The Heavy Burden of Losing Weight

My friend and editor in chief, Mandy, is a superstar. Tackling anything that comes her way with enthusiasm and gusto!  I was so happy she is willing to share her story with our PLANK community.  Many of us (absolutely me too) could write some version of this story. I think my version is on a loop every Monday too.  
We would love to hear your comments, and let’s support each other … maybe even start a challenge if that would help everyone find motivation. 
Oh life, such a crazy path we follow …

Through the Fire … Taking Steps Toward Happiness

When I started this blog, I envisioned a platform for inspiration … a place where we could all share a little about our lives, with the hope that everyone could find a small, helpful piece they could take back to their own lives. I imagined recipes, gardening tips and sharing ideas on how to stay motivated in our continuous journeys to health/fitness.

I never really imagined that PLANK could have a more serious impact. Last week, however, I received a letter from a reader who said that this blog had saved her. It’s always nice to hear that your words or ideas or attitudes have inspired people … but save them?

Attention, Tone & Subtext: A Communications Challenge

When I started PLANK, I mentioned that there might be some random musings … well today is one of those days. 

I was thinking the other day, as I was learning my script for Days of Our Lives, that it’s very interesting how you can take any sentence or phrase and say it at least 10 different ways … all with different subtext. As an actor, this is always interesting to explore, and there are even acting exercises dedicated to this very thing. 

This plays out in our everyday lives, too, in how we interact with people. As actors, we consider our character’s motivation and make conscious choices about how we deliver lines. But in life we often let emotion alone drive delivery … and sometimes our intention is lost in the mix.  Our communications can so easily be misunderstood, especially in today’s world where texting and emailing sometimes replace actual face-to-face conversations.

30 Plus Some & I’m Feeling Great!

In October, I shared with you my quest to get back on the health wagon with the Whole30. Since then, several of you have asked about my experience, so I thought I’d share a little update.

As I said in my original post, I’ve tried so many diets over the years that I’ve lost count. I seem to be perpetually in search of something that will help me stabilize my weight. And for that last 5-10 years, I’ve been in a pretty consistent cycle – I’d be really good during the week and drop a few pounds, only to gain them back over the weekend. Sound familiar?

It’s 2017: What Would You Like to See on PLANK?

Wow, it’s 2017 and we’re moving into the third year of PLANK … I can’t believe it! I’ve had so much fun here – sharing with, and learning from and about all of you! And most of all, I love the positive, supportive and inspiring platform that we’ve created together!

As we move into this new year, I want to hear more from you! What do you want to read about? Who would you like to see as a guest blogger? Which recipes would you like me to feature? Please comment here and let me know about any ideas you have for topics, or any questions that I can answer for you.

 Thank you – I am grateful for your continued support and readership, and appreciate the time you take to engage with me here!

2016 : Welcome to the Jungle

Happy New Year!! I know it isn’t Thursday yet, but with the new year, I thought it was the perfect day to reflect on 2016 … with an insightful guest post.

Once again, my beautiful, uber smart friend Kate Mansi has been generous enough to write a thoughtful, honest guest blog for us.  Her quest to probe deeper, not only in her own mind, but also to hear the collective endlessly inspires me. She teaches me to look below the surface, to root around a bit for deeper meaning in my acting (she is a superstar in my book), and more importantly in my day to day life. 

Please jump in and add your word to her list !!!

2016 : Welcome to the Jungle

by Kate Mansi

Apropos of its Chinese zodiac sign, the monkey, 2016 had moments I felt the whole world went ape sh**.

It was a year that demanded flexibility, versatility, agility and a sense of humor as we all jumped through hoops, monkeying around to stay afloat. With an astonishing number of tragedies and losses, I’ve never experienced such a collective feeling of misfortune for a particular year. The year was so widely recognized for it’s surprisingly strange and chaotic behavior it became it’s own hashtag, it’s own meme, it’s own character with a breakdown reading something like:

[2016] All Ethnicities; Mischievous, unpredictable. The one who comes to town to turn everything upside down.