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  1. how your friends Shelley Hennig doing Stephanie Johnson left Salem she in Africa or Dayton or in London how

  2. ronnalee

    You r a very busy woman! Your so sweet on days. Are u and hubby friends with Steve?
    Anyway I gotta check out your pie place!,,

  3. I know cooking runs in your family. I loved you Great aunt Ma Jose’s cooking back in Eden.

  4. How do we get some of your pies to CANADA?

  5. So happy to see you are a CASA. Im a Social Worker and love CASAS.

  6. Jennifer Scheifele

    Love your Blog!! I’ve been watching Days for 30 years! Crazy! You have a beautiful family … I am also blessed with two boys and a girl. 🙂 Thank you for sharing YOU with us!! xo

  7. The stuffed grape leaves and zucchini look amazing. What are they stuffed with, if I may ask?

    • Mary Beth

      I will post this recipe at some point. It is so yummy!!! It’s ground lamb, rice, garlic,lemon and a few more things…too yummy

    • I can’t wait for that recipe…you read my mind!

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