Sitting Down for a Chat

I’ve mentioned before that I love reading your comments, and I appreciate when you take the time to respond, share your own experiences and ask questions. Recently, a reader sent in an email full of great questions, so I decided to use them as an opportunity to sit down for another video blog. Thanks, Sandie Coco, for your great comments and questions … please keep them coming!


  1. Just found your blog recently. Loved the video chat. You have got to be the coolest, most energetic and entertaining woman I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing your stories and ideas.

  2. This is adorable. When you were talking about technology and social medi, it made me think about how it has changed the viewer experience. It’s been over 15 years since I watched Days, as a kid/teenager I would press record on the VCR everyday and go buy my magazines to learn a little more about the show and characters. Now I open an app everyday in the evening and wow, the show is waiting for me! And there is so much more interaction between actors and fans through social media. It’s a strange feeling, I know I don’t know you as a person but I feel like I do because your character was with me every day for 12 years. It’s nice to get a glimpse of what you are like as a person through your posts and pictures and I’m so glad you and Steven are back.

  3. Lorraine

    So sweet! It was over before I knew it. Thanks for sharing. By the way I did have that child many years later. I am so glad I did. I always say that I have 2 different generations of children. My oldest son just made settlement on his house today. Him and my daughter have been out of the house for years during college years and after. I am so glad I have my younger son. I still have many years until college for him. So many times I have had deja vu moments.

  4. I just spent an hour catching up on your blog and loving every minute of it. It feels like hanging out with a friend. I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you I have a daughter named Kayla…partly because your character is a sweet, smart, and beloved person by all. I have enjoyed telling people MY Kayla was named after a DOOL character! I’ve taught at least five Kaylas in my thirty years of teaching elementary school! See what you started? 🙂 I am a CASA volunteer too! Thank you for spreading the word! You have so many talents and I’m so glad you now share them on your blog! All the best to you!

  5. Hello Mary Beth,

    Can you talk about the movie you made called “Lovelines” when you get a chance. I would like to know why the soundtrack was never released? Because in the end credits of the movie it indicates that it will be released.

  6. Donna Mackie

    Great fun…I love your positive energy..I enjoy BV Cabernet..your blog and tweets are GREAT..You are quite a womanThank You..

  7. Thanks M & M for a Great Video Blog. Felt like you were just hanging out with all of us. I find your blogs so creative, fun and informative. You make me think Hmmmm maybe I should just go for it. Whatever it may be. After long weeks at work it’s so nice to have my weekly Plank time. If it’s been a really hard week, I power plank it and go back and read old blogs. I find this is better then eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream. Thanks mucho mas

  8. I really enjoyed this chat MaryBeth, funny, insightful and darn good questions! Thanks!

  9. Tracy Alverides

    Thanks so much for the video blog and sharing so much of yourself. You make it as if you are speaking directly with me.
    You gave little advise that I’m going to take and run with. I believe the Lord wanted me to see you post today. It made a difference!!
    Thank you and blessings on you! Oh and a question…What is your favorite kitchen tool? New or old.

  10. susan blackman

    I enjoy your blogs, you are such a lovely person and it’s so nice of you to share your thoughts with us. I’m looking forward to more.

  11. Hi MaryBeth,

    I so enjoyed your video blog today.

    Sandie asked great questions.
    I was so engrossed by your stories that the video was over before
    I knew it. You share so much of yourself & your family with us…you’re so heartfelt with anything you do. That’s why we adore you & are your biggest fans.

    Hope the blog doesn’t change to every other week,
    but understand completely if that happens. I can imagine how difficult
    it is to come up with different ideas. You & Mandy do such an amazing blog each week.
    Every Wednesday some of us start talking & wonder what Plankblog might be about on Thursday. 🙂
    Regardless of the subject…we all love it & appreciate the time you take to do it.

    • Stacey Griffith

      Mary Beth,
      I received the bag in the mail today….LOVE IT! Should I just consider the change that slipped behind the lining as an added bonus? I was hoping to pull out a big bill but so far just a quarter and a couple of dimes….

    • Thanks Gloria….I think Mandy and I make a good team.

  12. Janet Firth (a.k.a. Janet Helmer)

    Dear Mary Beth,
    I love your blogs and loved hearing about Katie. I am still a faithful Days viewer. My husband and I now live in AZ and get over to see grandkids in CA occasionally.
    I will always remember your gracious and delicious cups of tea! Hugs to you and all your family! ❤️

  13. Mary Beth, I love your blog posts, you are such a sweetheart! I too, as others have mentioned, am always amazed at how down to earth you are. For example, I love that one of my favorite actresses just comes out and says this shirt is from target. I think its amazing that you don’t get caught up in all of the glamour and hanging out with other famous people, instead you spend time with your family and do gardening work! I look up to you a lot for that, you are an inspiration! I am proud to say I am a very big fan, and I am loving that you are having more time on Days!
    Keep up the great work 🙂

  14. Thanks for doing the video chat, Mary Beth. Sometimes we forget that our favorite actors are real people with real lives, often not dissimilar to ours. Since we are close in age, I can really relate to your empty nest etc. As a 50 year fan (watched with my mom since childhood) I am so pleased with the return of the Patch and Kayla story line and the opportunity to relish the chemistry you and Stephen share. You two are delightful and your love and care for one another as people and fellow actors shines through. I’m glad I happened upon your Plank blog ! Enjoy the coming weeks as the 50th Anniversary shows air…. I wish I could attend your brunch, but it’s a far trip from Florida and we own our own small business. I’ll just have to be content with my memories of you and Stephen in Parsippany, NJ back in 1988, when he picked up my little “baby Patch” (3 month old son Chris, dressed in jeans, a faux leather jacket and eye patch) and showed him off to the audience! Our grown Chris, a graduate of USC, now lives in Claremont CA!

  15. You’re so beautiful and love you on Days. Can’t believe you have time to read all these comments. You’re too sweet. I know your family appreciates the lovely girl you are.

  16. I just loved watching this! Thanks for being so down to earth and sharing your thoughts with us. I especially liked you talking about Stephen and the relationship you share with him. It is truly special and it shows on screen.

    I’m such a fan and feel so fortunate to have met you at a Day’s gathering several years ago, a real life highlight for me!

  17. I love all your blogs and keep thinking how does she keep on doing such great ones but you do! So Thank you. But do you ever feel overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all the social media?

  18. The video Q&A was especially enjoyable. I have always thought you are just adorable and thank you for taking the time to sit down and do these blogs. Here’s a testament to how adorable you actually are: my 7 year old and I like to do that thing where you randomly pause videos to see what funny faces people are making and we tried this with your video blog and coincidence or not, we did not get any funny pause faces from you.

  19. Andrea W

    Question and answer blogs are always great! Thank you Mary Beth for sharing and thank you Sandie for sending in the questions!

  20. Christina Ivey

    Really enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy hearing your stories and seeing how down-to-earth you are. Being here on the East Coast, sometimes you can get preconceived ideas of how the entertainment industry is. Nice to know many of you are people just like us. Living normal everyday lives…just in a different setting. We all contribute our part, whether it be in entertainment, healthcare, retail, etc… It’s actually funny how similar we are; with loving to talk (and listen), the water, my family, and the arts. You’re an encouragement. Keep it up!!

    • Christina…
      It’s funny, if you could meet our group at DAYS I think you would be amazed how NORMAL everyone is. I think daytime attracts the more “family oriented” type people….people who want a regular job, done by dinner and local. I have now known alot of these people for 29 years and they feel like my extended family.

  21. Susan Nolen

    Love this weeks video blog!…I always luv it when you answer fans questions!…I could sit and listen to you talk all day Mary Beth! You’re just the sweetest! I look forward to every Thursday because I know I will be getting to read or watch a Mary Beth blog! You’re such an awesome person and I thank you for sharing so much of your life with us fans!…I will forever be a fan of yours!

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