Fostering Possibility

I know that I am lucky – not only to have been given the opportunity to raise three wonderful children, but also to have been raised in a loving home by my mother, alongside my siblings.

Unfortunately, too many children do not have that opportunity, and instead grow up in the foster care system. As I shared in my previous blog post, The Power of Giving Back, this fact, and many of the tragic circumstances that surround it, is what inspired me to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in foster care.

Building Roads, Changing Lives

I’m a big believer in volunteering. There are so many needs – in our neighborhoods, throughout the country and across the world – and whether we’re motivated by passion, profession or personal experiences, we each have things we can do, big and small, to make a difference in the lives of others and the world around us. And in addition to having an impact on others, volunteer experiences can also often teach us so much about ourselves!

As you’ve probably gathered from several of my other posts, I’m also a fan of stepping outside of your comfort zone. This week, I’m so proud to share the story of someone close to me who has done both of these things in a tremendous way.

The Power of Giving Back

How many times have you seen a news report or read an article in the paper about an abused or neglected child? Or even worse, heard of a horrific death of an at-risk child in the care of an adult who ill-equipped to provide such care. Like you, I’ve seen these stories … and I also know that social workers are overworked and understaffed. I’ve always been so moved by these sad stories, and I’ve wanted to help. But, I felt my hands were tied. How was I going to help? I don’t have a master’s degree in social work or counseling. 

Giving back

*As previously published on Hybrid Mom

As many of you know my daughter Katie is big on giving back. Since high school she has been developing a real passion for girl’s health and empowerment. My husband, Michael, has always been a ‘woman’s libber’ and has always encouraged her to go after her passions and impressed upon all the kids that doing well in school gives you options in life. Education has always been huge in our family. As a mother and a woman I love what she is pursuing. She inspires me to do more. Her schedule at school is so packed, but she finds time to do the extra. She wanted to share her latest project with all of you so she is guest blogging this week (below). Maybe all us gals can find a way in our neighborhoods to do something, anything to help our young girls. For so many girls out there, just a little bit of our giving back goes such a long way. Let’s give everybody their best shot at this life! Check out the documentary that Katie speaks of … it is incredible!

– Mary Beth