The 29-year gift of friendship

This week is the 27th anniversary of the wedding of Steve & Kayla, and in thinking of that, I can’t help but think of the amazing gift these characters gave me a 29-year friendship with Stephen Nichols. Over the course those 29 years, we have laughed, cried and loved each other. And to have the opportunity to work together again, after years apart, is something for which I am so grateful.

In honor of “our 27th wedding anniversary,” I wanted to share a short conversation between the two us us. Thanks for your help with the questions we’ll do this again soon!



  1. mbe and stephen nichols you guys rule!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love, casey foote


    GREAT ENJOYED IT DO MORE OF THESE WE want to see Steves projects Make it s special tv show an call it STEVES PROJECTS YOU 2 are definitely a class act. Been watching since 1965. Sometimes cannot watch for awhile tune in again is like visiting everyone as I know who they are. 50 years congrats to everyone involved past present future with this FANTASTIC daytime drama WOW.

    • stephanie calabornes

      Hey, Mary Beth can you tell Stephen that you also double type words, or your PA does. Please read above. Hope DOOL does not give you repetitive storylines as done in the prior years.

    • Stephanie Stehl

      Wonderful, such a great friendship. And typically the girl talks more than the guy and sometimes OVER the guy lol…😂

  3. What a sweet and funny vlog you guys are adorable…Love your characters onscreen and the genuine friendship you too have translates on and off screen. Can’t wait for your scenes during the 50th anniversary and thereafter. And Mary Beth I would love to see Matthew Ashford back as well. Thanks for taking the time to do this I know you both must be very busy.

  4. Andrea W

    Like all your other blogs, this one was great! Of course having Stephen with you did make it a little special! Thank you for taking the time to make the vlog. It really meant a lot seeing the two of you and hearing you talk about the time you’ve spent together on and off the screen! You two are truly two amazing people! Look forward to you being together again!

  5. Michelle

    Thank you for taking the time to do this video. Looking forward to the next chapter this fall for Steve and Kayla. Mary Beth, I am from the south and never liked green beans cooked to death in salt pork either. I can not wait to try them blanched. Here is hoping this southern family will like them.

  6. Nancy McCarthy

    Just watched for the 2nd time (and I’m sure not the last). After watching the 1st time I came away feeling a little bad (and kinda dumb) about responding to your tweet with a couple of silly questions (like does Stephen know how high he raised the bar for boyfriends). My excuse is that I got all giddy at the thought of being able to ask something at all. It was like I was 18 again. We can tweet all day & night about our favorite couple and sometimes get a little silly. But we are all genuine & so very excited for Steve and Kaylas reunion. And it is great to know that you two are excited as well. Thanks again for this vlog. I think I’ll go back watch it again! ⌛️

  7. Nancy McCarthy

    Just watched for the 2nd time (and I’m sure not the last). So so great of you both to take time out of your busy lives to do this for us fans. After watching the 1st time I left feeling a little bad (and dumb) for responding to your tweet with a couple of silly questions (like the one about Stephen setting the bar so high for boyfriends). My excuse is that I got so giddy when you announce that you would be doing this vlog. We get a little silly on Twitter & most of us can talk all day and night about our favorite couple & how excited we are for Steve & Kaylas reunion. It’s wonderful to see & hear that you are both excited too. Thank you again for doing this!

  8. Donna Mackie

    THANK YOU..Mary Beth and Stephen…I really enjoyed your video.. .SO EASY GOING..such good friends. Can’t wait for your scenes together. I would love to see Stephen’s work projects and xeric gardening techniques. Green beans have been my favorite since my high chair days.

  9. First off, thank you Mary Beth and Stephen for taking the time to do this very cool interview!! You two are the best!
    Ok so no laughing, but I was not allowed to watch DOOL because I was only 12 at the time. But I would sneakily do it when at my grandmas, which is how I found Steve/Kayla. There was something about the two of you that just made me happy to watch. I thoroughly enjoy(ed) your chemistry on/off screen. I stopped watching when Stephen left but started again when you and Stephen returned in 2006/07. I stopped again when Stephen and you left and only recently found you all again. You both look the same, almost as if time has stood still!! Mary Beth, you are as stunning as ever and Stephen, you are as gorgeous as ever.
    The piece about Richard Biggs (loved him as Marcus and his relationship with you two…may he rest in peace always as well as Joy Garett-loved her as Jo) was so sweet.
    I will definitely be tuning in for S/K magic.
    Steve and Kayla aka Patch and Sweetness will always be #1 couple of all time!!!
    Congratulations to both of you and continued good fortune on your careers.
    Kris XO

  10. Annette Li

    Great video!! Great idea to do this, and looking forward to seeing more over time. I was a huge fan of Patch & his Sweetness back then, and can’t wait for your story coming up!! I second your comment about bringing back the Johnson family…loved Matt & Judi! Super excited!! Yeah, love you guys both…

  11. Kayla Sheaffer

    On my life…You two are THE funniest, most sincere, connected souls I’ve ever met…We gravitated to these characters through what you two bring not only to them but through the years with each other. This interview is the most priceless 21 minutes as you took time to share with us more things we may not have known and things you learned new about each other!(HINT: cobalt blue and CHOCOLATE for Pete’s sake!)

    I am battling cancer right now and just received great news that its not spreading throughout my body yet. I will begin to start radiation soon and wanted to share this with you both because your amazing work together has always surrounded me during trials and tribulations.

    Mary Beth the part in the interview about humor and how imperative it is to the PnK storyline is totally on spot. I can show you both a 1,000 dramatic performances you both nailed together and respectively, but as MB related it’s the humor of what you both bring to these characters that connects you to us in a human way. Stephen having you back on Days with MB and hearing how happy you both are at Josh and Dena’s commitment to repave this historic road is a blessing! I have been a HUGE supporter of Albert Alarr since his Port Charles Director days where he just understands the way scenes need to flow as well as respecting his actors. If only my favorite music man Marty Davich could return to fill the background of your scenes as magically as he used to for everyone…(can you nudge him MB at the next family gathering?LOL). A shout out to Shelley Curtis too for working so hard as Stephen and MB’s partner, you are dearly missed…

    Let this not be your only interview together because now that we only have SOD it’s social media that bridges us to each other in a way we never had before. As we gear up for you both to begin airing together soon I would love for you to sometimes remember there are people like me needing that awesome creative escapism of storytelling to transport us for awhile to a place where two characters road together takes us outside of the drama of real life to a safe space cabin of laughter, tears, and poignancy…Where we all see what you both found and created in the subtext…

    Much Love and Support Always

    PS to Mandy Denaux for helping MB edit this wonderful site that I can finally post on! *computer sparks seen flying in the background*

  12. Thank you both so much for taking the time to do this and for sharing it with us. It is SO good to see how excited and enthusiastic you both are about the material and the changes at the show. You deserve the best.

  13. Traci Whiting

    So AMAZING!! I can’t thank you enough for doing this for us fans! We adore you two, especially you MB! I laughed so hard when you said “I LOVE my wine!”

  14. Thanks for making this fun video. I really enjoyed watching. I can’t wait to see the new stories on Days.

  15. Happy Anniversary!!!!….How cool is that. And thank you for the fab video. I really enjoyed it. Would love to hear more on what you two argue about!!!!!(LOL)

  16. I just watched your video conversation with Stephen and can’t believe it’s been 29 years since you two appeared together on Days. I haven’t watched DOOL much in the years when you two weren’t on, but I have been lately and now November can’t come soon enough!

  17. Enormously thankful & hugely grateful to you both for your limited, but genuine time you took for us, in sharing this Vlog of your beautiful togetherness that you both share on & off screen.
    I love the beautiful & relaxed connection that you share with us & its wonderful to see your genuine closeness as great friends… ” Magical”
    I’m excited & looking forward to “Days” 50th Anniversary & the return of some of our favourite characters… Roll on November!!!
    Thank you so much for your precious time in making this Vlog, truly appreciated. Bless you both x

  18. I was there on 11/8/65 (8th or 9th) when Day’s started ! Have followed you two from the time you came together . Probably my most favorite couple of all time , loved Tom & Alice, Mickey & Maggie … Thank you so much for sharing this video .

  19. Cindy Deming

    Thank you sooo much for sharing a portion of your busy day with us.. I have been watching DAYS since 1971, and love the characters of Steve & Kayla. I am really looking forward to seeing Patch & his Sweetness together exciting!!!

  20. Thank you so much Stephen and Mary Beth for taking the time to do this, and for answering my question about Rick and Joy. I will always adore the wonderful onscreen presence they had with you both. I had the privilege of meeting both Rick and Joy at the Greenville softball games in the 80’s. I remember them both being very kind and gracious with the fans and I’m glad you have fond memories of them as well. Thank you for sharing them with us 🙂

    • Kayla Sheaffer

      Tamra…Loved your question about Richard and Joy…I think many of us feel that anyone who was not only a part of Days but a part of MB and Stephen’s SL help build the beautiful treasure it still is after all these years…I just watched Joy’s introduction SL again after all these years and just teared up at her tragic yet gripping performances…Stephen, Mary Beth and finally Judy’s award winning performances during Adrienne’s rape took Days into such a deep tragic place, yet as hard as it was to watch the first time, we have their beautiful gut-wrenching work to remind us of how great these artists really are.

  21. Stephanie

    Thank you for giving so much time for this interview. I enjoyed this because you explained why the actors look so happy on the set lately. It is wonderful to hear the executive producer is so engaging!

    • That was a great question. I was so so so glad to hear them talk about Rick and joy. Thank you for asking it.

  22. I love you and Steve together.You make a awesome couple.I have been watching Days for 40 years.Can’t wait until the 50 year anniversary show.I watch Days everyday.Before I retired a year ago I would tape Days.And watch it when I got home.I love everyone one the show.From time to time Clyde gets on my nerves.Thank you Mary Beth.Nanno Geller from Sac Ca

  23. susan blackman

    This was fun and I love watching you two like this,you have a such a great friendship

  24. Now that I’ve watched it a second time, I have to say the way you two interact and connect with each other is very inspiring. I don’t know exactly what it inspires in me, specifically, but it is striking. Not every acting pair have magic, but you do, and I think that magic is driven by how much you genuinely admire each other and what good friends you are. This was really special, thank you for the anniversary gift to all of us!

    • Kayla Sheaffer

      Hilary…I love your posts and comments. You’re not only a great writer but you’re honest and very funny…I loo forward to seeing your awesome postings again! Let it begin!

  25. Nancy McCarthy

    This was fun to watch. Thank you both for taking the time for your fans.

  26. How fun! I love how Stephen kept commenting about your leg being in the way…..haha…snow peak! . What a fun job you both have! I know DOOL is fiction, so it’s endearing to see how good of friends you truly are!

    • Kayla Sheaffer

      Terri…That snow peak comment was HILARIOUS…Like little kids you can see him thinking it then saying it and her pushing him away…Very cute

  27. Donna Nicholson

    I remember the first time Patch appeared on screen. I was so mesemorized with him. I couldn’t wait to see him the next time. Then when they brought Kayla back, I knew from the first moment you were going to be something special. I could see and feel the connection you had with each other. To me, there has never been a more romantic couple and there never will be another like you. Thanks for all the wonderful scenes you have given us over the years and I can’t wait to see you back on my screen.

  28. That was wonderful, thank you! So great just to watch you two sit and talk. Your friendship is so comfortable and fun and it has always showed in the characters you play.
    I would love to see a video of the outside work Stephen has done, I think that would be super fun.
    Incredibly excited to have you both on my TV screen again. Absolutely cannot wait!

  29. Joyce D'Amato

    I remember Steve and Kayla’s wedding so well. We were on vacation in Oregan visiting my brother and his family. I told everyone when we got up that morning that we were going to a wedding that day! Our two families all sat around the TV that afternoon and watched my favorite Days couple get married and you certainly did not disappoint. Everyone kept asking questions about the story and I finally had to tell everyone, “HUSH. I’ll tell you after the wedding!” We all laughed about spending the afternoon hooked on a wedding of someone we didn’t know, but I have been watching Days since 1983! You two remain my favorite characters and actors on the program.

  30. OMG you two are so cute! You and Stephen are like an old married couple! I watched when I was supposed to be getting ready for work and was late! Thank goodness I beat the boss man to the office.

  31. I love to see the two of you together! It’s the she/he can finish my sentences theory! Love it! Hope you guys can do it again. I am counting down the days til Patch returns and the super couple is reunited. Do you remember the beer with an egg scene? Was it beer? Looking at your face I think it was. Hilarious!

  32. Willa Sargent

    this was so great!! loved seeing you 2 interact as real friends, on and off camera!! i love seeing you both do more of these Questions and answers very soon…hugsss <3 love you both, been fans from day one,, I am 50 yr Days supporter- fan, yes I know I am telling my age, at age 11 started watching Days in Nov 1965!!!

  33. Patricia K

    Humongous thank you to both you and Stephen for taking the time to do the Vlog for us fans. These special things you do for us fans is why you are so beloved to us.
    Loved how you and Stephen are so at ease with each other. This vlog allowed us to see how great friends you both really are.
    You and Stephen are a match made in heaven in both real-life and as #SteveAndKayla. Thank you so much again for doing the Vlog

  34. Just want to say thanks for taking time to make this video. I know it’s a show, but when you look at Steve and Kayla and their chemistry together it makes you realize there is really true love out their. I love you guys and been watching since I was a child.

  35. Well, that was fun! I was interested to learn more about Stephen’s first audition for Days back in the day. I’d heard about yours over the years, Mary Beth, but I don’t think I’d ever heard about Stephen’s, so that was great! I also made note of the fact that you two still seem content with the story that you’ve been given, that the set is more collaborative than it has been at any point since the 80s, and that the executive producer is still out there on the floor, that he’s reading the scripts, has notes for the actors, and he knows what’s coming up, so that if he needs to help you see what’s upcoming, he can let you know, so your scenes can be “informed.” And Mary Beth, I agree with you about Matt and Judi, too!

    Thank you both for taking the time to do this, and I hope we’ll see more of these over time.

    • Kayla Sheaffer

      Kris….I see your name and know like Hilary and so many others that great though provoking posts are resurfacing! If only they had IG and FB and Twitter back in the day…

  36. Thank you both for taking the time to do this for us! You’re the best!

  37. Loved seeing you & Stephen on your Vlog today. We can see how much you adore & respect each other. It’s a genuine friendship & it really shows. I know you’re both so busy & knowing you took the time to film this Vlog for us, it really means a lot. Thank you both.

  38. This was so good I can’t even. I CANNOT.

  39. Perfect! Thanks so much for that video! My poor computer skills prevented me from getting a question to you before the shoot. I wanted to ask you both, “which on screen couples have ‘given you goosebumps’ in that their on screen chemistry/love was so believable?” Any actors, from any time, thru any venue…… ?

  40. Karoline

    That was so sweet!! Thank you for doing this, and for making your return seem even more amazing. I cannot wait! 🙂

  41. Susan Nolen

    OMG…this weeks video blog absolutely fabulous!…I loved every second of you & Stephen…thank you both so much for doing this for us fans! Definitely can not wait to see Steve&Kayla reunited again and to enjoy seeing you & Stephen together on screen again!…just adore you both!

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