You Asked … Mary Beth Answers Your Questions (Part 2)

We’re back for more of your questions! I love these video blogs because I have so much fun reading your questions and hearing your feedback. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did filming. 

We couldn’t get to all of the questions, but we’ll definitely be back for more of these in the future, so keep you eyes on my Instagram account … I’ll post a call for questions there. 

As always, thanks for your continued support!!


  1. Inez Little

    I love the fact that you always have a dress or skirt on. Is this your choice because you prefer them or is it something to do with the show?

  2. Kayla Sheaffer

    I didn’t get to watch this until after Day of Days and I wish I had so I could connect the dots with you that I wrote those vows up for you and Stephen because the devoted supportive viewers including myself believe in the work you both put out everyday all day and this being our last wedding where you both had the awesome chance to add your own thoughts and vows to these characters made it that much more special…How many scripts did you ever get to pen your own thoughts to? That’s why I did them for you both so you remember that February 14th, 2017 you and Stephen contributed to the history of that episode. Awesome!…

    Now here’s a memory question for you!(oh brother!LOL)…In the tragic hospital scene of Steve’s “death” in 1990, the magazines reported that it was your choice during the “death” bed hand holding scene to climb up into Steve’s bed and lay your head on his chest and hold him. After all those years that Steve Johnson held Kayla Caroline that scene is still one of the most profound scenes on daytime I’ve ever seen. Do you remember climbing into Steve’s bed and holding Stephen? Was that possibly your idea? Your first line was “You’re my best friend…I love you.” Honestly Mary Beth as sad as it all was, to me, even if it was scripted that way it was THE MOST poignant scene that meshed two characters with two real forever friends and I’m just so grateful it was performed that way and hope you or you and Stephen has a hand in that scene. There is no other scene in daytime as moving as that choice was made, and frankly it’s exactly the way these two characters/performers are; connected even after life.

  3. Donna Mackie

    You are inspiration. Thank you Mary Beth.

  4. Joanne Conte

    Great blog! You are so right about aging gracefully. I am trying too! Loved when I heard your wind chimes in the background.

  5. Georgia L

    Another great Q&A blog. Thanks Mary Beth. I almost feel like I am sitting in your garden having a girly chit chat even if I am on the other side of the world!

    As an aside, those little tid bits of information about you keeping some recent scripts and having to hug it out with Stephen before a recent scene has me hoping for an amazing and emotion-filled S&K storyline on our screens in 6 months!!

  6. Tanya in AZ

    Thank you so much for another thoughtful and open video blog. I really appreciate how easily you express yourself in an interesting way. If it makes you feel any better, I did not predict your answers 🙂 As to keeping Days scripts for a limited period of time, have you considered auctioning them when you’re ready to let them go? Are they too private? Or is that not allowed? I’m certain I’m not the only one who would love to see them. Thank you again for all you do and the bright light you shine on the world!

  7. Thank you for another entertaining video blog! I also have a recurring dream in which I am totally unprepared for something. Mine takes place in college. For some reason I have one course that I don’t attend any classes or do any work. Then when it’s close to the end of the semester, I’m frantically trying to figure out how I can catch up on all the work and pass the exam. It’s a very stressful feeling when I wake up. I wonder if there is some deep-seated meaning for that type of recurring dream? lol

  8. The fact that I could answer most of those questions before you proves…..
    A. You are definitely honest and never waiver from your answers over and over again!
    B. That’s kind of creepy! 😁

  9. Another awesome plank. New questions and answers! Love it! Totally agree…the panic memory is amazing. It has saved me more than once!
    Have fun this weekend!

  10. Kristi Atkins

    Where did you get your love for cooking. I know it runs in your family. Your aunt Ma Jose was a great cook.

  11. You really make it so easy to sit down and listen to you talk Mary Beth. The time just flew by. I know many of your fans have told you that you should host a talk show. You would be such a natural.

  12. Susan Nolen (suzzy1969)

    Yay!….another questions and answers video blog!…always love when you answer fans questions Mary Beth!….and as always thanks for sharing a little piece of your life with us fans! You Are Awesome!

  13. Where do you get your glasses? I love your style

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