About Last Weekend – Daytime Emmy Fun

This past weekend was the Daytime Emmys … always a fun time, but even more so now that it’s become a whole weekend affair. Now that I’ve had a few days to unwind from all the excitement, I thought I’d recap a few of the highlights.

Fun with color on the red carpet, thanks to my stylist friend Cynthia, as well as the team at Days!

Of course deciding what to wear is always a task, but I did it with the help of my stylist friend, Cynthia, and Sarah & Richard from the Days of Our Lives costume department, which made the whole process collaborative and fun. Cynthia and I looked for dresses for a while and finally landed on two cute, short and colorful dresses. One had short sleeves (and you all know my issues with my arms), but I decided to let it go and just rock it … and I’m so glad I did. Each paired with some fun shoes and given a little poof with a crinoline petticoat, which the Days costuming team helped me make, I felt great and was ready to go! 

Friday night was the Creative Arts ceremony, which was especially fun because the Bay was nominated for 10 Emmys, and Days was up for quite a few too! The ceremony was long, but these events are always a fun time to catch up with cast and crew outside of the studio. When the final categories were called, we were overwhelmed with a record-breaking five wins for the Bay! And I was so touched that my Days cast and crew stayed until the very end to support me … it made the whole night sweeter to have them there, cheering me on and standing up as my was called!

Congratulations to Carolyn Hennessy (Karen Blackwell) for her win for Outstanding Guest Actress; my “dad” Nicolas Coster (Jack Madison) for his win for Outstanding Supporting Actor; and my “baby boy” Kristos Andrews (Peter Garrett) for his second win as Outstanding Lead Actor. And a huge congratulations to the entire Bay family cast and crew – for our third win for Outstanding Digital Drama! I can’t believe how far this show has come and how much our family has grown … I am still so honored to be a part of this show! 

Following the show, the entire Bay crew headed over to a fun little after party … a celebratory toast and yet another chance to celebrate with all the people that made it happen!

(top) With my Bay family … and without my shoes! (bottom) With Wendy Riche and our fantastic Bay writers, Karen Harris and Anne Schoettle

After a little rest on Saturday, we were back at it on Sunday! Unlike Friday night, where I did my own hair and make up, Sunday night I had some help! One of my favorite Emmy traditions is that the entire Days cast meets at the studio on Sunday morning, where we all get dressed together. Such a fun time!!

This year, because the ceremony was being held so close to my house, I met everyone at the studio for hair and make-up, but went back home to get dressed. Later, Stephen met me there and we took a car over to the show together.

Sunday’s show was early and it was a bright, sunny day … so the red carpet was HOT, but Stephen and I have so much fun doing that stuff together. And we were both so excited to be there to cheer on our cast mates especially our boy James, who was up for Outstanding Younger Actor, and of course my girl, Kate Mansi, who was up for Outstanding Supporting Actress. 

As the show got started, I was so excited to be seated near Kate and her boyfriend! I think of her like my daughter/dear friend and I’ve been rooting for her for two years. Last year, I told her she’d win … and was so disappointed when she didn’t get the nomination. This year, I just knew it was her year. And I’m beyond excited that she was finally recognized for her brilliant work!!

This year’s show was great too, with a fun opening number featuring cast members from several shows (including our Eric Martsolf & Nadia Bjorlin), Susan Lucci giving a moving tribute to Agnes Nixon and a stage full of dogs (some bit featuring about 50 bassett hounds). 

After the show, the entire Days cast headed over to a restaurant for a great after party. Celebrating Kate and the others who were nominated, having Kassie DePaiva there with us and getting the most amazing speech from our Bruce Evans … it was the best way to toast to another great year and I loved being a part of it!

Thank you all for your support … your kind responses to my posts from the weekend and your ongoing support of me and my work on both shows. I went 30 years without so much as a nomination … and to have six Emmys now sitting on the table beside me … it all still seems so unreal!

Here’s a little video of all of the fun!



  1. nancy dillingham

    Mary Beth, someone once said that good things come to those who wait–and, I’d like to add–to nice people. Congrats on your wins and on being a nice, giving person.

  2. Iris cohen

    Hi Mary Beth,

    You are so beautiful inside and out! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing weekend and for always being so honest and open with your fans. You deserve every accolade. Congratulations on all of your Emmys. I am in awe of your optimism and gratefulness. You are an amazing actress and even more important, an amazing person!

    bye, Iris

  3. Stacey AKA BraveWidowMama

    Mary Beth,

    At this rate, you will need to assign a special room for Emmy display. Congratulations!

  4. Mary Beth,

    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome Emmy weekend with us through this blog and through all of the pictures on Instagram! As always, I, and all of your fans are very proud of you, and we were super excited to hear your name had been called for Outstanding Lead Actress, and then to have the Bay win for best digital drama was awesome!

    I loved both of your dresses, and thought the red dress was perfect (so many mentions about Lady in Red lol)! Not to mention you had the cutest shoes to go with both! You looked absolutely stunning, and I’m pretty sure I told everyone how much I loved your hair!

    Also, I was super excited for Kate Mansi, so glad she got to bring home that Emmy – She definitely deserved it! Loved her speech, so sweet!

    Congratulations on #’s 5 & 6! <3

  5. I didn’t know that Days had a tradition of getting ready together at the studio. I am always inspired to learn, as you have said, that it is such a family atmosphere. Very sweet and “unHollywood” with talented cast and crew who support one another. Kate did a great job in her acceptance too. I was rooting for her. How will you tastefully display all of those golden statues, MB? We need a blog 😉

  6. Michelle Gray

    Thank you for sharing that video and congratulations on your Emmy wins for The Bay. I watched the streaming on Facebook and really enjoyed the show, especially when Kate Mansi won and I loved the basset hounds. Both your dresses were lovely as always and you and Stephen really seemed to be having a fun time especially at the end when all the confetti or whatever it was came raining down.

  7. I have been a fan of yours for more years than I can count. I am beyond happy for your wins…. so well deserved. You looked amazing in both outfits… you know how to dress! Your fellow cast mates on both shows are so very talented and I was so glad they were there to support you! The only downside to this event was that we the fans were not able to view it on television. Such a disappointment since we feel that you are all part of our life – watching you daily for more that 40 years! Shame on all the networks…

  8. Terri from Cincinnati, OH

    Like fine wine…….you get better with time! Dreams can always come to true. No matter how long it takes or where you are in life. You are such an inspiration!! Cheers to number 6!

  9. Barbara levy

    This was a much deserved award! You looked stunning on both nights. Love you in bright colors. Was Katie with you when you won for best actress?


  10. Christie

    I love post-Emmy plank! Dresses were fab. Shoes amazing. Kate Mansi a total doll baby, as you say. Thanks for sharing! Your passion is contagious.

  11. Nancy McCarthy

    MB, thank you so much for sharing your weekend with us here! How fun! And congratulations to you! You looked beautiful for both award shows. Love your hair cut! I was so excited for Kate! Days is the only soap I watch (besides The Bay) but I still knew she deserved that Emmy more than anyone. Her performance last year was incredible. We miss her! Also, thank you for posting a pic of Kassie on IG. I have been praying for her. She looks great! What an incredible weekend! ❤️

  12. Hi Mary Beth,
    I first saw you on atwt.
    You played Sierra Esteban so incredible real.
    There was a lot of chemistry with Craig Lucy Bryant and your mother and sister.
    There was an episode when Bryant your son died and you were crying when Lucinda was comforting you.
    You played it so natural to me you already should have won an emmy back then.
    You are a very good actress and I always loved you on atwt because I liked the family feeling and good acting of that show..

  13. I was so excited to see YOU & the other Bay nominees receive Emmys.
    It’s an awesome show. It’s the teamwork of so many talented ppl
    that make it as great as it is!! Can’t wait for S3. Hope it’s released soon.

    Seeing Kate Mansi bring home the Emmy made me happy.
    She’s so talented. Her scenes had us on the edge of our seat.
    So intense. She was brilliant.

    Both dresses you chose were perfect. I love your style.
    You lit up the Red Carpet. Stunning both nights. I love to see how
    much fun you have with Stephen. It shows how much you love & admire each other
    What an amazing friendship.

    Hoping next year the Emmys will be televised. Watching your video recap of both
    nights looked like so much fun. I’m just glad we got to see you accept your Emmy
    for Lead Actress for The Bay ( thank you, Mandy ) 😊

    Thank you, Mary Beth, for sharing your incredible weekend with us.

  14. Cindy Martinez

    Perfect Plank!!! Celebrating is so much fun. You had such a crew rooting you on from the carpet to social media. Congrats on doing great things with love and hard work.

  15. Congrats on more such well deserved wins this past weekend Mary Beth. And especially thank you for sharing all the news and photos with us. We really do appreciate the time it takes you to share as it makes us feel just that little bit closer to the action. Very kind of you.

    6 Emmy’s. Wow-I could not be more thrilled for you. More importantly they are so well deserved. x

  16. Just two things:

    1. Your passion for what you do spills over into everything you say, write, do, post, etc. (As far as I can tell anyway.) It seems almost tangible. I love that.

    2. I’m SO glad you wore the red dress. Stunning. Yes.

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