Approaching the finish line

There have been some fun advances in my friends remodel. Oh, by the way, her name is Marlowe … just so I can stop saying my friend! She has similar taste to mine and we both love old houses, so it’s been great fun that she let me be a part of her project. She is getting close to the finish line and people are already clamoring for the sale. I know she and I will be sad, because it’s now the house we would both like to live in and are attached to our ideas. It has such beautiful open spaces that flow from one room to the next and wonderful high ceilings.

Marlowe and her husband Brad kept all the old doors, windows and hardware and refurbished and re-plated everything. What a luxury to live in a 104 year-old house and have everything work! One special thing Brad and Marlowe did was not add a bunch of

can lights. Now that I think of it, I don’t think there are any. Marlowe shopped around and found things that suited the house without breaking the bank. She found a couple of great fixtures at IKEA. Nice lighting, most with dimmer switches, (we all look better in candle light) really give it a pulled together feel.

I grew up in a ‚planned community‛ in Southern California where every 3rd house was the same and every tree had a blue print. I love the old homes and beautiful gardens where I live now. Each home has its own unique style reflecting that of the owner. When you walk through the rooms of this house, it is apparent that there was a lot of thought that went into each one. From lighting to color choices to the bathroom sink (shown below) and the incredible driveway, Marlowe incorporated all of her different tastes, taking the time to find the right pieces for each room.

Here are more photos of the progress …

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