Taking a Leap of Faith

Anyone who has read this blog or followed me on social media knows that I have a very best friend, Carrie Davich. Carrie and I met in high school and we were fast friends. We’ve been friends through boyfriends and marriages and kids and businesses. And today, after 43 years of friendship, she is absolutely the family I chose.

Eight years ago, after talking about it for more years than I can count, Carrie opened a beautiful lifestyle/home store. Though she’d had her own business before, she’d been a stay at home mom for 17 years. It was a total leap of faith, and I admire the bravery such a leap took! But, of course, she’s done an amazing job with her store, Maude Woods. 

I’ve wanted to sit down with Carrie about Maude Woods since I first started PLANK, and this week we finally did just that. 


  1. Thanks Mary Beth for highlighting our beautiful and talented friend! Hugs!

  2. What a charming store this is, thanks for showing us around, it is lovely that you have such a longstanding friendship with Carrie, if i am ever back in LA, i will take a trip out to Pasadena to this store.

  3. Christie

    The Newlywed Game reference cracks me up every time…especially since I think we’d all win with our bestie, but it’d be a bit precarious with the hubs. I loved the curbside treasures, too. I wish I had an eye like that.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I loved this. Carrie’s store has so many beautiful things. I love your life long friendship. Treasure the time you have together. My two very best life long friends that I knew from 9th grade are both gone now and I miss them.

  5. Oh How a best friend can influence your life. I enjoyed watching the two of you during this interview. I must stop in Maude Woods when I’m back in California

  6. Barbara levy

    Mary Beth,
    This was such a fun Vlog. Thank you for taking us on this visit to Carrie’s store.

    I had a girlfriend for 50-55 years. We could sit across the room and know what the other was thinking. I miss that in my life. Over the years the relationship became toxic. I have always needed a best girlfriend and have lucked out and am grateful for my new friend of 10 years.

    You both are very lucky and appreciate the value of your friendship .

    I did not realize the store has so many unique gifts in such a wide price range. Is there a catalogue? Thanks again for sharing.


  7. Oh what a great blog to come home to after work … I’m so far behind in commenting and catching up on PLANK, but I couldn’t not share my admiration for Carrie’s “leap of faith” and my love for her store … I’ve tried to visit on every trip to the LA area in recent years and I always enjoy seeing what new and cool finds she has on display … the potterseed bowls are one of my fav things ever – I get a new one to add to my collection each trip 🙂 I really enjoyed hearing you both reminisce about your lifelong friendship … what an amazing journey your families have shared together … thank you both and Mandy for the interview – so great!

  8. We had the pleasure of visiting Carrie’s great store back in 2016. Despite knowing we were just browsing she took time to chat with us and made us feel welcome. Several of us bought items to take back home to Australia as gifts. I look at my little “Carrie bowl” nearly every day, ones that are shown in the clip, and it is a favourite momento of our trip to the U.S. Thanks MB for the tour and chat and the gracious and warm Carrie is just the same as when you chat to her in real life.

  9. Janet Firth

    Loved seeing the two of you together! Love and hugs to you both and your wonderful children and husbands. I have wonderful memories of you all in my heart forever.

  10. Patty Yocom

    Wonderful blog! Love Maude Woods! Very unique store; well organized; many lovely gift ideas! Will have to plan another trip next time I’m in LA. So wonderful to have such a loving life-long friendship.

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