Spring 2016: Ten Tips for Best Dressing

Spring is here and as the annual Spring cleaning hit my closet, I thought of my stylist friend, Cynthia Carr Gardner, and all of the helpful tips she’s given me over the years. I thought you all might need some help in that area too, so I asked Cynthia to give us her top 10 list of tips for our Spring wardrobes.

By Cynthia Carr Gardner

_1Edit your closet twice yearly. Hire a professional if you require a little tough love and can’t detach.

_2Make a List. Establish what you need … to update favorites, replace the forlorn or add currency. Have direction when you shop.

_3Buy once and buy well. Shop with purpose and think about quality vs. quantity. Timeless vs. trendy. Fabric and fit are everything, so buy the best you can afford and make sure to tailor even lesser pieces to fit perfectly. The nominal cost will reveal a better piece. The key to chic is in the mix, so don’t hesitate to pair Valentino with Vince.

_4Dress the part! Find your look and build on it. Consider what silhouettes enhance your body type and focus on your best asset … great legs, small waist, slim hips … Flaunt it with looks that are current and age appropriate. Colors can bring life to your look, so find a new hue.

_5Foundations are key. They don’t call them foundations for nothing. They’re the building blocks of every look. Own a wardrobe of bras, camisoles and body shapers that follow your curves.

_6Put your best foot forward. The simplest outfit will sing when paired with a fabulous shoe. A simple navy dress with red patent peep toes, all white against metallic pumps, floral faille with a solid suit … the most basic look is elevated with just the right shoe. Flats, strappy sandals, kitten heels, city sandals … there’s something for everyone this season.

_7Carry on! Handbags, totes and clutches add the perfect polish. Whether you’re clutching the newest lady bag, toting just the right clutch, or shouldering a beautiful and practical tote… find your ‘IT’ bag this Spring.

_8Accessories. From the simple to the sublime. Do you love chains or maybe you’re a pearl girl? Amp up your outfit with necklaces aplenty, wrist wear or ear candy. Size matters this season, so experiment with embellishment.

_9TLC: Ask about maintaining your finery. Own a steamer to save on dry cleaner’s wear and tear. Know when to wash vs. dry clean.

_10Dress with Confidence!


cynthia2Cynthia Carr Gardner is a stylist in New York City, Los Angeles and Boston. Katie Couric and James Taylor are counted among her roster of clients. She resides in Boston and travels far and wide, making the world a more stylish place.


  1. nancy dillingham

    Great tips–just wanted to say congrats and kudos for your 3 emmy noms. I’m pulling for you to win! Thanks for always honoring your fans–I’m one from the beginning!

  2. Love these tips 🙂 I really need to go through all of my stuff and follow these! I need to get rid of some stuff, and add stuff in other departments!

    Another fantastic blog!
    Thanks for sharing Mary Beth! <3

  3. Brenda Warren

    Oh my..most of my clothes are loved with memories..I really should take more to the charity shop..
    Have a lovely Easter Mary Beth… xxx

  4. Great share. The list is a Fantastic idea. This would solve my problem of having 7 similar black tops. You could even put it on your cell phone so when your out shopping you will know to stay away from the black tops.

    Also if cleaning out you or your daughter’s closets and you come across old prom dresses please consider donating them to local Foster Youth Organizations. They will turn them into treasures for foster youth and give them that Formal dress up experience.

  5. Love these tips. I try to follow most of them especially cleaning out my closet and buying well once. Will have to try making a list! Thank you for sharing. Always love your inspiring and informative bogs. You are the BEST Mary Beth♡

  6. jennifer brock

    Great post and great tips from your friend!!
    Does that mean you will be putting more things on Poshmark? 😉
    I so need to clean out my closet as well. Something I always put off. I think I am going to try to put some things up on Poshmark in the next few weeks.. my husband has been after me to try it.

    Thank you again for a little ‘Spring’ inspiration.

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