Raising the Barre & Chasing Your Dreams

blog61_2I love Cardio Barre, and I love stories of people making their dreams come true … so this is a perfect story! My friend and cast mate, Eric Martsolf, recently moved with his wife, Lisa, and family to Las Vegas to open their very own Cardio Barre studio. I am so excited for them, and since I haven’t made it there to see it for myself (I am planning a visit), I asked them to share their story here. These two are just adorable … and more importantly I love how they are supporting each other as they take the leap on this new adventures.

Cheers to new adventures! (and if you’re in or near Las Vegas, go visit their new Cardio Barre!)



  1. Michelle Gray

    Congratulations Lisa and Eric, if I ever get to Vegas again, i will be sure to check it out.

  2. Brenda Warren

    Congratulations to Lisa and Eric on your Venture..Follow your Dreams..:)

  3. Thank you for posting, so inspiring!! Wish you had a studio here in North Jersey but will have to see what I can find here. Many blessings to you and your family. Thank you Mary Beth for your amazing blog!

  4. I loved watching this! Next time I’m in Vegas I’ll definitely stop by their place! Thanks for sharing MB!

  5. Cindi Freeburn

    Wishing Eric and Lisa the very best on their venture. Glad to know Eric is not leaving DOOL and that they are living their dream in an unconventional way. Thanks Mary Beth for sharing Eric and Lisa’s story with us!

  6. Thank you Eric and Lisa for sharing your philosophy. My husband and I have always lived a life of following our dreams and not settling. It can sometimes be challenging to follow your gut and dreams when it seems like everyone around you is seemingly content with staying where they are. Its so great to hear other families living their true life. Thank you so so much. P.s. I love DAYS and I’m glad Brady’s not leaving.

  7. Angela Clausell

    I live in Las Vegas and I plan on visiting @cardiobarre. They have my curiousity peeked.

  8. Another great blog! Very informative and inspiring. Never really knew what kind of workout cardo barre provided and now I do. Wish we had one in our area!

  9. Well done. So does Eric commute or has he left Days?

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