What To Do With Holiday Leftovers … Start a New Tradition

Who knows how traditions start. Certainly some cooking traditions develop over generations, or, like in the case of my cornbread & sausage stuffing, they take off quickly. In that case, I found the recipe and started a tradition that spread through my family and friends. 

However they begin, cooking traditions are fun, and I find it heartwarming to look forward to certain dishes each year.

This all brings me to my friend Carrie and her sister Jennifer, and their special “turkey tacos,” which they make every year with the leftover turkey on Christmas day. Their mom, who I adored, made it before them; and now that she is no longer here, it is a sweet reminder of a woman we all loved.

In addition to being a sweet and fun tradition, this is also a pretty good idea of what to do with your leftover turkey, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. This is a pretty loose recipe, but the video below will you give an idea of ratio … the V8 being their secret sauce. Whether you fry the tortias or just warm them you will find them a real crowd pleaser. Maybe it’s a tradition you’ll adopt for your own family … 


  1. Nancy McCarthy

    Love this idea! We do Mexican quite a bit & this one looks so easy & delish! Definitely trying it. Do you think a rotisserie chicken would be good also? I’m excited to try it! Thank you for sharing Carrie & Jennifer! Happy New Year!

  2. Donna DiPalma

    The cornbread & sausage stuffing recipe looks yummy! I have always used plain bread, but cornbread definitely sounds more interesting. I’ve filed it away for next year… I know my company will just love it! Thanks Mary Beth!

  3. I have left over Turkey tradtitions. Turkey sweet potato gumbo which I found in an issue of cooking light years and years ago and still love. And Turkey pot pie in individual ramakins because you can freeze them and they are such a festive lunch to bring when you are feeling blue.

  4. Susan Nolen "Suzzy1969"

    That looks so delicious!….can’t wait to make these!….thanks for sharing Mary Beth! Happy New Year!!!!

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