1. Terry Babic

    Hi Mary Beth
    I loved watching this video…….I remember watching you and Stephen on Days every day while breastfeeding my children, I so loved the two of you together.
    I love the way Stephen is with his Grandchildren, he seems to be such a lovely man! I have just recently become a Nanny Tez (hehehe my chosen name) to the most beautiful little boy and it has been the most fantastic time, I work full time as I am a single lady but I try to visit my little Grandson every week. I feel the same as Stephen in that I really try not to miss very much. I hope my relationship with my grandson becomes as great as Stephen’s is with his grandchildren. Thank you for sharing and please pass on my thanks to Stephen as well. Love you two.
    Love Nanny Tez (Terry lol)

  2. Connie D

    I love the two of you together. It is evident that you have a great friendship. We have four children, five grandchildren, ages 11 to 29. Also two greats, 4 and 1. We are so fortunate to have everyone living close to us so we are able to celebrate holidays and birthdays together.
    We have always done our share a babysitting and loved it. It is a joy to watch our oldest grandchild with his little ones. We are. Rey blessed!

  3. Mary Beth,
    I love this blog post! It has been on my mind for a week now. I love the fact that you both are so involved with your kids’/grandchildren’s lives. The bond between a grandparent and grandchild is so priceless. I love watching my kids with their grandparents. My girls are so fortunate that they have 3 great-grandparents, and all but one of their grandparents. Unfortunately, no one lives close by, but they all come to visit for birthdays, and other special events.
    I wholeheartedly agree with you when you said that the adults should make the effort. It is tough sometimes when raising kids to try and juggle immediate family with extended family.
    Thank you both for taking the time to share your thoughts on parenting and grandparenting.

  4. Laurie Winters

    I agree with you Mary Beth, he is the cutest!😍 Thanks for sharing that little chat. You both are such lovely, happy people. Your smiles make me smile. 🙂

  5. Marnessa

    Love the blog with you & Stephen! Love ALL your blogs. This one got me thinking of my Grandparents who I recently lost with in 6 weeks of each other. I was around them ALL the time growing up. I’m no where near to being a grandparent, I’m not even a parent. I will always cherish the memories that I shared with them as well as the values they taught. I believe that its important for Grandchildren to really listen to their Grandparents. There is so much history & lessons to be learned that you wont find in a classroom. It also shows you of the kind of person they were through out their lives & where you truly come from. I am truly blessed to have had them in my life for a long time. They were married 66yrs & passed at the age of 84. I miss them so much, their hugs, their laughter, everything. Thank you for sharing this blog! Means a lot.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your personal conversations with your fans! Have watched you and Stephen since the 80s and love you being back on DOOL.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your personal conversations with your fans. Have watched you and Stephen since you first began on “Days” and love you both!

  8. Michelle Gray

    I love your talks with Stephen. What an incredible grandpa he is and his grandchildren are gorgeous. I am a grandmother and i’m known as nanna, and i am very lucky to have a very close relationship with my granddaughter.
    Thank you for this great blog Mary Beth.

  9. Mary Beth, this may be my favorite blog yet! Love, loved it! I was blessed to have 2 grandparents within 5 mins of me until my early 30’s. I was very close and miss them dearly! My husband had all 4 with 5 mins into his 30’s! Now our girls have all 4 within 5 minutes and see them almost daily! They help us so much and don’t miss a thing!! It’s wonderful!! Hopefully, yours will remain close so one day you can enjoy all the perks of being a very involved Grandparent! Keep those blogs coming, we love them all and you an SN!!

  10. What a great blog, one of my favorites!! I was blessed to live withn 5 minutes of two of my 4 grandparents. I enjoyed them into my early 30’s. I miss them both dearly, and think of them often! I often tell younger adults to enjoy them while they’re here they will not be here forever! My husband was lucky enough to have all 4 of his Grands within a mile of his house, well into adulthood! Now, we live with 5 miles of both parents, our 3 girls have both sets that they see on a almost daily basis, They help us so much and don’t miss a thing, literally. it’s a bond like no other!! We are blessed! Hopefully, yours will remain close so you can enjoy all the little things one day!

  11. Stacey AKA BraveWidowMama

    Grandparenting….can’t wait for that. My parents have been so amazing with my kids. I was looking through pictures the other day and found one of my father all dressed up in his scout leader uniform standing next to my son. Who would have done that without him? We are blessed. Thank God for family!

  12. This was such a great video blog. Thanks to you & Stephen for doing this! My poor ma doesn’t have to keep in contact with me as I am always calling & bugging her! haha

    I moved in with my grandparents to go to college almost 14 years ago. They loved & wanted me there so much that I never left after I graduated! Tomorrow will be four years since my grandma passed away. For 10 years she was like my ma. It was she who I talked to when I got home from work, she who I told I was going out for the night, etc. I am so so so thankful I had those 10 years with her like that. After she passed away I became the primary caregiver for my grandpa. We recently moved him into a Memory Care Unit because I couldn’t give him the care he needed while still working. Caring for him was the hardest job I’ve had but again, I’m so thankful I had that opportunity. None of their other grand kids got or have gotten to have these wonderful relationships I had or have with my grandparents. I say this all the time but I mean it, I’m one lucky girl!

  13. Jennifer

    Listening to Stephen talk about the love of his family was very sweet! I have three grandkids aged 2 months to 3 years and will be present tomorrow morning to watch my 4th granddaughter be born. I am called grandma, grams and whama, non of which makes me feel old, just blessed. Stephen is right, I watch my grandkids 50 hours a week while their parents work, it is very tiring but it’s a job I wouldn’t trade for the world. Thanks for sharing Stephen and Mary Beth!

  14. I love this! Relationships with your grandparents can be so important! I had an amazing grandpa and I miss him everyday, but I cherish the memories I have with him! Thank you for sharing this!

  15. Stephanie

    Thank you! It’s was so good to see you together and talking about family. It is so much fun when your both just sitting and talking to each other. Hope to see more!

  16. Great blog. My grandparents –both sides-‘-raised me while my Dad went to medical school after WW2. I miss them dearly …and I also have 2 grands …it’s great the second time around ( and yes SN…it’s tiring! )

  17. Susan Nolen (Suzzy1969)

    Loved today’s video blog Mary Beth!…you and Stephen are just such the sweetest friends!…just love your friendship!…Just love how you both are so connected to your children and love how Stephen talks about his grandbbabies!…You both have such special relationships with your children and now Stephen has that with his grandchildren! Thank you both for sharing your lives with us fans!…You both are very special people!…Thanks Mary Beth!

  18. Thank you Stephen and MaryBeth for this great vlog. You two are so in tune to each other and it is evident in every conversation and parts of your lives that you share with your fans. You seem like you were and still are amazing parents, and Stephen seems like a wonderful grandpa. I wish my own kids had a grandfather like you. My own dad was pretty great when it came to my kids but unfortunately, cancer took his life 18 months ago. He knew, though, that he was the one who had to make the effort to see them. My husband died a year ago, and my kids lost him and pretty much lost his parents as grandparents too as they do not make an effort to stay in touch with my kids but expect me to do it. I hope your kids know how blessed they are to have you and Lisa. I know MaryBeth’s kids will be just as blessed when the time comes in the future. Thank you again for sharing a bit of your lives and thoughts with us.

  19. Sandi Zamora

    I just love how involved Stephen is with his grandkids. I never had a grandpa, but I did have a very loving grandma, and it is a relationship that is so special. You guys are such loving people. ❤

  20. I think it’s such a good point Stephen made that you really have to remember to stay connected when your kids get older, because they’ve got their own stuff to do, it’s not up to them, it’s up to you. Good reminder, it’s so very true. Great conversation!

  21. Mary Beth and Stephen, thank you for such a refreshing chat on the loveliest of topics! Your grandchildren are/will be blessed!

  22. Mary Beth and Stephen, thank you for such a refreshing chat on the loveliest of topics! Your grandchildren are/will be blessed!

  23. My grandparents were a strong influence in my life, thus when raising my 3 daughters, I worked diligently to bring their wonderful grandparents fully into their lives almost daily. The result? Three lovely young women who love, respect, and – most of all – appreciate the value of their grandparents.

    Everything you two said in this video is true. The effort we make with our children/grandchildren pays big dividends.

  24. Such a warm blog. Anyone who is close to family knows the utter joy it can bring-but we have to work at it. I often reflect how one set of our children’s grandparents work so hard to be in their lives and the other set less so. I know who are the lucky ones. Our children love all of their grandparents but are extra close to the ones who commit with time and effort. It’s hard, but worth it. That’s the grandparent I hope to be one day.

  25. I flatlined. You two continue to be the cutest and a wonderful testament to long term friendship! As a mother of young children I can’t help but appreciate the advice of two working parents of now grown children in this non judgmental “it’ll
    All be ok” way. In a word, Sweetness

  26. I remember before I had my first baby. .my Mother absolutely did not want to be known as “grandma “..then the rest of her friends starred having grandkids. I guess that made ” grandma” ok. She lived to see her 2 great-grandchildren. .the oldest one ..Jack- called her “big grandma”–that is how we also referred to my Great Grandmother. .it’s all really life just moving in a forward direction. I was semi-raised by both sets of grandparents whole my Dad attended Medical school after his stint in WW2…it was a wonderful experience I have never forgotten and I miss them dearly. Wonderful video!

  27. Mary Beth and Stephen..Lovely listening to you both 🙂 from Nana,Granma,Nana Brenda 🙂

  28. Great 🙂 Mary beth.. from Granma,Nana.Nana Brenda 🙂

  29. OMG. I love you both!

  30. You two are just the best together. I love your relationship and the fact that you will do vlogs together. Parenting does seem long and hard but I know in the end things don’t matter that I stress about now. Thanks for reminding those of us in the thick of it, of just that fact!! 💖

  31. Grands are the very best. I’ve never known a love purer. I wasn’t necessarily the best parent when my kids were growing up and I’ve watched them make mistakes. But the best thing that I’ve ever done as a parent was to continue being there with the right kind of support. And to be there to take my sweet grand babies and care for them until their Mom got healthy. In doing that, I was able to have a kind of “re-do”. Which helped me feel better, helped my daughter feel better, and made my grands feel safe. That safe is my proudest MiMi (and Mom) moment. Thanks for sharing a little of yourselves. I actually waved at you both at the end, major dork moment but I don’t care…lol

  32. susan blackman

    Such a nice blog,I really enjoyed it. I always love listening to you two,you have such a wonderful friendship. I hope you we get a lot more from you.thank you both

  33. Such a great blog with you and Stephen Nichols. Loved the insights.

  34. Jennifer Melo

    Great blog love hearing about Stephens grandkids❤love you Marybeth you are the cutest!!!!

  35. This is awesome I just recently started watching your videos I must say its having a very positive affect on me. I’m usually a pessimist but Im trying follow your advice kill me with kindness and all that stuff. Thank you for sharing looking forward to your next video

  36. Barbara levy

    Loved this blog. Someone once asked me if I minded getting older. I said no- if you don’t get older you will never know the joy of becoming a grandma . I gave 5 grandkids that are pure joy. Stephen is lucky his kids are so close . To see my 2 girls in NJ is a 5-6 hour trip ( no direct flights). I also go to Jerusalem to see my son, DIL and their 3 kids. That is 10.5 hours going and closer to 12 hours getting back to the states. I go every year and twice a year when a new baby arrives. I agree with what you said about tablets but I couldn’t be a grandma without one. I get to see my Israeli kids in real time. I can see when they lose teeth, see them reading or special projects from school. It is ‘almost’ like a real visit. There is almost nothing like being called grandma x 5. All 5 have great parents and you learn we always follow mom and dad’s rules. I do on each trip go to a special bakery and buy them chocolate treats. My son will complain but I tell him I am doing this but if their mom says no I will stop. As soon as we get home he complains to his wife– she backs me up. I do special things 1-2 a year and it is ok . Sure do love my daughter in laws!!!

  37. Kay Hansel

    Great video. You two are so adorable together. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  38. Such a beautiful blog. Has to be one of my most favorite. Stephen’s love for his grandchildren and family is always so evident. His priorities are right on track. It actually made me a little teary thinking about dad who has been gone since I was little. Seeing such love for his family is so very touching. You are both wonderful parents.

  39. Traci Whiting

    That was great! If you could just keep a camera rolling 24/7 when you two are together Mary Beth-please and thank you! 😂

  40. Loved this Mary Beth! Your friendship with Stephen always makes me smile! I love it that both of you are such family people, it’s one of the many things about both of you that I admire!

    Thanks for sharing!

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