s with high hopes we get more Stayla, Patch and Kayla. Stand-back and make way/room. Watch out now! ;)) 🎈🎈😌💛🎂🍰🎉🎉

    Lorena Valenzuela.

  16. Barbara W Bowen

    Happy Belated Birthday!! We share the same birthday. Hope your’s was awesome, too!

  17. So much fun! I would love for you to do Q& A sessions once a month . 🌼

  18. How Steve Johnson Learn From ASL on Days of our lives and KIm Brady too ASL were from Salem High School Deaf People There ? or salem College

  19. Susannah Tanis

    Aww, thanks for giving your fans this opportunity. It was fun listening to those questions answered. You two make such an amazing duo!! Truly a joy watching you both all of these years on DOOL.

  20. I love how your mother wants to know what will happen on the show Mary Beth….too cute. Love these q and a’s. And you are becoming a Grandmother irl. How exciting! What will the baby call you? What a great year for you.

  21. Trudy Lee wible

    You guys are great, love you both on Days and really hope this year I get to come out and see you all at City Walk, I missed it this year my husband had shoulder surgery and we could not come, I have been a fan since I was 10 and at 56 I am ready to enjoy meeting you all. Hope I get a chance this year, if you are there in November. Not sure if there is a time before that to come out but would love it so much. Love you guys..

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