It’s 2017: What Would You Like to See on PLANK?

Wow, it’s 2017 and we’re moving into the third year of PLANK … I can’t believe it! I’ve had so much fun here – sharing with, and learning from and about all of you! And most of all, I love the positive, supportive and inspiring platform that we’ve created together!

As we move into this new year, I want to hear more from you! What do you want to read about? Who would you like to see as a guest blogger? Which recipes would you like me to feature? Please comment here and let me know about any ideas you have for topics, or any questions that I can answer for you.

 Thank you – I am grateful for your continued support and readership, and appreciate the time you take to engage with me here!


  1. Danielle

    I came across your blog recently while looking for a chocolate chip cookie recipe. I really enjoyed the recipe. Thank you.

    In 2017, I’d love to see more healthy recipes (cookies included!). I follow a macronutrient-based eating approach, with an emphasis on clean eating, and am always looking for new recipes.

    Additionally, I saw that your husband is a cosmetic surgeon. I’d really be interested in a few guest posts on cosmetic surgery. For example, how do you go about finding a good plastic surgeon in your area (i.e., what questions to ask a potential doctor, red flags to look for, etc)? Or, his thoughts on injectables and filters (i.e., what are the biggest mistakes people make, what age is ideal, etc).

    Happy 2017!

  2. Carolyn Axtell

    I would enjoy reading about your typical day…after being in L.A. for Days of Days in November….the traffic is mind boggling. When do you get up, what happens when you are stuck on the Freeway in all that traffic going to the studio, do you have a certain makeup artist….is your hair washed there and styled everyday…are your clothes picked out for you ahead of time or do you have a choice?
    How many hours are spent at the studio on a normal day?

    I enjoy all your blogs on cooking, gardening, decorating, family and those with you and Stephen.

  3. We all know the importance of good girl friends, best friends- female friends that are family. Without these deep connections and support, we wouldn’t be the strong women we are today. My best friend I have had all my life- 32 years. Our mothers worked together and the rest is history. We’ve come of age together sharing in life’s milestones but moreover; the everyday stuff too. But while I wouldn’t trade this or any of my friendships with females my age, there is something to be said about developing friendships with women who are older. Before I turned 25, I wrote on my bucket list to develop a friendship with a woman at least a couple decades older than I. Yep, I actually wrote decades! It started with coffee and mentorship and now she is a dear, true friend of whom I confide in. I invited another. And now there are two of us young-ins (as they call us) and four veterans (as we lovingly call them!). It’s not just a group of women, or just a group of colleagues (we are all nurses) getting together. It’s a close friendship nurtured over the past 7 years. We’ve planned a trip to Vegas. Now yes, we’ve all done Vegas with that big group of girls that was a blast but this will be different. And I’m excited.
    I just want to know more, from others’ experiences, about making friends that are older.
    Is it the confidence they radiate?
    Is it because its drama free?
    Frankly, I’m not always sure what they get out of the deal. They have rich, full lives as well with children my age but I do know now from a little experience of my own that their friendship is invaluable! And their invites keep coming. Us young-ins must be a little fun!
    Who were your female mentors? Outside of grandmothers, mothers, aunts, etc- are there women older than you that you’ve developed connections and close friendships with and if you asked them, what would they say they get out it?

  4. Andrea Welmaker

    Hi Mary Beth! I have loved all your blogs and I thank you and Mandy for being so faithful for the past two years in keeping Plankblog going. You have brought great tips, inspiration, encouragement, laughter and so much more into ours every week. Thank you!

    So, many things have already been mentioned. Several of them I’d love to see. One thing I’ve always been interested in is something you and Stephen mention in an interview once. “Mary Beth is in the House” I would love to hear you talk about it. How you and Stephen filmed the show. What would you be doing. If You have any clips we could see. I never saw it and it sounds like it was a great.
    I look forward to whatever ever you bring us!
    Thank you, Andrea

  5. Barbara levy

    Marybeth ,

    I have followed your previous blog and everyone one of your Plankblogs. I love the previous suggestions:
    interviews with co-stars on their daily lives. How they deal with their stardome and keep life normal for their lives
    I know you never made a big deal about what you do for a living but how did your kids handle it when their friends knew who you were especially when you were on so many magazine covers?
    Love bloopers!
    How did Gregory get you and other actors to participate in the bay. Actors Ike the rest of us has to bring in a paycheck to support their families. When you have a paying job how did you fit in doing the Bay
    And not jeopardize your full time job?

    Would love to here about your experience on whole30. I just started and at work our cafe is also doing whole 30.

    How did you and Mandy meet, become friends, and join forces with plankblog?

    Loved your blog about recommitting yourself to health. My oldest died 5 days short of his 30th birthday from lymphoma. As a mom I always took my kids for yearly physicals and to the dentist. He did not know he was sick until approximately 10 days before he died. The oncologist said he died so quickly because he probably had lymphoma for 2+ years before he died. Each year towards the anniversary of his death I look for a special mitzvah (good deed) to honor his memory. My first one was on getting yearly check- ups. I hoped at least one person would step forward and get a physical. That year 2 folks got a physical. A young mom wrote she had not had a physical in over 10 years. She now goes every march which is both the anniversary of michaels passing and his birthday.

    Michael. 3-15-77- 3-10-2007. He left behind a wonderful wife of 4.5 years and two little girls 18 months and 3.5 years old. I want help in spreading the word that even if you are not sick get yourself established with a PCP and get your physicals.

    Could you start with your own kids including your daughter- in- law since they are all living on their own. When was the last time they got a physical?

    Thank you,


  6. Happy New Year and congratulations on 3 successful years of PLANK! It’s crazy how time has flown by!

    I, like so many others, really like the Q & A’s. I loved the 2 posts you did from your Instagram questions. I also love the stories on family, friendships, interviews from guest bloggers, and BTS stories. I take away something from each post you make, whether it is a new recipe, gardening tips, or an inspirational story. I learn something new each time.

    Thank you and Mandy for all the hard work and dedication you both have put forth towards keeping PLANK going week after week. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!

  7. Happy 2017 Mary Beth!! As you well know, I totally adore you, have since I was 13!! And I think Mandy is pretty awesome too!!

    I just found Plank about 9 months ago and absolutely love everything you do! You are one of a kind to share your life with us you fans, not only do we love Kayla but we feel as if we have a true, real life friendship with the one and only MBE!! How cool is that!!
    I would LOVE more anything SnK, more interviews, behind the scenes vids, bloopers, And since most of us are Days fans, I’d love to see you do interview vids with the vets, because most of y’all have been on for 30 plus years, that’s an amazing accomplishment. I’d love to see you and Peggy McKay have a sit down if she is able. Just a good mother/daughter reminiscing of the past 30.
    I loved your valentine blog last year, something “romantical” for the hubs.(good ideas for gifts)Anything gardening, we love when you spotlight your family. I love anything Katie, such a sweetheart. Maybe a good QnA with her on raising girls, I have 3!!!
    I love your encouragement and Inspiration on topics, as a teacher, that’s always much needed.
    A good interview on your sidekick Mandy! Intentional living ideas. Since I’m technically challenged, lol, and I’m trying this twitter thing maybe a crash course on “how to” twitter properly, lol, or maybe Mandy should do that one! lol!!
    We are gonna LOVE anything you choose, because we love you for being so transparent with us. I know Plank 2017 will be the best yet!! Kelley in LA (lower Alabama)

  8. Kathy Hyland

    I would like to hear more about your theories on raising typical teenage boys. In particular ones who think I’m the enemy because I’m struggling with this topic. Possibly some input from your own children on how they were raised, they seem like awesome children. I also enjoy when you do the question answer sessions. Maybe also offer some unique ideas to do for our selves as wives and mothers. Thank you so much for being so dedicated to this blog. When I’m reading the blog I don’t think of you as the woman who plays Kayla on Days of Our Lives. I think of you as a normal average everyday woman who has raised her children and is living her best possible life.

  9. Michelle Gray

    Wow I can’t believe it is the third year. I would love to see some more videos/interviews with the Days cast, and also the med/spa. Always love the recipes. I particularly have enjoyed the guest blogs from Kate Mansi and enjoy her insight into the way we feel and think .
    Looking forward to another great year with Plank Blog, happy new year Mary Beth.

  10. Michelle

    Hi Mary Beth!

    First, thank you for Plank! I look forward to it every week and I love how inspiring and fun it is.

    A lot of ideas I had as first instincts have been mentioned already, i.e. More vlogs, Q&A, day in the life, guests. I love the spa stuff! The RN I go to in my town just started the micro needling a few months ago, and I’m interested now because of your video about it. Of course, anything that includes Stephen is special and exciting.

    What about having a Days month for Plank? Like you doing a Q&A with specific cast members. A different person each week. You could do a poll via Instagram beforehand to let us choose the four. When our top four is decided and it’s set up, have us send our questions via Instagram for the Q&A part. That could be fun. I already know my choices. Stephen, Lauren Koslow, Kristian Alfonso and then one of the hotties, doesn’t matter which one. Ha! Ha!

    Thanks for sharing so much with all of your fans! XO

  11. Cindy Martinez

    Cheers to a new Plank Year!!
    I’m a big lover of the It Takes A Village philosophy. I would love seeing a video of you and others(co workers, friends,a family member, your CB instructor and maybe a fan😉) enjoying a meal and having table talk. Picking a topic and sharing opinions, different as they may be. I think it’s powerful and fun, seeing people from all walks of life talk it out. Bon appetite!!

  12. I’ve been touched lately by the story of Adrienne’s breast cancer on Days. (Thank you to Judi Evans for her vulnerability and convincing authenticity. Also, kudos to Lauren Koslow and her softer side.) I’ve seen several relatives fall ill to or die from cancer, including breast cancer. I’d be interested in hearing whether fellow actors in the storyline or writers of the show or their loved ones have personally experienced cancer in their lives and how this has informed the writers in deciding what specifically to address or how it’s informed the actors and perhaps made them feel more empathetic. Cancer is so widespread that it seems no one can escape having dealt with a loved one suffering from it. Perhaps a forum or discussion on the topic with other actors and/or the writers perhaps?

  13. Krista Buerster

    I am so excited for another year of Plank. I would like to see a vlog of your hair/make up process on Days. Also, would love to see Missy Reeves as a guest, as well as Ari Zuker speaking about her charity organization she does (I believe along with her brother??). Thank you for sharing with us throughout the years. Wishing you and your family a blessed 2017, sweet lady.

  14. Traci Whiting

    I love everything about you and your blog MB! Congratulations to you and Mandy on Year 3! I would have to second or third or fourth the suggestion about “A day in the life of MB”. I would love to see that! I also always love your video blogs about anything and everything. The one where you answered our questions was my fave. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us, it is truly appreciated by many! For those of us that have worshipped the ground you walk on for 30 years…..our favorite day is Thursday! 😉

  15. Thank you Mary Beth & Mandy for doing this blog weekly. I know you both are very busy but you both still make it happen & I really appreciate that! And congrats on your third year! 🙂

    I’d love to hear from Lauren Koslow about fashion, hair, etc. She always looks great & I believe she designs a lot or at least has quite a bit of input on what she wears on the show.

    I’d also love more Adult ADD compliant recipes. haha I get lost if there’s more than a few ingredients & a few steps. lol I’m pretty sure I’m the #1 buyer of brussel sprouts at my Costco because that’s the only recipe of yours I can make. haha

    I love the Q&As you’ve done solo & with Stephen. I wouldn’t mind more of those, too!

    Thanks again for this blog! I look forward to it weekly! 🙂

  16. Susan Nolen (Suzzy1969)

    Mary Beth and Mandy…I would love to see a once a month fan post a favorite recipe of theirs!….You could ask us fans to post a recipe and you and Mandy choose a “once a month ” post for one of your fans to post one of their fav recipes!…Hope you & Mandy like the idea and hopefully see this sometime in 2017!

  17. Marnessa

    I have to say that I’ve only been viewing PLANK for not quite a year. I absolutely love PLANK and look forward to it every week!

    I know you did an interview with Christopher Sean but how about interviewing other DAYS actors like Deidre & Kristian, etc.. I would love to see other actors/actresses you’ve worked with over the years like Mariska Hargitay just to name one. Or even interviews with celebs you would like to work with or have admired over the years? About what, how has acting affected you & them from beginning to now, how has it changed you & what advice would you all give to someone who’s pursuing acting (like me)?, I know you’ve said “Do your home work.” That’s what I am doing & it’s helping me progress really well & fast.

    “KINDNESS” Do you find it hard to be kind sometimes & how do you handle it? I would love to know more on how you show kindness when some one is treating you wrong on a daily basis. I bite my tongue because its my boss who treats all of us like we’re stupid & constantly takes advantage of us. I hate getting up Monday-Friday, but I do go in with a positive attitude that the day will be different & pray really hard that God would keep her away from me all day & just let me do my job. I admit that when she enters my class room or just passing her in the hall, I’m ready for an argument with her so I’m always defensive. I’m trying to stick it out because I’m in school & almost finished but what can I do until then? She’s a person that if she doesn’t want to hear what you have to say, she literally walks out & shuts the door while your talking.
    If you could create your own KINDNESS banner, what would it say, how would you describe what KINDNESS means to you?

    I saw back in the fall when you were talking about cleaning out your closet. I would love to improve my wardrobe. I’m a jeans girl & would rather wear nice jeans & a classy top & boots, rather than a skirt or dress. Yes, I once in a blue moon wear a dress (if its to a wedding or something) but I would like to somewhat get out of jeans once in awhile & dress up a bit but not sure how to really do that. Sometimes I struggle with coordinating outfits & I get frustrated & just go with the jeans. So more blog/vlogs on wardrobe would be great!

    LOVE the Q&A vlogs with you because I have some questions for you but wont give them all to you right now. Some are for you personally but others are about DAYS & The BAY.

    Bottom line, I love everything about PLANK so….

    Thank You so much for being you & all you do to connect with us your fans! Also Thank You Mandy!
    Looking forward to a great 2017!

  18. Hi Mary Beth,
    Thank you so much for this blog. I really fun to read each week. Love the recipes that you show us. Would love to hear more about your work with casa. Would love more interviews with you and Stephen. Also, maybe a day in the life of Mary Beth/Kayla. What are some of your daily routines.

    Thanks again for this blog.

  19. Connie D

    I love everything you put on here. I especially like the Q &A segments. Maybe something with some of your cast member. Another chat with Stephen is always appreciated!!!

  20. Christie

    I love all of these! “Day in the life”, video blogs (special guests are great and even a “day in the life” here), how to’s, DO you do your own painting?
    Absolutely love plank blog. I don’t work on Friday, so it’s a great way to start my weekend!

  21. Hi MB,

    You look so pretty. Love the glasses!
    I love when you talk with your Days co stars. I’d like to see more guest blogs from them or interviews with them

    Love ya, ML

  22. Hi Mary Beth,

    Happy New year!!
    I would like to know what you do and what you did in the past to stay so happy
    and authentic.
    A lot of challenges and difficult situations can frustrate people.
    How do you handle tough stuff in life?

    Xoxo Elise

  23. Kelly Getter

    Hi Mary Beth-

    Happy 2017!! Congratulations on your 3rd year doing PLANK-I love and look forward to seeing them each week!

    I personally adore all the videos you do no matter what the topic is-just neat to get to know you as Mary Beth and not just a character on our tv! More with Stephen would always be great!

    I also would love to see something from the ladies (or men) that work behind the scenes at Days that do such a fabulous job on all of your make-up/hairdo’s-so maybe they could give us some tips on products, application and techniques!

    Thanks so much for letting us have input on what we would like to see on your blog-we really do appreciate the effort and time you put into making this happen each week!

    Hope your New Year is a blessed one!!

    Nashville, TN

  24. Hi Mary Beth

    Thank you so much for your blog and Mandy for all her efforts. Reading your blog has become a weekly joy. I have loved every single one.

    I would like to hear from some of the people you have mentioned in your blog that started their own small businesses – is it what they thought it would be, is it profitable, satisfying, are family members supportive, etc.

    Also I know you don’t do your pie business any more but would love to hear your feedback on would you do it over again and why. Would you do anything different.

    Some behind the scenes info on the Bay and what is your involvement as a producer. The Bay has grown so much what have you learnt over the years as producer.

    Once again thank you for always reaching out to your fans – it means so much to us.


  25. Mary Beth- I love the plank blog and look forward to it each Thursday. It’s like a reward after taking my two little boys grocery shopping. 😉 I really like the guest bloggers, and the videos of you answering our questions. I’m not sure if this has been covered already but is there a craft you’ve wanted to learn (quilting, crocheting painting…) but haven’t? Maybe a plank blog on that. Thank you for being such an inspiration for me and many others. Looking forward to 2017 and all the Thursdays to come.

  26. Terri from Cincinnati, OH

    I just adore this blog…..and you! Your positivity and outlook on life is very inspiring. I am always amazed at how candid and open you are, and how much of yourself you share with us when you absolutely wouldn’t have to do that.
    I of course love the vlogs. I enjoy anything DAYS related. Topics relating to just common everyday issues are always great, because we all have them…ie skin care issues, decorating, cooking, family….etc.
    Since I’ve never been to CA, or west of Illinois for that matter, (ridiculous), a video guided tour (by you) of your area would be AMAZING!!! It’s on my bucket list to go out West. Life is crazy busy with 2 in college and 1 still in Elementary School…
    A friend and myself are headed to Charlotte in April (so excited) and can’t wait to meet you! Terri & Kim……look out, we like to have fun!! Maybe we’ll end up being a blog topic ourselves!! HA HA!! Happy New Year and cheers to more PLANK!!!

  27. Patricia Kominowski

    I love the the plank blog and am excited to see what you and Mandy have in store for us.
    I always love the recipe, gardening and Q&A blogs. We love anything with Stephen involved as well.

    What I think would be neat would be “A day in the life of Mary Beth” from start to finish. Maybe it could don as a v-blog or do it as “Your day in photos” {take a photo every hour from wake to sleep}.

    Another idea is — I often wonder how you and Mandy do your weekly blog with both of you having such busy lives. I would love to know how you do it from start to finish -From the idea to the posting.

    Last year I was able to drop by your friend Carrie’s Maude Woods store when I was in LA for Day of Days. What an amazing story with gorgeous items for purchase. I am curious what inspired Carrie to start Maude Woods. Is this something she always wanted to do?How does she decide what items to sell, etc? How did she come up with the name?

    Congratulations to you and Mandy for starting your 3rd year of the #plankblog. Kudos to you both & thank you for always inspiring us.

    • Lorraine Gorey-Feret (Dramamamanot)

      Great ideas! I particularly like your idea of a day in the life. Would so love to see that too.

  28. Jennifer Luisi

    Happy New Year! Mary Beth🌹

    I love Plank for it’s influence of inspired living it has on me. I love all the visuals you use in your blog, the pictures, colours and recording live events, interviews, it’s interactive being able to leave comments and basically everything about Plank lol!

    I would love to see more on gardening, decor/diy and health/well-being.

    Guest blogs would be awesome and a favorite guest was seeing Stephen Nichols in previous blogs, thank you. #PnK #Days #Fan

  29. Nancy McCarthy

    Hi Mary Beth! This is great because ironically, I was repainting my bathroom today (after being unhappy with the color I originally chose 😕), and I thought to myself, “I wonder if Mary Beth does her own painting.” I know you love to decorate & wondered if these are things you do yourself, or do you hire a contractor. I love to decorate, but I have found I’m not good at picking out paint colors. Choosing the wrong color & repainting is something I’m embarrassed to say I do too much. Luckily I like to paint. So decorating tips are great. I also like the inspiring stories you tell yourself or through guest bloggers. Everyone loves & needs to hear inspiring stories, I think. And, I for one love that you reach out to your readers/fans, and let us tell them through PLANK. I look forward to reading PLANK every week, and am always anxious to see what you’ve got in store for us. There is always someone in the #SandKTwitterGroup that will send a DM to the group saying, “PLANK is up!” Love it!

  30. I love your Vlogs. I’d love to see more of them.
    Maybe more Q&As, your favorite tips & opinions on various things or cooking & you could have guests, like Stephen, Mandy or whoever you’d like, to share their favorite recipes too.

    I look forward to Plankblog every week.
    I always love whatever the subject may be for the week.
    You & your guest bloggers are an inspiration. Really & truly!

    Thank you, Mary Beth and Mandy for taking the time to do Plankblog for us!
    I’ve always said you both make a great team!! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.
    I know each Plank post will be awesome as always!! 🙂

  31. Sorry I forgot one thing. If not your mom perhaps another family member ie sibling or 1 of your children or husband talking about their perspective about living with a celebrity?

  32. “Compassion For Other People”


    I would like to see more compassion in this world for other people. Yesterday I had to go by the pharmacy & pick up my medicine. There was a little old lady there, & apparently she didn’t have enough money to pay for her medicine. She was begging them to let her get it & she would bring them the rest of the money back up there & pay them. Apparently one of her medications had gone up in price & she kept asking them why did it go up, what was she supposed to do. As I looked around the pharmacy, which was busy at the time, everyone was just ignoring her, even the people who worked there. Some people standing in the line even made rude comments to her. This upset me a great deal & I couldn’t believe how many people were just so cruel to her & others just ignored her begging for her medication. Everyone has had a time in their lives, when they were struggling with things. This was this woman’s medication that she needed. So I walked over to her, looked at her & said mam don’t worry & I paid what she needed to get her medicine. She thanked me over & over & I told her we all struggle in life & not to worry about it. She had a dollar in her hand & she tried to give it back to me, but I wouldn’t take it. I told her to keep it & use it for something else she might need. Maybe it’s just me & how I was raised “Southern”. I would never in my life ignore someone or walk away from someone who needed my help desperately. We all need to be more kind & compassionate to other people, because you never know, one day it could be you in her place & you may be the one needing someone else’s help. What harm can it do to be kind & compassionate in a world that has clearly forgotten how to be….??

    • Lorraine Gorey-Feret (Dramamamanot)

      Wow! KimyK! Thanks much for sharing. It broke my heart to hear how many people were ignoring her pleas. Your compassion and kindness will come back many times over.

      • Lorraine Gorey-Feret

        It was just the right thing to do, nothing more. I saw someone in need & in good conscience, had to help. I was raised with Southern values of yes mam, no mam, yes sir, no sir, & to treat your elders with respect, that clearly none of these other individuals grew up with. In my family growing up, you were taught to help others in need of help, no matter what their circumstances. If you could help, you did so without a second thought.

        • ILoveMySnK


          I’m just like you… 40 and still saying yes ma’m / sir even tho someone might be younger than me. Good for you for helping that woman. I would’ve done the same. It is really disturbing how there is so little respect for people these days, and especially someone in such need.

  33. Hi!

    Would love to hear more behind-the-scenes stories; How many takes did a particular scene take? What bloopers occurred?
    Also, any advise / guidance for actors looking to ‘break into’ the business?

  34. Hi Mary Beth,
    I truly enjoy all your plankblogs. Do you think your mom would be willing to do a question and answer session with you ie. What you were like as a child? What she thought of you going into acting etc.
    Thank you!

  35. I love the idea of telling us “how to shop” I fall into that category as well. I am usually either in a hurry when I shop or have extra hands with me that aren’t so patient. So, taking time to read labels or search for items I am not sure about doesn’t happen often.

    The video blogs are always enjoyable. As the guest bloggers. I love to hear what the other Days cast members are up to. I think it would also be fun to hear from those behind the scenes we don’t know as well too!! I like hearing from other fans too!

  36. I love this blog Mary Beth. Look forward to it every week.Congratulations on another year!
    Would love to see more of your vlogs (video of daily life/hobbies/friends or interviews, or you talking about a topic that you’ve thought about).
    A topic idea is confidence…How to boost it, womens’ struggles with it, how it is affected by the career you have chosen (acting). It’s something that I’ve struggled with.

  37. Mary Sivak

    With February being heart month.. perhaps some heart healthy recipes and perhaps a Cardiologist guest who would be willing to point out the signs of heart disease .. the difference between how heart disease differs between men and women .. Since your husband is a Dr.. ( I know this is not his speciality).. maybe he could shed some insight on the significance of taking care of your heart . I am a survivor of open heart surgery and heart disease is the #1 killer of women. I had no idea how bad my hear murmur was until an echo showed me to be a walking cardiac arrest ..

  38. I would love to hear more inspirational stories about ways to spread kindness. I also enjoy your Q&A videos, those are always fun! More healthy recipes that you have tried and loved…I’m almost through with my first week of Whole30! Thank you for so much ofor all you do and all the positivity you spread!

  39. Hi Mary Beth!

    I wanted to thank you for continuing to do the plankblog posts every week, as you have for the past two years, each post is always a highlight in my week!

    As far as what I would like to see, love the recipes, and I always enjoy the “sitting down with Mary Beth” and “You wanted to know” type video blog posts, I think they are always fun to watch.

    Would definitely like to see a continuation of the guest blogs, there are so many people with amazing stories out there, some of which you have shared with us! I also really enjoy the video interviews much like the ones u’ve done with Stephen and Christopher Sean (its kinda like a guest blog that way, but you’re in there too :)! )

    Wishing you the best for 2017!

  40. Kristy Spillane

    Hi! I’m not someone who likes to cook but I know I need to do it more. One reason I don’t cook is because I really don’t know how to grocery shop. I know this is silly but the grocery stores overwhelm me. So, in 2017 I would like to see a blog on setting up a pantry – what should every pantry have and tips to tackling shopping. Also, as a single mom to a wonderful daughter, maybe easy cheap recipes for 2? I don’t know how many people it would help, but I know these would help me! Love Plank! Thank you!

    • this is a great idea Kristy and would help me too

    • I agree! How to set up a pantry. Great idea.

    • this is a great idea. I just saw an article today on things to stock your cupboards with and it was super helpful! Incidentally, it included extra virgin olive oil, canned tomatoes, pasta, brown rice, lentils.

      I also like this suggestion because MB would do so well with it. Once of my favorite tricks which I never even considered was when she baked cookies and cracked the eggs into a glass first before accidentally getting shells in the batter.

  41. I love your fairly regular Q&A sessions with either just you and or Stephen or other special guests, so I would love to see those periodically, or read them if it’s easier.

    I also love the Decor especially. In the interest of “stealing” ideas, it would be great if you saw any of your friends and/or fans’ decorating ideas that you loved and shared those too. I personally have a more rustic style and a new construction home, so I feel like i’m starting from scratch integrating the old and the new.

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