Holiday traditions

*As previously published on Hybrid Mom

As you may or may not know, my husband and I have raised our children Jewish. I was not raised Jewish and actually had little knowledge of the faith, customs or heritage. Not to mention the FOODS of the holidays. As the years passed I learned a lot alongside our children. I cannot read from the Torah like my kids but I can make a mean brisket and an even better Kugel. I could write about so many things I have learned and enjoyed over the years but the list would be too long. I will say I love that many of the Jewish traditions and holidays are celebrated at home.

There are four families that we are very close to that just one of the two parents is Jewish. We get together for a big Passover meal in the spring and I get out my books and make sure I have all the symbolic foods placed on the Seder plate. A couple of years ago I even made my own Haggadah. I always felt that my husband skipped over the important parts so I searched the internet and pieced my own together. It was awesome and has become the traditional one we use every year.

In the beginning years I will admit it was all so daunting. But I embraced it, researched it and threw a little Martha Stewart at it. One year for our annual Hanukkah party, Katie and I made Yarmulke clad gingerbread boys. You have to work a little harder and be creative when you don’t have all the commercial cuteness that goes along with other holidays. This year she made a fun cake. We all are so happy when we light the menorah candles and our uncle Marty sings the blessing, so we can all try to follow along.

Like many things in our lives memories have been born. We all look forward to getting together and celebrating and feeling the ‘brotherhood’ I guess I will call it. No matter what your faith is make the holidays meaningful and festive and make some lasting memories!

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