Getting Social and Walking the “Plank”

I thought there was a good chance I would escape social media altogether. My sweet daughter, Katie, has been gently encouraging me for a while to start a lifestyle blog; but up until a few months ago, I had never tweeted, Instagramed or Facebooked. In fact I wasn’t even interested in finding out what any of that meant. Boy, I didn’t know what I was missing!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my daughter (and two nephews) encouraged me to get on Instagram. They set up an account for me, and then, even after we’d parted, they continued to email and text me with corrections, tips and ideas. As I write this, it has been two months, and I have more than 2,100 people following me on Instagram—yippy! It is so much fun and a bit of an obsession to boot … I love the #tbt and #fbf … great fun!

Okay, so that’s how I came to the world of social media … but what about this blog? Let’s back up a little first…

A photo of Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, Days of our Lives) for the Dream Loud Campaign. Photo taken by Bradley E. Young.
Mary Beth Evans for the #DreamLoud campaign



I am the youngest of four children, all raised by a single mom. Of course, there was never any extra money, but my Mom

was extremely creative. If she wanted something, she would use whatever was on hand. She would make bedside tables by contact papering several cardboard boxes together, or build a bookcase with cinder blocks and planks of wood. She would take a painting that was already hanging on the wall and paint on a sunrise, or coat the whole thing in Mod Podge (a crackle glaze) to make it look like an antique.


I remember several times we moved from one apartment to another in the same complex just so she could change it up and have a different floor plan. I have a sneaking suspicion that much of this was the beginning foundation for who I am today. I love making something from nothing – painting a room myself or moving the furniture around to make it feel fresh and new to me. This sometimes throws my husband off. Then again, I guess he’s probably gotten used to it after all these years together.

I'm a hustler!
Words to live by.

I met my husband when I was just 19, and I didn’t know how to do anything. My mother had always worked, leaving my siblings and I to be the housekeepers. So cleaning I could do. But cooking, entertaining, making a house a home – those were all things I knew nothing about. My point in sharing this is that EVERYTHING can be picked up if you have interest and desire to learn. That’s all you really need!

From sewing and quilting classes to jam or ice-cream making workshops, I have always sought out ways to learn the things I wanted to do. Years ago, I found a class called Fanatic Gardener at the Los Angeles Arboretum, and I took that for several years to learn how to cultivate a beautiful garden.


When my children were young, we would go on family trips with other families. While there, the moms would have cook-offs – making whatever was in the latest cooking magazines we picked up at the airport. If fact, every dinner party I had in those early years seemed to be the “perfect opportunity” to try all the latest recipes that had inspired me. This, of course, meant a full day in the kitchen, plus lots of last-minute running around to get ready before the guests arrived.

One year my husband Michael gave me the most valuable advice, “Why don’t you make something you have made before, something tried and true?” Why had that never occurred to me? It does make for a less stressful evening for sure.


I love to have family or friends over. I love to go the extra mile and make it special … make my home a warm and inviting place that people look forward to coming back to. When my kids were little I would have Sunday evening parties with three close families; and I secretly loved it when everyone was crying as they were leaving. No one wanted to go – a sure sign of “a good time had!” Now that it’s just adults I think if we are flamenco dancing by the end of the night it was a success!!!!

The idea for my new lifestyle blog, PLANK, is to be a platform for ideas – little extras and inspirations to make “your” world a little more fun, bright and beautiful … a place for my musings on life, friends, family and adventures, which I can’t wait to share with you!

Speaking of sharing with you – be sure to check out my current favorite pick, the Potterseed Ramekins from Maude Woods.

Cheers to the journey … I hope you follow along with me!

All the best,



  1. Donna Mackie

    Just checking in to say I have enjoyed reading your comments and browsing your various categories. .adore your being such a great example to your dear family…I would appreciate following your blog or plank and sharing things from my lifetime occasionally. Kudos to Mary Beth moving us all forward.. Donna Mackie

  2. Hi there Mary Beth,
    I’m super excited about being able to read your blogs again! I have been a huge fan since I was young! My grandma watched my sister and I when we were young and she was a big Days fan. That is when I started watching with her and I fell in love with Steve and Kayla lol. Anyway, I have followed you from soap to soap and loved readig your
    Old blog you used to be part of (I can’t really remember the name though). I’m so excited that you are now on Instagram, it’s an addiction of mine too. I cannot wait to read more.

  3. Great bloG. I enjoyed reading about you and look forward to more.

  4. Patricia K

    Mary Beth, I just planned to read a couple sections today – my goodness- once I started – I couldn’t stop. One section to another to another. Truly a FANTASTIC blog. Your creativeness, enthusiasm, and honestly is really inspirational. You have made me want to walk the PLANK and I agree that every person should. Wishing you all the best with The PLANK (I know it will continue to grow) and in all your endeavours. Can’t wait to see what you will be blogging next. Thank you for doing this and am proud to be a fan of yours.

    • Mary Beth

      Hello Patricia,
      Thank you so much for your comments…That is exactly what I am hoping for, we all get kind of “lost” in it. I want this blog to be a community where we can chat and share ideas. I especially love your remark “You have made me want to walk the PLANK” That is awesome and I hope other people feel that too!

  5. Patricia

    Mary Beth, I just planned to read a couple sections today – my goodness- once I started – I couldn’t stop. One section to another to another. Truly a FANTASTIC blog. Your creativeness, enthusiasm, and honestly is really inspirational. You have made me want to walk the PLANK and I agree that every person should. Wishing you all the best with The PLANK and all your endeavours. Thank you so much for doing this. Can’t wait to see wait you will be blogging next. Will be cheering you on.

  6. Jane Edwards

    Mary Beth, I am so thrilled that you have gone forth with this Blog. You really are a creative soul and it’s always the little things that inspire me-I learnt about your salad in a box gardens years ago and told so many people before they became the trendy way to do things. It was the idea and I loved how you developed it.
    Please keep up the lessons on how to keep your near adult kids close-they inspire me now that I will soon be approaching that stage. I enjoy reading those points to store in my knowledge box of ideas for when I will need it.
    Keep doing what you have done in the first blog. For me it is the perfect mix of a little bit of everything that I enjoy reading and learning about.

  7. Hi Mary Beth,How wonderful to be able to read a blog on a lady I have been a fan of for many years. It is so clear that you have a happy family and enjoy your life to the fullest. That is something we all aspire to do.
    I love to cook and I also have a rose garden and may I say what a beautiful home you have. I also love your work as an actor, especially on Days of Our lives and The Bay.
    From Michelle

  8. Thanks for sharing what inspires you as a person and how you overcome challenges. I’ve always loved you as Kayla but now I know Mary Beth too.

  9. Debbie Budach

    What a beautiful blog. Your adventure section is very inspiring. I will be going out if my comfort zone in May or June. My niece and I are going to go zip lining through the tree tops near the Minnesota River. Should be an exciting time! Congrats on your new blog venture!

    • Mary Beth

      Did I mention I am totally afraid of heights?….You go girl..I want to hear about it later!

  10. Kathleen

    I just learned about your blog from a favorite shop in Pasadena. What fun to see so much creativity and passion. I love your story and the thought that we can learn anything if we wish to. Just when I am feeling a bit wrung out and dried up, as far as my creativity, I read your blog and am sparked by your enthusiasm….Thank You!!!

  11. Stephanie

    It is so exciting seeing your new creative platform! You always inspire me because you have a knack for mixing creative ideas with practical tips and advice. I follow tips you have shared before about baking and separting egg whites before making omelettes and I am looking forward to learning new things here. My husband and son still proclaim that your apple pie is the best dessert on the planet, so your baking tips are appreciated. I am looking forward to your gardening advice and any parenting tips you share along the way. The web design of the blog is beautiful!

  12. Can you tell us from whence comes your energy? I chuckle when I see all of your pics and adventures! I’m sooo glad you are blogging again and on social media. It certainly can suck your time! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!

    • Mary Beth

      Hi Barb,
      That’s funny you say husband says that to me too. I love to be busy and I “drum”up activities to keep me busy and engaged in life!

  13. Rita Neergaard

    I have been a follower of your life for many, many years due to your role on Days of Our Lives. Even named one of my children Kayla! Haha. Love your style and can’t wait to get to know you and your family on this blog. Good luck with this new adventure!

  14. susan nolen

    Thanks for sharing all this with us fans…looking forward to reading and seeing more of all the things you want to share..especially new recipes…I love cooking new things for my husband!

  15. I’m thrilled you’ve decided to start this blog, Mary Beth. You’re ability to channel your creativity in so many different ways is very inspiring and I love your zest for every project you start.

    I’m also happy you’ve joined social media. It’s been a blast following along.

    P.S. You picked a great editor. Mandy’s the best!
    P.P.S. I tried to post this comment earlier, but got an error so if it shows up twice, I apologize.

  16. I’m really such a connoisseur of your lifestyle musings, MB. You’ve inspired me in some cooking and house-homing, but I haven’t been able to say the same for your unbelievable gardening. But I think the life-long learning speaks to me. I do love learning new things. The minute I think I’m too old to pick up this new thing, whatever it is (especially cooking, which stresses me out), I’ll somehow find inspiration somewhere and change my mind. I change my mind alot with your lifestyle commentaries, and so I really look forward to every one of them and will be paying very close attention. PLANK is clearly a brand new baby for you, and so in that spirit, Mazel Tov, and I’ll be enjoying its nurturing growth. — Hils

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