On the Farm – Touring with Missy & Scott Reeves

I first met this beautiful gal in in 1986, when I joined the cast of Days of Our Lives, and she was (and still is) the doll baby of the universe. She was only 18, but had already been on the show for a year.

About 10 years ago, Missy and her adorable husband, Scott, decided to leave the rat race of Southern California and head to Nashville, Tenn.  Scott, who had been doing soaps for quite a while, is also an amazing singer/song writer … who had evidently always wanted to be a farmer. Nashville was a great fit.

A few years ago, they bought some acreage on the top of a hill and built an amazing “gothic farmhouse.” Ever since Missy shared her stories and photos of the build, I have been dying to go for a vist. This past weekend my dream came true, as NBC hosted an event in Nashville and asked a group of us to go.  We had the best time!

For starters it is such a treat for us to get out and meet the fans of the show … we work in a big warehouse and don’t see anyone, so it is so nice to get out for a meet and greet!  Then, the bonus was Missy took me on a fabulous tour of Nashville and surrounding towns, all the way up to the incredible “homestead” she and her beautiful family have created.  They are truly the sweetest, most welcoming people … I didn’t want to leave.

I can see why people are moving there in droves. It is so lush and beautiful with so many hip neighborhood … if I wasn’t such an ocean lover I might be tempted. Anyway, here is a smidge of our little adventure!



  1. What a great video! I’ve watch DOOL since the beginning. Does Missy commute to California every week? Do you still make apple pies? I bought one of yours several years ago for my husband’s birthday. He loved it!

    Beverly from Alabama

  2. Rhonda Brennan

    We moved to Nashville 2 yrs ago from ATL, and love it every day, so much to do. I have always watched DOOL, from at my Mother’s feet, through college, and recordings after work. I love Missy’s acting of the JH role, and felt like, “she could be a person who would fit in here”!! Well, my intuition was spot on, just found this!! Thx, MB! We were roam, shop, eat, enjoy all the same places… now I won’t break my neck in a head whip, thinking “is that….?” Leiper’s Fork is heaven on earth. #wearetheNJBrennanstoo

  3. Jennifer

    What a beautiful home! My family sat next to this lovely couple today at a high school graduation this morning. My sister-in-law and myself, having grown up watching Days, became star struck… Upon leaving the graduation we just had to say hello and Melissa Reeves is the most gracious and lovely woman. What a treat to meet such a super sweet lady. Her husband was equally as gracious and I have to say those two make a stunning couple. Thank you both for being so kind to two complete strangers who couldn’t contain their excitement at seeing you this morning.

  4. Karen McBeth

    Loved the tour what Beautiful place they have <3 thank you for sharing!!

  5. Michelle Gray

    Thank you for a lovely tour of the Reeve’s farm and Nashville. I certainly have Nashville and the South on my bucket list.

  6. Marnessa

    Mary Beth,
    Thank you for sharing! It’s so breath taking when you visit other places & even peaceful. I love getting a way from home, just to see what’s out there & to breathe. I am glad you enjoyed Nashville, it is a gorgeous place.

  7. Thank You MaryBeth for Sharing! I had the honor or meeting you and the cast of Days that weekend and it was amazing! I have met Scott and Missy at Puckett’s and they are both the sweetest people! Thanks again for sharing looks like you all had a blast!

  8. Patty Yocom

    Wonderful video Mary Beth! I’ve visited Franklin and it’s a beautiful small town. Seeing Missy and Scott’s place was great. Looks like you had a wonderful time visiting. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  9. Wow, what a beautiful farm!

    I have to say that I totally love the beautiful friendships that you all have offscreen. Love you all!

  10. Tracy Alverides

    Love to read your blog! Thank you for sharing your trip to Missy and Scott’s lovely farm. Can’t believe you were just couple of miles from me! So happy you’re able to visit our little neck of the woods of Franklin and Leipers Fork.
    God Bless.💜

  11. So beautiful and green!

  12. Connie D

    Love this video, thank for sharing😊

  13. I am new to this blog. I have a feeling I’ve missed out on a lot. I really enjoyed this video. How gracious of the Reeves to let us into their home and show us their wonderful community. I can see why it is considered a great place to live.

  14. Thank you for sharing. Absolutely beautiful home and family with a humble heart. God Bless💚

  15. How wonderful Mary Beth to be given such an intimate tour of Missy and Scott’s home. I so enjoyed learning more about this beautiful part of the US! Many thanks! 🙂 xx

    • That was so fun! Scott always posts little videos and pics on his instagram, their farm is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing a bigger view of it! I am covering that chicken coop lol. My husband and son built one but it’s not as cute 😉

  16. Thank you for sharing that Mary Beth. That was so much fun to watch and get to know Missy more! 😊Thank you both for allowing us to share in your time.

  17. What a gorgeous place she has! My cousin lives in Franklin. I enjoyed meeting all of the cast this weekend and Nashville is great!

  18. Donna Mackie

    Love this!!! Thank you Mary Beth🌻 Beautiful land, chicken coop extrodinaire, guest house 🌻🌻 Missy & Scott look to be “happy campers” Appreciate your sharing🎥

  19. Fran Hopson

    Thank you so much,Mary Beth. You Days people are the best. Been watching for 46 years and I was thrilled to get a tour of Missy and Scott’s farm. I watched her grow up and have always adored this sweet lady. So happy Kayla is back in Salem. I have two granddaughters named Lexie and Kayla as their Mom was exposed to Days all her life!

  20. I love it here in Nashville. I don’t live very far from Tim n Faith just over the hills..I met missy and Scott last year at Puckets in Columbia. If you come back to visit we have an awesome Winery called Amber Falls Winery it’s an awesome place in the hills lol you have to check it out

  21. I tend to share the Thursday posts with family and friends as soon as I get the chance and watch/read again with them. So this is my second time watching, and I really loved getting the mini tour, so thank you very much Mary Beth for sharing this with us!

    I love the bits of history that Missy shared while showing you different spots throughout the tour, it is always awesome to hear about what makes that certain spot special. Also, Missy and Scott have the most beautiful property! Her decorating ideas are awesome, and I was really loving the lighting fixtures!

  22. Mary Beth, I have a great idea, if you loved Nashville, just move a few hours farther south to my hometown, Andalusia, Al. Even less traffic, plenty of green pastures, rolling creeks and lots of southern hospitality. w
    We have 3 acres, chickens but no cows!We are only an hour and a half from the most beautiful beaches ever, Destin Fl. I’d even agree to be so kind and be your bff to show you around our town and even drive you to Destin and show you the best place to sail your boat!! lol
    Kelley in LA

  23. Tamra P.

    Thank you so much for coming to Nashville!! It’s one of my favorite places on Earth & I visit friends there every chance I get. I now have new friends to visit as well thanks to this weekend!! We had a wonderful time spending time with you and your castmates at the WildHorse 🙂 Missy & Scott’s farm is breathtaking … such a serene and peaceful place to live. Thanks for sharing your trip with us 🙂

  24. Loved this, Mary Beth! I moved to Nashville in 2007 from Grand Rapids, MI!
    I adore and appreciate the beautiful serenity that Nashville offers; and the people you meet here are such sweet genuine beautiful souls you can’t help but fall in love with this city!
    Thanks for showing us some of Missy’s lovely farm-makes us appreciate simple country living at its finest!!
    I’m am so bummed I missed meeting you all at the Wildhorse Saloon event dowtown this past weekend but hope that you loved it so much here that come back to visit again soon and bring Stephen with you too! 😉

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to our awesome city!!


  25. Tawni Parker

    Their property is beautiful. I love Nashville. Our daughter ‘S dream is to move there.

  26. Kim Wright

    Love it, I have lived in Tennessee my whole life and would not trade it for anything! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Wished I could have made it to Nashville to meet all of you but I had to work. 🙁

  27. Alice LaPrade

    I loved seeing Missy and Scott Reeves’ farm, but now I want to see more of the actual farmhouse! Fingers crossed for Part 2 next week?

  28. Samesies, Mary Beth, I am an ocean lover but have been tempted by Nashville in particular because it’s SUCH a fun town and my experience of TN generally is that it’s gorgeous and green, like you show us here. Awesome trip and kudos to the Reeves family for following the dream!

  29. Sherry Ricks

    Glad you liked your tour. I live about 1hour 30 min from Nashville. I love that area. I’ve been watching DOOL for 38 yrs. Love you all !!!

  30. Andrea Welmaker

    I Love Scott and Missy’s farm! I love all the animalsand Missy has made their home beautiful! Nashville is a wonderful place to live and visit. Thank you Mary Beth for sharing!

  31. Shonette Armstrong

    I so love this! I’m glad to see the bond you ladies have off camera. Genuine love! They’re home and area is lovely. Well Mary Beth, there’s your next vacation/relaxation venue. 😊❤❤

  32. MaryBeth, Thank you for the tour of Missy’s home it was so country I loved it! I am from Alabama and we have farm lands too so I can relate! In Alabama we have mountains, flat areas and even the beach! Please come south for vacation time!

  33. Looks like you had a great visit! Nice video. We are mighty proud of our state of Tennessee and happy to have our #Days faves moving here to share our piece of Paradise! Missy & Scott have adapted beautifully. Wonder if Peter has? Lol

  34. Susan Nolen (Suzzy1969)

    Love this weeks video blog…Me being from & living in Alabama really enjoyed seeing Missy’s Tennessee farm!… Reminds me of my own property in Alabama!… Nashville is an awesome city!…so glad you had a great time meeting the fans! As always Mary Beth, thanks for sharing your time time spent in Nashville!

  35. Thanks for the tour of Nashville and of Missy’s farm. It is so beautiful and serene!! The rolling hills are gorgeous and everything is so green. I love the bridge and the water running underneath it. I could listen to that all day. It is definitely a beautiful and quiet escape from the rat race of life. Thank you again for the tour!

  36. Janet Firth

    I feel like I want to sing: “Take me home country roads”! I have aunts in Alabama and hope to get there before this year is over! What a beautiful place Melissa & Scott have…feel the love and beauty everywhere! Thanks for sharing!!!

  37. I loved this blog! Especially the animals! Reminds me of my pig raising days 🐷 Thanks for sharing!

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