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ClaudineB asked 4 years ago

Mary Beth,
I am a faithful Plank blog reader and so when I had a design problem, you immediately came to mind. It’s your own fault, really. Oh, I kid. But I don’t kid about the design problem. I need your input. BAD. I have this very adorable studio apartment with a great patio (almost the size of the apartment) that I envisioned as my Party Patio – great place to have my friends over, hang out, relax, eat and drink. And drink. Oh wait, did I say drink twice? ANYWAY, I found outdoor furniture I loved and of course, I bought it. Lots of it. And now, I have NO idea how to arrange it. NONE. I am overwhelmed, and Party Patio is turning into the Pitiful Patio. If I send you a photo or two, can you provide some help/direction/advice? I really need to be having my martini outside, not in. 
Thank you for the consideration,