#KindnessIs: Mary Beth asks, her co-stars answer

This past weekend, I was delighted to join my Days of our Lives co-stars for the annual Day of Days event at Universal City Walk, where we all at the opportunity to meet with thousands of fans. 

They cheered us on, brought us treats and shared stories of how the show has impacted their lives  … and we had the best time! 

While we were there, I decided to honor World Kindness Day (which was Monday), by asking my colleagues to share their opinions on kindness and what it means to them.  I loved their willingness to walk this PLANK with us … and I think you’ll love their answers. 

So enjoy this #KindnessIs edition of PLANK … and then go sprinkle a little of your own kindness around. You really will make the world a better place!


  1. Staci Tickemyer

    This video is amazing. So many different definitions and thoughts on what kindness is. I loved hearing from all the individuals in real life that I watch on a T. V. show on a daily basis . It was so fun refreshing to see and hear their thoughts. Mary Beth it seems as though you have a kind group of co-workers!! ❤️❤️

  2. Kayla Sheaffer

    KindnessIs…Taking 11 minutes out of your life to watch and post about this video…Got choked up from all the beautiful honesty but I want to explain the reasons why: First the underlying theme that sang out from everyone is LOVE. So many beautiful responses. Nonjudgmental, empathetic, looking outside of yourself, caring about someone else, caring about yourself. Secondly the peel back of emotions and straight “look you in the eye” honesty was so beautiful and refreshing, probably better then any interview I’ve ever read! Thirdly, how beautiful was is to watch this 11 minute fascinating experiment and realize that everyone who participated not only spoke from their heart but respected the person responsible for this video to happen. I could feel their love for YOU Mary Beth and how your KiNdNeSs to your cast members affects their life at work. What an awesome project you all put together! TY it made me proud that I make great choices in souls I support. Oh, and by the way…KindnessIS Love, No Judgement, Empathy, It’s being there for family, friends, strangers and it’s starts with yourself. When I was 10 I looked at myself in the mirror and said out loud that I AM BEAUTIFUL because someone was constantly telling me I was not; that was the KINDEST thing I ever did for me that helped me create a world of kindness in my life…Truth

  3. Michelle

    Great blog Mary Beth! Everyday I say to my 3 beautiful children to be kind to everyone. I have told them you don’t have to like everyone or agree on what they say but you must be kind whether it is a smile, a wave or hello. 😘😘

  4. kit corbett

    Love, Love, Love 😍

  5. Cindy Nelson

    Love this topic and seeing what kindness means to others, gets me to thinking about what I as a person need to do to be kinder. After spending time in LA with S&K peeps, the meaning is much different for many of us, and created a platform if I may say to look deep inside and see what we can do to make the world and if not the world our lives a kinder place. I am recommitting to kindness, it is something I strive for daily, but had forgotten that it starts with me, and not to expect it from anyone else. I fell in love with a kindness campaign I started with me students 3 years ago, and the commitment that changed our lives, they remain committed to their campaign even with new people leading them. I need to jump back on that wagon and ride it with them again. So, once again thank you MBE for bringing kindness to the fore front of my thinking. This PLANK was even more special bc that group of kids I started the KindnessIs campaign face timed me and reminded me that they continue with kindness everyday. Makes my heart happy not only to know they continue kindness, but that they are continuing to be a viewer of PLANK……………….such a positive place to be reminded of what we can and should do as individuals.

  6. Beautiful message, beautiful thoughts from my favorite cast. Thanks for sharing your kindness with all of us.

  7. …and this is one of the reasons I love Days! ❤️

  8. What a great post and video. I loved the authenticity from everyone and appreciate you and their kindness to us who tune in everyday and make Salem a part of our collective fabric.

  9. Staci Workman

    You will never regret being 💜 kind. Just posted this the other day. Everyone should live by this!!

  10. Mary beth, I am so grateful you had your co-stars give what they believe what “Kindness” means to them..Thank you for being kind, loving to do this at Hollywood Days event..I totally Loved watching my Favorite cast and 52 years from day one.I was 11 yr old of Nov.8 1965! i was home sick from school. Days is still in my life. I love to visit Days set, meet everybody of cast & crew..On My Bucket List! Thank kindly, Willa in WV <3 XOXO

  11. jennifer brock

    I can’t tell you how much I love this post!! Kindness is such a tough word to explain, yet I loved how everyone that you interviewed seemed to really reflect on what that word meant to them. That one word brings out a plethora of feelings from everyone… from very heartfelt and tears, to a passionate, multi-layered answer, to calmness and gratitude. It’s so amazing how one little word can evoke such thoughtfulness and emotion, and how that same word means something different to each of us.

    I recently published a book about kindness, where I asked about 325 children what kindness meant to them and how they could put kindness back into the world. I was astounded at their responses! They have very insightful ideas on the definition of kindness, and they have huge hearts on how to put it back into the world. If the world could only learn from these children, what a happier place we would have!

    Thank you for sharing your friends’ thoughts on what kindness means. It truly is something we need more of in this world.

  12. Great idea, Mary Beth. I really like that each of them took their time and gave thoughtful responses.

  13. Susan Schenck

    Thank you for sharing this with us It’s wonderful to see all of you and know that I would be happy to have you all as friends even if you weren’t famous. So glad I found your blog


    Mary Beth, if you haven’t read the book WONDER, I strongly recommend it. My daughter read it to her kids, ages 8 & 10. They told me about it. The movie comes out this month. The book is a life changer and about KINDNESS! 💗👍

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