A FANtastic Weekend

Over the past few weeks, I, along with my long-time friends/colleagues, have been celebrating Days of Our Lives’ 50th anniversary with abandon – parties, cake-cutting, photo opportunities and catching up with old friends. In an industry where it is so rarely the case, Days of Our Lives and Ken Corday have given us this amazing gift of a “home.” For most, if not all, of us, it was initially just a job opportunity … a perceived short-term thing and then, as the nomadic actor life goes, on to the next “gig.” Now, 29 years have passed for me since I signed that first contract (and that’s short compared to so many there), and I feel lucky everyday!

This past weekend’s events were the icing on the cake for us. The weekend started with the annual Day of Days event that NBC puts on at Universal City Walk. What a day! So many people came out to see us and we were all blown away by the love and support they shared. Many of the people there I have seen year after year, but there were so many new faces too. Multi-generational viewers warm my heart … that these characters that we strive to bring to life still move people is awesome. AND the amount of Kayla’s I met is truly the sweetest compliment!  As I have said many times…it’s like we work in a big warehouse – we don’t see other people but those in our group, so it still surprises me sometimes when someone recognizes me … it’s like I forget that the work we’re doing even airs. So to get out and meet the loyal, enthusiastic viewers is really a treat! (here’s one interview from the day)

Following a long day filled with interviews, autographs and a big Q&A session, my throat was actually sore from all the talking … and you know me, I love to talk!

(l) Posing with Sandra and Sherry, who help make our events so special. (r) I had the opportunity to meet Jennifer, who I now call Poshmark Sweater girl … because she bought that sweater from my Poshmark closet.

As much as I enjoyed that event, I love the smaller, more intimate events, like the brunches that Stephen and I have hosted over the years. We did another on Sunday and were thrilled to have so many fans join us there too. To really have conversations … to learn a little about people – that fills me up!  Especially now that I’m using social media, this was a great chance to put faces with these handles that I see so often … to make it personal and more connected. Stephen and I had so much fun, and I think the fans who joined us did too … we will have to do more of those! Thanks Sherry and Sandra, for making sure the event went smoothly!

A breakfast with Tamra, Tamra’s mother Bessie, Patricia and Mandy.

And the weekend didn’t end there! A few months back I participated in an auction to raise money for CASA Los Angeles; and on Monday I had the honor of taking the winner of that auction – Tamra – out for breakfast. Thank you for the sweet breakfast, Tamra – getting to know you, your Mom and your friend, Patricia, was an honor; and your contribution to CASA was beyond generous! Thanks to everyone who came out for the weekend … we really appreciate you sharing your time with us. Until next time …

 I know not everyone could join us, so we put together a little montage of this weekend’s activities … enjoy!


  1. Balgis kadir

    Hi, My name is Balgis, I’m from Sydney Australia.I have watched Days for almost 30 years.Since you Mary Beth started Days.I adore you and Stephen so much.I love that you share a special friendship off the show. Congratulations on your Emmy wins!! It was worth waiting for and very deserving.
    I would have loved to attend one of the brunches that you and Stephen have organized throughout the years.It would be a dream come true.Is there one coming soon? Or is t h at just an annual event? Thank you for sharing your thoughts and stories through social media.I always look forward to read them.
    You are Amazing.You are my inspiration.

  2. Janine h

    Hi Mary Beth I am from Australia and have been so excited u and Stephen back on the show, and at last getting more airtime ! Your scenes together are amazing I loved when u brushed champagne glass away and the end scene the kiss we have all been waiting for sooo awesome keep good work up love Stephen soooo much and wild thing was amazing please tell him I have watched it over and over 😃😃 xxx

    • Sandi Zamora

      It was so thrilling to meet you and Stephen. I’ve never been to a fan event before and it really was a fun weekend! I noticed that I’m in the video at the end, and that made my day too! Although, I’m sorry that I just plopped my shirt on the table like that, and I’m also chomping on my gum like a crazy person! Lol! It really was an honor and a treat to meet you. Thanks!

  3. Kellie Purfoy

    Mary Beth,
    I truly enjoyed meeting you on the 14th. My daughter, Faith, and son, Tristan, had a great time meeting you too. It was my birthday and I was happy to have my whole family there to take part. No better way to spend the day. Thank you for your dedication to a show that I feel teaches what family and love is all about. Faith and I just finished today’s episode. You were fantastic. Amazing work.

  4. Patricia K

    It truly was an amazing weekend. I can honestly say the 4 day drive from Winnipeg, Canada to LA was worth it. I loved meeting other Days fans waiting in line at Day of Days and discussing the show both past/present storylines. So cool to just be with people that also adore the show as much as I do. Then meeting you and Stephen for the first time at D of D was thrilling.

    Then the weekend got even better. Your brunch on Sunday was better than I even expected. You and Stephen just rocked your Q&A time. Big thank you to everyone who organized it. I really enjoyed meeting your fellow fans . It was funny when some of us actually never met but knew each other from Twitter or IG – and this venue gave us the opportunity to meet in person. That was cool.

    Then Monday came, I was given the honor to have breakfast with you and Mandy. Big thank you to my awesome friend, Tamra for inviting me to join. You and Mandy were so kind and gracious. Never dreamed I would have breakfast with you and I was seriously speechless. It was a great breakfast and wonderful conversation. CASA really is a wonderful organization.
    After this weekend I can honestly say I adore you more – both you and Stepehen. Thank you for being so wonderful to us fans.

  5. I’m packing to go home today and reflecting on the weekend’s events with such warm feelings and joy. Every event was better than the last, capped by that amazing breakfast with Mary Beth and Mandy. It was a meal filled with great food, laughter, and a lil’ girl gossip. I can now say I have discussed the merits of proper grits with Mary Beth Evans and I can cross that off my bucket list LOL. I will cherish the memories & pictures from these past few days forever. Thank you again Mary Beth, Mandy, & CASA – you are amazing, classy, talented, generous, and the true embodiment of ‘Sweetness’.

    • Nello DiCostanzo

      Dear MaryBeth, I. Am one of those generational watchers. I grew up watching Days from a young age as my grandmother came from Italy in September 1968, I was born on Ocober 20, 1968. She babysat me when my parents were at work, and I grew up watching Days. My grandmother was like Alice Horton, very loving, and caring. To this day, I feel when I watch Days it is like you are a part of my extended family, and I remember watching the show with my grandmother. I really am excited that you and Stephen are back working and Peter and Kristan are also back as you are my favorites on the show. Keep up the amazing work.
      Love your blog.
      Nello DiCostazno

  6. The quality and richness of what you and Stephen bring to the story is through the roof. Your work this past week was so heartbreaking and Riveting. While waiting for my connecting flight in Phoenix, I went to a different gate to charge my computer and watch your amazing scenes. Oops!!! I guess I was really into it because I never heard the announcement that my plane to Long Beach was loading. Sadly it was the last flight to CA until morning. Try and tell the Gate attendant what happend? Not so muchLOL.

  7. Lorena Valenzuela

    Oh yeah missed a mention! Also delighted/ thrilled to hear how one of the things you’d love to try/ take up (that you haven’t as yet~ shocker! ;)) ) is Flower arranging class. I’ve been actually attending Flower arranging class once a week, for the past few weeks now and loving it. All quite beautiful and therapeutic. That’s flower/ art therapy for you. Do it~ you’ll enjoy it~ won’t regret it and I’m sure you’ll be a shining star at it (pardon the expression) as in most if all you set your mind to! ;-))
    PS: please check out, follow my instagram page.

    Lorena Valenzuela.

    • I was one of the many fans at the brunch on Sunday. I had promised my 28 year old son, who has autism, that we would go to Disneyland that day. I asked him if he could please wait until the afternoon because I wanted to attend the brunch. Hunter texted me a few times but was pretty patient that day. I’m so glad I was able to be there and I look forward to seeing you again some time. Thank you for spending so much time with us. You must have been exhausted!

      Debbie Larkin
      North Hollywood

  8. Hi!
    Just found this blog, followed from Twitter! So happy to see the bits and pieces from the West coast gatherings. Not many come to the east coast. But saw “Rafe, Brady, Chad, and Ben” in Boston last month. You are all so nice. Looking forward to reading your blog every week now! So happy Steve is back with you! Great talent on DOOL! My grandmother and Aunt got me watching long ago. Favorite show ever!
    Love – Gail

  9. Great blog this week and I so enjoyed the video of the brunch….you and Stephen are charming and witty as always!

  10. Susan Nolen

    Wonderful blog!…thank you for sharing the the video with us fans that couldn’t make it there!….You and Stephen are the best!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing. For those of us who just couldn’t be there, I really appreciate the videos and recaps. It makes me still feel involved and almost a part of it.

  12. Mary Ellen Marmo

    Do you do an east coast event
    I have been watching show for 35 yrs
    Please come to nj ny

  13. jennifer

    Oh My Gosh!! WOW! Thank you so much for the picture!!
    What an amazing whirlwind of a weekend it was!! Never would I have ever imagined that I would get to my childhood idol twice in my life! (Once at 16 and once..many years later.)
    Having worked in the entertainment industry, I have met and interviewed many celebrities in my life, but have never been starstruck until this weekend. ( I had brought you a gift to the brunch, but got so excited, I ended up putting the gift bag on the floor by the table, instead of handing it to you. I felt like Benji Applebaum in Pitch Perfect 2 when he said to Jesse, ‘I completely blacked out..How’d I do, man?’)
    Mary Beth, you are so down to earth and so genuine. It was so awesome to see how much you care for your fans. That was evident in the way you would introduce yourself to some of the door prize winners, as well as make sure those in line to meet you were doing okay. I can appreciate meeting you more now than I did at 16 years old.
    The Q&A session at the brunch was so much fun and everyone had really good questions. My friend and I had a great time and met some wonderful and hilarious people there. We haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.
    Thank you again for ‘the sweater’! I almost didn’t wear it to brunch, but with my friend’s encouragement I changed my mind. I am glad I did. 🙂 (I now have to get it back from my 12 yr old who thinks it’s the coolest thing.)
    Thank you again for taking the time to meet with your fans. I know it meant so much to so many.
    jennifer a.k.a poshmark sweater girl 😉

  14. Lorena Valenzuela

    Hi Mary Beth,

    OMgosh I SO love anticipating and reading what you have to say in your plankblog each and every week and this weeks plankblog was no exception! :)) Thrilling read and video blog had me smiling the whole way through! Yours and Stephen’s friendship is truely something beautiful, unique and special and I so adore/ appreciate, that you graciously share glances, glimpses and snippets of your very own “Days of our Lives” with us fans. TGF instagram, social media! Stephen and your scenes on Days over the past few days I must add and say have been absolutely phenomenal. Heart-wrenching and award-worthy performances. And scenes between you and Peter Reckell~ Forget it!!! Had me blown-away and in awe! Should feel and be so proud and thrilled of the work you’ve put across- I sure am as I’m sure all us fans are (*^^*) Excited and a lil anxious for what’s to come but I’ll hang in there with y’all- I’ll hang in there every step of the way! Can’t thank-you enough for S&K, for everything and look forward to many more years of S&K and Days of our Lives to come!
    PS: Sure hope to meet you and Stephen someday, though still overjoyed and pinching myself that I even got the chance to speak to you. Gift of my life, treasured experience.

    Aussie fan forever
    Lorena Valenzuela

  15. Thanks so much MBE and SN for sharing your FANtastic weekend with those of us who couldn’t make it to SoCal! Thanks for penning Plank for us too. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you and your families! I’ll bet MB is making some awesome pies for the big day! Perhaps a good idea for the next few blog posts would be about how you celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas both on the set and at home!

    All I can say is that if my Chris (son) had been a girl, she’d be a Kayla!

    Longtime, 3 generation fan–parents, myself and my daughter !! A few times when friends overheard conversation between us they thought all the happenings in Salem where happening in real life we spoke about all of you characters like you were family==because you truly are!

    Happy Turkey Day!


  16. It was a great weekend. Thanks for the video, there was so much I forgot. You guys are the best!

  17. Wonderful blog!! I not only wait til 1pm daily to see Steve and Kayla on TV, but I can’t wait til Thursday morning when a new plankblog is out. Thank you so much for everything you do to keep the fans involved. I wish I could have been part of the parties last weekend. I checked my Instagram and Twitter all weekend to try to stay connected while working. For me it’s always the little things in life. The gestures between you and Stephen show an amazing and true respect and friendship and your commitment to each other and the story of Steve an Kayla is beautiful. Thank you so much!

  18. Terri Martin

    “Almost” as good as being there! Thanks for posting! Days is the only show that I DVR and faithfully watch and lately I’ve been a little obsessed……lol. My husband is tired of me talking about what’s happening in Salem but it’s sooooo good!! 😁

  19. Stacey Griffith

    Mary Beth,
    It all looks like it was lots of fun. I wish I could have figured out a way to make the brunch. I’m one of your Instagram stalkers and my fellow Instagram Princess @kaylascheaffer went through a lot to meet you. All I would’ve had to do was drop the kids off at grandma’s while I drove 8 hours to a “teaching conference.” Maybe next year for he play.
    Stacey AKA @bravewidowmama

  20. The events were awesome. Sherry and Sandra do such a great job putting these together. I always have a great time.

  21. Thankyou for sharing. I really appreciate it since I couldn’t be there. You and Stephen are so good to your fans and you two are adorable together♥

  22. Mary Beth, thank you for yet again another fantastic blog! I look forward to every thursday just to read/watch! I really enjoyed the video of the past weekend, the question and answer session was so adorable! I tuned in for the periscope video Steve did, and laughed the whole time! 🙂 As a generational watcher, I am one of those fans who have hour long converstations with my grandmother about the show, and it always puts a smile on my face just to be able to bond over something like Days with her. Thank you for allowing fans to enjoy so much of not only the chemistry between Patch and Kayla through behind the scenes pictures and videos, but for also giving us the chance to see the amazing friendship that you have with Stephen Nichols. It puts a smile on so many people’s faces!

  23. Thanks Mary Beth for the memories from an amazing weekend! You and Stephen are always so generous with your time, and even after what had to have been an exhausting couple of weeks you made the brunch so much fun!! I wish I had your energy! So happy to have you both back on the show, and I have to say your work this week, in particular, has blown me away. You’re amazing!

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