What motivates you?

 *As previously published on Hybrid Mom

I think all of us from time to time get paralyzed when it comes to accomplishing things in our lives. I’ll get this weird wrecking ball on my lap feeling, almost a little scared. I procrastinate FOREVER! It’s amazing how much I can putter around my house doing everything but what I need to. What begins as a little procrastination can turn into a vicious cycle of not getting anything done.

With my pie business, I stall forever. Then I get a wave of ambition, call a bunch of contacts and follow up like a madman. Jumping in is what seems to spur on more, but the initial leap can be so hard! For me, exercise is the same way. I start out everyday planning to do it, but if I don’t force myself or make plans with friends to do it together, I can so easily do ANYTHING else. The mind games I play are really incredible. The good thing is once you regularly get out and do it, you really do feel better and you begin to crave it.

What helps me in those paralyzed times is to make a small list of the things I am trying to do. Keep it close by and look at it often. Try to do at least one thing…exercising everyday is a great starting point. If I fill my days for a while with plans, it often breaks the cycle of feeling paralyzed. Being pro-active ALWAYS makes me feel better, empowers me and motivates me to do more. It takes that wrecking ball off my lap and gets me fired up. This applies to every aspect of life – work, fitness, parenting, etc.

There is really no room for blame in your life. I am a firm believer that we are the master of our own destiny. We must make things happen for ourselves…no one is going to find us holed up in our houses wasting our days away. I am endlessly hustling, trying to make things happen for myself. I may not always get what I want, but I know in my heart it is not for lack of trying. So no more sitting on our butts….let’s get moving!!! Make a difference!

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