1. Joanne Conte

    Mary Beth,

    Thanks for being real. You are great!

  2. Susan Nolen (Suzzy1969)

    These are always my favorite blogs MB!….always love when you answer fans questions!…you’re so honest down to earth!…just adore you!….Thanks for always brightening my day!

  3. Marnessa

    Mary Beth,
    I love the question & answer blog! So personal & honest.
    I just love & enjoy everything about PLANK! So much insight, advice & whole new way of looking at things. THANK YOU!

  4. ILoveMySnK

    Thank you again, MB, for taking your time to answer a few of our plethora of questions. I agree with Jennifer who posted below saying the blog feels like a girls get-away of sorts – completely understood what you were saying Jennifer!

    Just want you to know we do appreciate this blog. Thank you.

  5. Stacey AKA BraveWidowMama

    Mary Beth,

    Your comment about non-gender specific attitudes when raising kids caught my attention. As the mother of a gay son, I am grateful that I was the same when my kids were growing up. I think that this, and our close relationship, helped him to come out to me at the age of 13.

    Our kids pay attention when we are raising them. They pay attention to our behavior. Homophobic behavior from parents must be so painful for gay kids who are struggling with their sexuality.

    My son and I go for facials. But, I’ll bet he would love a mani/pedi day with Mom!

  6. Mary Beth, I love these q and a blogs. I always enjoy your honesty and you are a really entertaining raconteur .
    Thanks heaps

  7. Hi MB,

    You have great taste in movies. I’m a big fan of going to the movies as well. Loved Moonlight too. Manchester was good. I think my favorite movie of the year was Hacksaw Ridge. Highly recommend if you don’t mind some war violence. It is such an inspirational true story.

    Keep up the great work. Enjoy your blog and love your work on Days

  8. Christie L

    I love love love the vlogs! Thanks for sharing.☺️

  9. Traci Whiting

    Is it even possible to admire/adore you more than I already do?? With every video blog, IG, tweet and Fb post the answer continues to be YES!! Continue to do you MB-you’re the greatest and an inspiration to many including me!!

  10. Great post today! I love these video q & a posts! You are so candid and honest, that is so refreshing.
    As I was folding laundry and singing to some random song, my mind wandered (as it always does when I am not super focused) to some of the answers you gave in this blog, and in other blogs, whether it be video blogs or written ones. It dawned on me that with all the sharing of yourself you do, as well as your readers, and guest bloggers do, it feels like a girls’ weekend each week.
    When I am with friends for a weekend, we share so much and learn so much from each other. We are comfortable, candid, and honest with each other, and share ideas, stories, and definitely lots of laughter.
    That is what PLANK feels like to me, a fun girls’ getaway where you are comfortable to share a part of yourself, and also take something back with you after having read the post. (It’s definitely way cheaper than going away.) I think the video blogs make it more real, as if you are having a one-on-one conversation. (I am not sure if any of that made sense, but it did in my head).
    I know when you started PLANK, you wanted it to be a springboard of ideas and used as a way of inspiring each other, and I think you have met and certainly exceeded that goal. Thank you for all you do and for sharing yourself so freely.

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  12. nancy dillingham

    It is so very refreshing to listen to you and to hear about your life–like talking to an old friend who is kind, modest, active–and just plain nice. Best wishes–I will always be a fan of “Kayla and Patch”!

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