A matter of respect

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I’m never one who wants to beat a dead horse, but I must continue on my child rearing observations and tidbits. The other morning I was at a friend’s house and there was crazy screaming and yelling coming from somewhere outside. After determining it was coming from her next-door neighbor I, like Mrs. Cravats, went out into the yard, pruning shearers in hand, and pretended I was clipping, trying to hear if it was some sort of domestic violence situation that I would I need to call the police about. It turned out to be a teenage daughter yelling and screaming at her mother, crying and slamming doors. The mother sounded fairly calm and it started to sound like this was a common occurrence. Since my girlfriend was out of town I couldn’t get any background on the situation. 

What motivates you?

 *As previously published on Hybrid Mom

I think all of us from time to time get paralyzed when it comes to accomplishing things in our lives. I’ll get this weird wrecking ball on my lap feeling, almost a little scared. I procrastinate FOREVER! It’s amazing how much I can putter around my house doing everything but what I need to. What begins as a little procrastination can turn into a vicious cycle of not getting anything done.

With my pie business, I stall forever. Then I get a wave of ambition, call a bunch of contacts and follow up like a madman. Jumping in is what seems to spur on more, but the initial leap can be so hard!

Make a connection

*As previously published on Hybrid Mom

We’ve come to an interesting place in society that I can’t help but take notice of. With the advancement of technology has come the regression of human to human contact. Why call when you can text right? Wrong. There is a whole generation of kids who can barely look up from their cell phones long enough to look someone in the eye and say hello, let alone have meaningful human to human interaction. It’s even seeping into the older generations…everyone is on the go, no time to stop…even with their own families.

When I was a little girl my mother tells me her friends kids would ask her to please get me to stop kissing them! My whole life I have been a very affectionate person…always body-to-body hugger.

Giving back

*As previously published on Hybrid Mom

As many of you know my daughter Katie is big on giving back. Since high school she has been developing a real passion for girl’s health and empowerment. My husband, Michael, has always been a ‘woman’s libber’ and has always encouraged her to go after her passions and impressed upon all the kids that doing well in school gives you options in life. Education has always been huge in our family. As a mother and a woman I love what she is pursuing. She inspires me to do more. Her schedule at school is so packed, but she finds time to do the extra. She wanted to share her latest project with all of you so she is guest blogging this week (below). Maybe all us gals can find a way in our neighborhoods to do something, anything to help our young girls. For so many girls out there, just a little bit of our giving back goes such a long way. Let’s give everybody their best shot at this life! Check out the documentary that Katie speaks of … it is incredible!

– Mary Beth

The fruits (and vegetables) of my labor

*As previously published on Hybrid Mom

Back in April I blogged about starting my new garden. Now that the long hot summer days have done their magic I wanted to share the results with you. I will admit that I probably over planted, but it was pretty fun. The little orange cherry and yellow pear tomato plants are completely taking over and are incredibly delicious. If you have never eaten a homegrown tomato, you have no idea what you are missing. They are so flavorful…I eat them right off the vine. Next year do yourself a favor and at least put one in a pot in a sunny place and you will be in for a real treat. The vegetable garden has gone crazy too, especially my pumpkin vine…check out the one growing on my scarecrows shoulder. Anyone can do this. It doesn’t have to be as big as what I did – start small. The time and effort you take to plant something is totally worth the final results.


Big transitions

*As previously published on Hybrid Mom

As the end of the summer has come, so have some big transitions. Friends of my youngest son (17) are headed off to college. His very best friend his entire life is also named Matthew and is the son of one of my closest friends. He is a year older and when I found out I was having a boy, I told my friend that I wanted to name my son Matthew too. I said, “It’s not like they will be friends.” Well they have been as close as brothers and today he came to say good-bye. They hugged and promised to video chat (the new coolest thing ever). I have loved this boy like a son and I was very choked up to send him off. For his graduation I had a silver pendent made with his initials engraved and he says he never takes it off. I feel like he is taking a bit of us with him. Hopefully he will feel our love and support. 

Having a Vision

A few weeks ago, I blogged about “Having a Vision”and my friend Marlowe’s ambitious project of renovating a house that is over 100 years old. While I showed the progress over 3 weeks but it took Marlowe many months but she has completed it and it is absolutely beautiful. All the charm of an old house but with all the modern conveniences of a new one. It helps that

she has beautiful taste (believe me I was salivating)! A nice ending to this story is that she sold it before it ever went on the market to a nice family with young children who will enjoy it for years to come. Marlowe and her family made a nice profit and feel incredible pride for a job well done. She stuck with her vision and made it happen. I took a little walking tour so you could all see the finished product…. hope you enjoy!