Going the Extra Mile for Love

When I thought about this week’s blog coming up to Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write something about “relationships.” What a vast and complicated topic!  Then I stumbled onto this little article by Nick Seneca Jankel (pg. 7) and I thought it said so much and so clearly! I especially connected to his third option for moving forward in a relationship.

On Nov. 3 of this past year, my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary (and 35 years together), and I must tell you I don’t think we have ever been happier! Don’t get me wrong – we, like most couples, have had our ups and downs … difficult times that sometimes lasted for YEARS (or so it seemed at the time).

Kindness, Respect & Friendships … the Gifts that Keep on Giving

Recently, I received a comment and question from one of our readers about parenting tips. I’ve thought a lot about that since then, and I will try to write more about my parenting journey in blogs to come. But having just returned from my annual Christmas sojourn with my best friend, Carrie, and her family, I am reminded of so many things. After spending a week with them, and seeing all of our grown kids together, what strikes me most are the traditions, love and camaraderie I see between them.

Carrie and I grew up with each other, and the comfort of her friendship has carried me for more than 40 years. When she was marrying my dear friend Marty, the former music director at Days of Our Lives, I convinced him they should move to my town. Thank goodness they took my advice!

Making Our Own Holiday Traditions

I love holidays … pretty much all of them! When my kids were growing up I would always make a HUGE Christmas Eve dinner with my friend, Carrie, and we would invite ALL of our family. It was always a big sit down dinner with Christmas china the two of us had been collecting.  After dinner, my family would head back to their respective homes, which are about an hour away from me, while most of Carrie’s family would stay over.  When I would call the next day, Carrie’s family would be making a huge breakfast and hanging together – and I must say I was always a little envious! 

Setting the table for a happier holiday

Anyone who knows me knows I like to entertain.  I love to go the extra mile – decorate, make homemade everything, etc. But frankly, it’s a big deal, it does take time and it’s not for everyone.

After my return from New York, where I spent Thanksgiving, I caught up with several of my friends and family; and many of them had the same comments. “It’s just too much work,” or  “I didn’t enjoy it because I had to work so hard.”  There’s going to the market one day, a whole day of cooking another day, and then cleanup. Then you’re pooped and have to get right back to work. It’s easy to understand why so many want to say forget it.

A Special Meal for My Special Man

With Father’s Day approaching, I’ve been thinking about doing something special for my man. In some ways, he often gets the short end of the stick. For holidays that we share – like Christmas or our anniversary – he always manages to buy the perfect gift. Then again, I’m pretty easy – a little bobble, a gift certificate to a nursery or a massage will always make me happy. But buying for him is tougher! One more sweater?