PLANK Headed to “Summer Camp”

After 125 blog posts – and not having missed a week since we started, thanks to Mandy’s encouragement – I feel like it’s time for me and PLANK to take the summer off. I want to find new inspirations and interesting things to share with all of you loyal followers, so we’re going away to “summer camp.” But, don’t go far … PLANK will be back in the fall!

Over the summer, I encourage everybody to keep challenging yourself and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. And if you’ve got ideas for future PLANK posts, do send those our way!

I’ll see you back here in the fall, but in the meantime, I’ll still be active on my Instagram … so I’ll see you there!

Thank you all for being a part of the PLANK community.


  1. Cindy Martinez

    Enjoy Your summer break. I’m sure summer will bring tons of inspiration. Your Blog brings a pep into our steps XOX

  2. Georgia L

    Following on from my Instagram post…. Relax. Rejoice. Reinvigorate. Replenish. Rest. But Mary Beth and Mandy please Return!

    I am a recent member of the Plank community and have thoroughly enjoyed this forum of fun and wisdom 💗

  3. Andrea Welmaker

    Hope you have a wonderful summer Mary Beth! 💖

  4. Sharon Dodson

    Have a wonderful, blessed, summer….I can’t wait to see you in the fall…I’ll look you up on Instagram ….Sharon Dodson.

  5. Jacquie Sallemi

    Happy Summer Plank Goddesses!

    Thank you for all the blog posts, tips, recipes, candor, and more. I am looking forward to your future, summer bliss inspired posts.

    Enjoy your Summer!


  6. Donna Ierulli

    Happy Summer, and enjoy the break ladies! Thank you for your inspiration to so many of us.

  7. Connie D

    Oh no, you are like family, I will miss your weekly blogs but you do deserve a break. You and Mandy have done a terrific job, and I will look forward to when you return. You have a wonderful summer!

  8. Joanne Conte

    Mary Beth & Mandy,
    Enjoy your summer. Spend tons of time with family and friends. I have an idea for a blog entry. How about writing and journaling. Also, books and reading. As you can see, I am a bibliophile retired librarian!
    Thanks for your lovely blog posts.

  9. Nancy McCarthy

    Sadness! But we get it & you both deserve it! Have a great Summer! ❤️

  10. Traci Whiting

    Enjoy your summer Mandy and MB!! You definitely deserve a break! Still can’t say thank you enough for all you do! I sure do appreciate you!

  11. Gwen Overman

    Enjoy a summer of fun and surprises and peace and wine. 🙂 Look forward to your return in the fall, I always look forward to seeing Plank in my email. Thanks so much, Mary Beth.

  12. I don’t always post but I do read your blog each week. Will miss you! Have a great summer!!

  13. Enjoy your summer!!

  14. Terri Martin-Cincinnati

    Happy Summer ladies!!! 😁

  15. Have a well-deserved summer off, Mary Beth. I’m relatively new to Plank, and have really been enjoying it.


  16. Jan Dillon

    I will miss your weekly inspiration but hope you have a wonderful summer and look forward to reading your first blog in the fall. Thank you Mary Beth for all your words of wisdom.

  17. Aww, it feels like I’ll be missing a friend for the summer.

    Look forward to the fall. See you on Instagram and of course, Days

  18. Barbara levy

    Personally I will miss plank. I also realise we all need a vacation and a chance to recharge . Both you and Mandy have gone above what fans/ friends expect.
    I hope you both enjoy your vacation and get some well deserved rest and time to explore your lives and explore new interests. We will be here waiting for you this fall. Enjoy!!

  19. Janet Firth

    Have a wonderful break and hugs to you and your sweet family!💗😍

  20. I will miss the weekly PLANK but look forward to the inspired blogs in the fall. Keep at it, Mary Beth!! It suits you 🤗

  21. Susan Nolen (Suzzy1969)

    Have a beautiful and lovely break Mary Beth and Mandy…..I’ll definitely miss our weekly plankblog but I also definitely understand that sometimes, you just need a break!….Take time Mary Beth to be with your family and enjoy your beautiful California summer!….much love and respect always to you and yours!….Definitely looking forward to the fall now!…Thanks for always being an inspiration to us fans Mary Beth!….just adore you!….you’re the Best in my opinion!

  22. Have a lovely break Mary Beth!

  23. Christie L

    I can only imagine the difficulty of coming up with a blog weekly. Kudos for fine work and also knowing when it’s time to pause. Enjoy your summer!!

  24. Happy Trails to you MBE! Enjoy the summer with your family.

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